Baby Lyons | Week 37

This post is a couple weeks delayed... seeing how this final week 37 pic was taken just hours before my water broke. Eeekkk!! Exciting updates coming soon. 

For now, a look back at my last week of pregnancy... 

How far along? 37 weeks

Size of baby: A winter melon (19-22 in., 6.5 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our little surprise in just a couple weeks!

Weight Gain: Holding tight at 30 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes: Outfits are getting creative. Scarves and necklaces help switch things up, but doing lots of laundry. 

Nursery: I think we are ready... as we will be for now. The closet dimmer is so much fun!  I defiant must have for any nursery. So excited to use it. Still waiting for a couple closet organization items to arrive, so we can get things a little tidy in there, but not too stressed about getting it organized before baby comes. Our rocker has yet to arrive, but we have a spot ready for when it does. 

Purchases: My breast pump arrived! So many parts to this gadget... I think I need to do some reading before baby comes. Purchased the Kallax cube from Ikea and a couple Land of Nod striped totes for the closet too.

Movement: Soaking up my last couple weeks with the babe in my belly! Love all the little kicks and punches. 

Symptoms: Feet are feeling better, thanks to comfy shoes! My hands have really started hurting this week... we think it's a mild case of carpal tunnel. Shoot, does it hurt. Feels like ultra stiff-swolen hands with some numbness. So strange. Belly is getting heavy, but just taking things slow and resting a lot. 

Sleep: Sleep has been ok. Getting in and out of bed is proving to be challenging. An occasional sleepless night, but trying to get to bed when I'm super tired so I don't just lay there thinking about the million things left to do before baby arrives.  Is it really only 2 weeks to go? 

Workouts: Mostly nonexistent, other than an occasional walk to work, swimming, stretching, etc. Just trying to take it easy and not wear myself out. 

Cravings: Chipped ice! 

What I Miss: Looking forward to a nice glass of vino! Also looking forward to hugging my hubby without a big belly in the way. Don't get me wrong, I love the little babe being in there... but if there is anything that I miss - it's a good strong hug! 

Best Moment This Week: We had such a wonderful week... celebrating our 4th Anniversary on Thursday; an outdoor concert at Lime Kiln with good friends on Friday night; a wonderful Saturday spent celebrating Brad and Jessie who are welcoming twin boys in July; and and awesome Sunday at the lake with J's work crew {like our second family in VA... plus, being on the water is one of my most favorite things!} We topped off the Memorial day weekend Monday with a little pool time and a cookout... where I got to do a little snuggling with our newest addition, Miss Hadley Rae. It was the perfect weekend! Surrounded by great friends during such a special time. 

Looking Forward To: Our 38 week check-up today! Maybe we will get a better idea of when our little one is going to make his or her grand entrance!! Can't wait to share. 

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