Baby Lyons | Week 22

How far along? 22 weeks

Size of baby: A papaya (11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 oz) 

Gender: Keeping it a surprise! 

Weight Gain: Up a total of 15 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: Trying to wear as many of my regular clothes as I can. Tops are still fitting ok, but bottoms are def out. The bump is really starting to pop out! Loving dresses, tights and loose tops. Looking forward to warmer weather, so I can start wearing lots of sundresses. 

Nursery:  Still not much progress, but we have big plans for the weekend. Picking out carpet, blinds and knobs for the dresser. Excited to get to work on it!

Movement: Still waiting. patiently. :)

Symptoms: Not too many - slight aches after workouts this week - but nothing bad. Tired, and defiantly logging some good sleep. Overall, feeling pretty good!

Sleep: We may have splurged on a snoogle this week!  Ever since, I've been sleeping like a baby. I'm still not sure how it helps so much, but it's been heaven. 

Workouts: Feeling pretty good during my workouts this week - mostly long walks - but feels good to be moving. I hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit a few days, and that felt great!

Cravings: Umm.... not too much this week. Living off cereal, fruit, PB&Js, granola and yogurt. 

What I Miss: Still missing my cold deli sammies, but that's about all. Totally worth the wait. ;)

Best Moment This Week: Seeing lots of friends and AOII sisters in Nashville. Loved getting to spend Friday with my old roomie and her new beau - and enjoyed getting lots of good luck wishes and love from my AOII's on Saturday. The hubs and I made the most of our long road trip with lots of "baby moon" planning {to be announced soon} and other baby prep. It was nice having so much down time together to plan. 

Looking Forward To: A weekend home with my hubs, celebrating our last Valentine's as a family of just two, and getting the lil cubs' nursery together. Overall just feeling very content this week and blessed. 

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  1. You look great!!!! Happy Friday
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com