Baby Lyons | Week 33

How far along? 33 weeks

Size of baby: A durian (19 in., 4.5 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our surprise in June!

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: You betcha! 

Nursery: Mom is flying in today, so we will be working on the nursery over the weekend! Excited to get the curtains hung, the closet and dresser organized and some decor hung on the walls! We also brought back a large tub of all Jesse's baby blankets and toys his mom had saved. She even gave us his baby book, so precious to read. 

Purchases: We finally took the plunge and made our last big purchase for the nursery this week - our glider. After months of research, reading and talking with others about their favorites, we decided to go with the Wingback Rocker from Pottery Barn. We wanted a chair that was made well, big enough for J to sit in too, and something that would be a practical addition to a room later - so the rocker it is! We decided on the wingback so I would have a taller back to rest on and even lay my head against the side during those late night feedings. :)  

I also ordered a couple of the Carseat Canopy's - one for a girl and one for a boy. I figured at $25 for two - we could splurge on one of each. Try the code "3EE990" for a free canopy. 

Movement: Love feeling the little cub moving around in my belly. One night this week I woke up to hiccups from the little cub. It was so cute! 

Symptoms: Feeling a little nauseated this week, just off and on. Walks are getting slower and I tire more quickly. When I am cold my toes have started turning a slight shade of blue, so I have been paying more attention to my circulation and not crossing my legs or sitting on my feet. 

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well. Up a couple times to potty or eat early in the morning. 

Workouts: Walks are getting slower, but still moving! 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice and popsicles, fruit, juice, cereal, chips, cheese & crackers.

What I Miss: I think I am pretty ready for a good glass of vino! 

Best Moment This Week: On Friday, we celebrated the life of your Grampa at the VFW - one of his favorite places. You got to meet all his family and friends and received so many well-wishes. It was a bitter-sweet occasion for us all. I really loved going through all of your dad's baby stuff and packing up some to bring home for you.

Looking Forward To: So excited for GranDe's visit today and my shower this weekend! 

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