Happy 1/2 Birthday to Me!

Yes. I said it - and yes, my real birthday is sixth months away - but, who would pass up an opportunity to celebrate a birthday?  Not I!

However, No - this is not my cake. I wish it was.... I'm sitting here now wishing I would have baked myself a funfetti cake, just for a sweet lil slice of heaven! :)  While searching for this fabulous half birthday cake I did come across this post - that I just had to share...

So, I don't feel as bad now for NOT celebrating... but I still kinda wish I had!  28 1/2... I can hardly believe I'm old enough to have a real job and be married... much less be packing for my 10 year high school reunion. Yep, it's right around the corner -3 days to be exact! I can almost still feel myself walking the halls of Baker High School... traveling to endless ball games... getting ready for prom... and walking across the stage one hot May afternoon 10 years' ago. Kinda crazy how time flies!

It made me start thinking about what life has been like since I left the halls of BHS.

I moved away to college... pledged AOII... my parents retired, sold our family home and moved to the beach... I feel in love with the loveliest village on the plains.... made some of the greatest friends in the world {never came home} and made the best memories. Moved six times in college...watched my first brother get married and have a kid... then another.... and another... earned my degree in Communications.... and SGA... and Panhellenic... and anything that involved meetings, volunteering and not studying. I packed my bags, took a job with AOII and moved to Virginia.... where I feel in Love {for real this time}... moved to Nashville for another job with AOII... traveled the country {on someone else's dime}... made some wonderful friends.... moved 2 more times in Nashville.... traveled lots more.... moved to Virginia... got a job that earned me a few more dimes....watched my middle brother get married... and have a kid... got engaged... planned a fabulous wedding...  welcomed two more nephews to the family... said "I do"... just celebrated 2 years' on the job and one year with the love of my life!  Wow... amazing how you can sum up 10 years' in just a paragraph, huh?

I can't wait to see what the next 10 are fillled with!


Sweet, Sweet Summertime!

What can I say - my husband has the best taste - this was my weekend "happy".... and he couldn't have said it any better! Summer is here... and I'm loving every minute of it!

Cheers to BBQ's, beach days, long runs, yard-work, golf, pool time and cook-out's with great friends!


Scalloped Happiness

I have come to a realization lately, that I am in love with anything scalloped. No - not the potatoes - scalloped Edges! On clothes, paper, decor, plates, notebooks, frames... you name it. I can scallop it. {or at least find it}. I do believe that you could take the most random item, add some scallops and BAM! 10 times cuter - it's simply amazing.  

When planning our wedding, my husband found out really quick that anything with a scalloped edge was bound to find it's way on our registry or in our wedding!! Little did he know that even my wedding gown was scalloped... from head to toe! :) 

I decided today, I would share with you my 5 most favorite scalloped items:

#5 Scalloped Place mats 

How fun are these?  Check out Ruby Lane for your very own set! 
{and lots of other scalloped items too}

#4 Scalloped Stationary

This adorable collection by Sugar Paper of Los Angels are classic.  {and on my wish list}

#3 My late-night party "going-away" dress 

{a great Target find}

#2 Our China! 
Golden Edge & Princess Victoria by Herend.
{monogrammed of course - but we'll save that for a later blog}

#1 My wedding gown by Casablanca & my veil, that was handmade of Chantilly lace. 

Until next time, happy scalloping shopping! 

xo, Tracy


365 Days of Happiness!

I've been MIA for a few weeks now... we had a work trip to ATL, Anniversary cruise to Jamaica, Memorial Day with the Fam... and then a quick beach getaway. So much to catch up on... I thought I would leave you guys with a few highlights from our fabulous ONE YEAR Anniversary! 

The Best things about a cruise... 

...are beautiful sunsets & cold beer.

 ...exotic animals in the wild.

 ...towel animals. {every night}

 ...beautiful flowers in Jamaica!

...safety drills. 

 ...chocolate melting cake. Yum. {every night}

 ...comedy shows.

...lido deck parties.

...private balconies. 

...and a great time with the hubs! 

Happy One Year to the most wonderful husband I could ever ask for! We have been overwhelmed with so many blessings this year, I can't imagine life being any better than it is today. 

I love you so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for year #2!