Wednesday is a Good Day

Today has been a good day. It's just one of those days, where things just seem to fall into place... and even though I'm working, I've still been able to squeeze in some of my favorite things that make life a little more enjoyable!

At lunch I snuck away for a pedicure. 

Then stopped by Wally for some work supplies and couldn't resist some new colored pencils and markers for myself. Who doesn't love the excitement of a new month on the horizon and fun colors to make all those meetings a little less stressful?!

I even had time at lunch to grab some leftovers from last nights' supper. Has anyone tried the Dole Chopped Salad Kits? They are so easy and super delicious. Last night we grilled some shrimp and threw them in a wrap with avocado, tomatoes and the chopped salad. We even had leftovers... which made for a super yummy lunch treat!

Tonight we are having some of our bestest friends over for a farewell dinner before they head to Europe for 2 weeks. Super jealous! Looking forward to catching up and doing some good ole porch sittin'.

Photo courtesy of GCDL Esther Sampson Kaminski on porch at Pawleys Island, c. 1955.

....and our porch flowers are finally looking really nice. I guess they prefer the cool weather like the rest of us. 

Happy Wednesday friends!


Tasty Tuesday: Zucchini Recipes

Living in a small town in Virginia, I am so very thankful for my co-workers, friends, and neighbors that have extra bountiful gardens. For the past few weeks we have been feasting off fresh veggies from our generous friends. We've received tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and lots of zucchini. Many of them looking a bit like this...
Jessie Lynn turned that sucker into fabulous zucchini bread for us... with lots of chocolate chips! Yum.

Today I thought I would share a few recipes we've tried-out to make the most of our harvest.

Zucchini Bread


Year after year I am amazed at how great zucchini can taste! Who knew the green veggie could be so tasty??  Happy Tuesday friends!


Weekending in Charlotte

Charlotte is such a fabulous city!! We had an awesome weekend... and only wished I had more time to explore. I could have spent hours in the SouthPark mall alone {ok, maybe I did spend a couple}, but still - so much more to see. The hubs worked both days, so I spent my time blogging...

...and shopping. 
I just couldn't resist this fanny-pack display at American Apparel. Is anyone else just in awe that these are really back in style?

Friday night we got to visit BOA Stadium, and it was Panthers FanFare too, so we got to watch scrimmages, fireworks and a band... all from our beautiful suite where B4B was held. It was a fun night,with lots of goodies to be had, including this Cam jersey...
...that may have come home with us. The Yeti cooler did not, so disappointing. 

Saturday was spent exploring on a long run, more shopping and an afternoon by the pool before we headed to Quail Hallow CC for dinner. Such a beautiful country club. We are so lucky to get to enjoy it for the evening. 
The room was just beautiful too!
Sunday we headed back to Lex, but not before a nice brunch at The Rusty Rudder on Lake Norman. 

The crab omelet hit the spot!

Back to Lex we went, just in time for Sunday supper. Which involved lots of goodies from the garden.
Cheesy Zucchini Rice recipe to come tomorrow. It was tasty! 

Happy Monday friends!


Pineapples... Songs.. and Oh, Hey Friday!


I've been on a music kick this week. Maybe it's from watching and reviewing one too many recruitment videos - but either way, I know my bestie, Ale, would be so proud. Every year about month before my girls beach trip. {que the countdown - 33 days} I try and start listening to the new "trendy hipster music" so I can be "in the know" with Ale. {Love you, friend} So, if you have any suggestions... send them my way! 

Anyway, i'm loving this song today.


It's no secret that this gal loves pineapples... and may have quite a few of them on hand. However, when I saw this lil diddy on GroupDealz, I realized I didn't have a single piece of pineapple jewels. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. I do. Just not a necklace... and who doesn't love long gold chains. The price was right too - $4.99!


I picked up this lipgloss in a freebie pack last time I was at Sophora. I use the same Coralista blush and this lil guy is a perfect color too! I'm terrible at picking out and keeping up with lipgloss... maybe I can hang onto this guy. 


 We are heading to Charlotte for the weekend for a work trip for J. I am looking forward to a weekend away, some relaxation and fun!! B4B is tonight at Bank of America Stadium and I can't wait. This will be my first trip inside an NFL stadium. {can you believe it?} It's an auction for the hubs work, so if you're interested in bidding, you can join us online tonight! I'm secretly hoping for a sneak peak at Cam... or at least his locker.  A girl can wish, right??? 

FIVE. {we made it to Charlotte}
I just found me a cute lil lunch spot to sit down and blog. It's called Paco's Tacos in South Park, so adorable. The menu looks super yummy too! Did you know that yesterday was National Tequila Day? I missed out!

....but, happy hour starts at noon on vacation Friday's, right? 

Have a great weekend friends!


Happy First Olivia

Livia on the Nature Trail today, courtesy of Karen

Sweet Olivia Louise, my goodness how you have grown so quickly! I feel like it was yesterday when I was waiting O' so patiently at Mangofest last year for your arrival... canceling a flight and waiting another day on the coast so I could meet you on your actual birth day. But, you left us hanging.... a few more days, so I got to meet you via Skype from Virginia. {which I can't wait for you to see in the fall.} Modern technology is something these days... I felt like I was right there with you and the entire fam the day you were born.  Hard to imagine it was a whole year ago.

