Baby Lyons | Week 38 ... She's here!

How far along? 38 weeks

Size of baby: 8 lbs., 4.5 ozs, and 20 inches long

Gender: A beautiful baby girl, Annalee Estelle

Weight Gain: At my 38 week check-up on Wednesday, May 27, I had gained a total of 32 pounds, when I checked into the hospital that night {after my water broke}, I was up only a total of 28 pounds. Amazing that amniotic fluid accounted for 4 pounds! At my one-week post-pardum check-up, I was only up 11 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. This breast-feeding is no joke, it burns some serious calories. 

Maternity Clothes: Well, my wardrobe for week 38 consisted of nursing tanks and bras, stretchy shorts and pj's. Anything for easy feeding access and easy on the belly. 

Nursery: Got lots of finishing touches done this week with your early arrival and GranDe's visit. It's amazing how quickly things get done when you need them! Papa Sam put on your dimmer light cover, Daddy organized the closet, GranDe washed all your toys and put them away and several loads of laundry have been done for all the new baby girl clothes we've received from family and friends. Our rocker finally shipped from PB and should arrive soon too! For now, I'm doing lots of feeding in our bed or at the sofa. 

Purchases: We have already made several Target trips for nursing tanks, extra changing pad covers, diaper sacks, your monitor and a few other necessitates for mommy. Amazon Prime has also been our good friend, delivering your "Weekly blocks" just in time for your one week old picture, and delivering a carseat adaptor and cup holder for the Bob stroller. GranDe went shopping for some little girl clothes and blankets too and Kara dropped off a large box of baby girl hand-me-downs from Mary Mac! We are all set for you baby girl. 

Movement: You are a bundle of joy and are so alert! You love steering at us with those big dark blue eyes, and you make the funniest gestures with those long lanky arms and hands of yours. 

Symptoms: Mommy is very sore from her c-section (thanks to our little breech baby), but feeling good! Recovery has been really great and we can attribute much of that to our wonderful doctor and staff of nurses at Augusta Health!

Sleep: You are sleeping like a champ! During the day you are awake more, but at night I usually have to wake you for your 3 hour feedings. Mommy and Daddy are tired, but getting the hang of things. GranDe and Papa Sam are staying with us, so they usually help with early morning shift between feedings to give Mommy and Daddy a couple more hours of rest and allow you to play! Mommy has also been enjoying some naps during the day when you nap.  

Workouts: Enjoying lots of time napping and siting. Standing for long periods of time still hurts a good bit, so I am taking it easy. No workouts or walking for Mommy just yet. 

Cravings: Mommy is starving all the time {more so now than when I was pregnant with you} and always thirsty! I enjoyed my first cold turkey sandwich the day we came home, a small glass of vino on Sunday night when my parents arrived, and a Summer Shandy sometime later that week. Trying to keep my belly filled with good snacks and meals as much as I can - you seem to deplete the supply really quickly. 

What I Miss: My big ole' belly! Ok, not really - you are way cuter than that huge belly of mine. 

Best Moment This Week: The realization that you were coming... and quick! Read Your Birth Story here. It was a super exciting day! Also, making eye-contact with you for the first time when they placed you on my chest was pure joy!

Looking Forward To: Maternity leave and spending my days {and nights} with my baby girl. 

Thanks for following along this wonderful 38 week journey with us. It's been so fun to capture each week of my pregnancy and look back on how quickly time has passed. I can hardly believe you are already here in my arms. We love you baby girl!

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