You're such a sweet baby... you let your older brother and sister put stickers all over you, and dress you up, and carry you around, feed you, pick at you, poke you... and you don't squeal at all. Ok, sometimes... and I'm sure more often for your momma when I'm not around. But, you're so good for us! We spent the night in your room when you were just a couple months old and you slept through the entire night. Let's just say that Uncle Jesse was impressed. 

Today, I wish you the happiest of first birthdays and send you lots of love from Virginia! I can't wait to see you in a month!

Livie and I last April at my parents.

aka, Aunt T


Summer Suppers and Tequila Lime Chicken

I am 100 % a summer gal. I long for long days and warm nights on the deck, grilling out and watching the fireflies bounce around in the trees. Dusk is probably my most favorite time of day... cooking supper on the grill, and eating on the porch. Heaven on earth! Here are some of my favorite things that make for a cozy evening on the porch... along with a great meal we had last night, Tequila Lime Chicken.

This is one of my favorite summer recipes and an easy way to jazz up just plain ole' chicken! We modified the recipe below slightly, using OJ instead of Pineapple juice {it's what was in the fridge} and using breasts instead of thighs. The coating kept them nice and juicy! 

....and of course, some good sittin' music. 
One of my favs these days is Frankie Ballard's, Sunshine and Whisky. 

Happy Wednesday friends! 


Lucy and Lyla

Today I wanted to share some of my favorites from this adorable online boutique, Lucy&Lyla. They have some great deals available today via GroopDealz. Haven't signed up for Groopdealz... ladies, get on it! They have some fabulous deals - new every day. Here are some of my favorites from Lucy&Lyla.

Happy shopping. Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Umbrellas and the Weekend

Happy Monday! Is anyone else moving a little slow today? This gal is just ti-red. A weekend at home proved to be relaxing... but left me clinging to my pillow when that alarm when off this morning. Dreary days don't help... and we're not seeing much of the sunshine this morning in Lex.  Here's a little bit of happy to raise your spirits today.

Such a fun pic!  It was a great lil weekend at home. I had some contract work to get done, so the hubs did more than his fair share of cooking, cleaning, yard-work and chores. I am so grateful that he doesn't mind doing it all on his own sometimes.... and how encouraging he is when I am working on some pretty cool projects. Thanks love! 

We did manage to squeeze in a little fun too. Friday after work we went for a long run to see the new track at the middle school in town... big news folks! Then we ventured downtown for dinner at Southern Inn, followed by drinks at Haywood's. Both great places... and Southern Inn has a new strawberry, goat cheese salad that I'm sure every bistro in America is also serving right now. A-mazing!

Saturday the hubs worked in the yard all day... which involved cutting and weeding our yard, pulling plants from our old yard and transplanting them to our new yard... and cutting and weeding the rental. Full day in the yard... while I sat in front of my laptop working. (... and catching up on the Bachelorette... shhh, don't tell. I was working, I swear.) We tried out a new burger recipe Saturday night - the italian muffin burger.

Try this similar recipe

....and for Saturday date night, we watch The Lego Movie

So precious you guys. For kids and those of us adults that wish we were kids, a fun date night movie for certain.

Sunday we made it to mass and got then to the Country Club for 9 holes of golf. It has been the near perfect weather outside for about a week... I guess it was our turn for the rain to move in. Just need something else to get me motivated on these dreary days. Snugglin' with my coffee mug here at my desk wishing it was my bed.

Happy Monday!


Oh, hey Friday!

Has anyone else noticed that it's a crisp 78 degrees outside today? Umm.... yes, please! It feels amazing. So excited for Friday and a weekend at home. We have a whole lot of nothing planned, and I am so excited... for my feet up on the porch and a cool glass of vino in my hand. Heaven!  In jotting down my random thoughts for today, I came across the "Oh hey, Friday" link-up and thought I would join in the fun. So here goes my five on friday.


We had a guest at the Lyons' den for the week, which is always fun. Stu-dog was in town working and crashed with us. We tried out some fun new dishes for supper and just enjoyed catching up Monday/Tuesday.


Wednesday I hosted a girls' night Walk and Wobble. It was such a great evening with the gals...

I made these delicious lemon cupcakes to celebrate Kara's birthday! 

The ladies catching up after our walk with some sangria. 

Our spread.


...and we had a special guest join us too! Mary Mac made her first Walk and Wobble appearance all the way from C'ville. 

She loved her visit {of many to come, I hope!} to Aunt T and Uncle J's! It's always fun to catch up with the ladies... and the weather was just to die-for.


Last night we decided to hit up the Rockbridge County Fair to see John Anderson. Yes, straight tequila nights and seminole wind John Anderson indeed. 


We just had to stop on the midway for some corn dogs and chicken on a stick. 
mustache or chicken on a stick?

Stu, Jesse, and I soaking up the sights. 

Happy Friday friends! Hope the weekend in good to you and brings you an abundance of rest and joy.