Our Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Turkey Day-eve!

I am most defiantly looking forward to a long Thanksgiving weekend ahead. The boss closed the office early today, so I'm heading to start the holiday break off great with a little papering at the salon!  It's been about 4 months since a haircut, so I thought it was about time.  Then it's home to start cooking - or the baking at least. We are having a big friends Thanksgiving dinner at the Hastings {thanks for hosting us all Jessie Lynn} tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I would share some recipes we are adding to the collection.

First up, a pumpkin pie and a chocolate pudding pie {the hubs childhood favorite}, neither of which I have ever made... so it should be interesting! I have these fun little pie crust shape toppers from J's mom that I wanted to use...

So at least they will look cute, right? 

I am in charge of appetizers, so with a little help from Southern Living this month I will be trying out some new treats.

For my side dish, I am bringing this heavenly butternut hash from April. We are frying two turkeys and baking one... lots to go around. Excited to spend the afternoon feasting and toasting with great friends! That is... after an early morning getting the Gobble Wobble set up and underway. The skies are supposed to clear-up for a chilly, but clear Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble. Come out a join us if you're in Lex!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - we will be decking the halls on Friday at the Lyons' den. That means tree.. ribbons... packages... garland... Christmas cards.. stockings... egg nog... and the Chipmunks Christmas Soundtrack in the background. I can't wait to get all gussied-up for the Holidays. Until then, my heart will be filled with thankfulness and warmth for our abundance of blessings this holiday season...and always. Cheers!

Gobble Gobble!  xo, trace


My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Cheers Y'all and Down with the Dearmore's to share some of my favorite things, Stocking Stuffers Edition. I decided to go with a few items on the list for others this year. I love stuffings stockings... and always look forward to opening my stocking to see what little treasurers Santa brought me. :) 

A few of my favorite stocking stuffers for this year....

Happy Shopping!! 

Off to enjoy some #worksgiving today with the staff - the turkey bird filled the house with an amazing aroma this morning... I can't wait to have a taste at lunch! 

xo, trace


5 on Friday

Happy Friday Y'all! I am so ready for a fun weekend ahead... we're heading to a Christmas preview after work today at our favorite local jeweler then out to an oyster roast with friends tonight. Saturday  is date night at an amazing local restaurant, that I can't wait to try!  Thanks to KJ and the hubs - I finally get to go. So pumped! There may be a bit of Christmas shopping and crafting on the books as well. Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings and fun!  Now on to my 5 on Friday.

{one} Thanksgiving Napkins

Aren't these the cutest napkins! I picked them up at TJ Maxx last month and was so happy to break them out this week. They help everyone remember the reason for the season!

{two} Time with one of my Bestie's! 

Stopped last night to crash with one of my besties... who didn't mind that I let myself in and crawled into bed close to midnight. I am so thankful to have them - and it truly was the best way to start off my weekend - coffee and catching up is so good for the soul! 

{three} Viv-vah-Chey Designs

If anyone is still looking for Christmas cards, Viv-vah-Chey does an amazing job!  Beth and I went to HS and College together and she is crazy talented! Check out her Facebook page for more items. She has some great christmas gift ideas.

{four} JFK

I brief reminder of today's 50th Anniversary. A very sad day indeed.  I just love this picture - it shows the tenderness in JFK that many never got to see. It is also a reminder that we are all human and even the President can enjoy a tea party or breakfast with his daughter.

{five} Oysters

Our good friends Suz & Walt are hosting an Oyster Roast tonight at their place on the river and I am SO excited to enjoy a little taste of the coast! It's so nice to have friends that enjoy the water and yummy seafood just as much as we do, all the way up here in the mountains! It takes extra work to get fresh seafood here...but worth every ounce! 

Have a very Happy Weekend!

xo, tracy 


Thankful on Thursday

So thankful for this beautiful season we are enjoying! I am busy, busy, busy at work, with volunteer work, crafting and gearing up for the holidays. I just love this time of year... so the busier the better! We've got a jump-start on shopping for Christmas, but still have a ways to go... I just love being creative with gifts and making sure they are just right for every person on our list. It takes me a while to get there... but in due time, it all gets done. :)  I have some pretty special gifts picked out for a few family members and friends and I can't wait to see them open them up! I think that's my favorite part of the holidays.  We are so thankful that we are able to give gifts to those we love - and have loved ones around us.  I continue to count my blessings every day for our health and family. We're very blessed!

In other matters... I'm off to Richmond to help with some sorority volunteer work and I am SO excited! I don't get to make chapter visits very often - it's hard to get off work, give up weekends, and find the time to make a visit just for fun anymore. So tonight should be fun! We're leading an officer transition, which I love... a fresh new start... the possibilities are endless!

I'm also so very thankful to have 3 thanksgiving dinners on the books for this year, the first of which is with my hubs work tomorrow for lunch. He's frying up some yummy birds in the deep fryer - I can't wait to enjoy a yummy meal with his co-workers! They really are like a second family for us, and we're so very lucky to have them in town.  Next week, we have my work turkey day on Tuesday and the real deal on Thursday afternoon. We're heading over to some very good friends of ours here in town - the leftover youngsters that don't travel home for the holidays.... and those staying to work on Thanksgiving Day 5K, the Gobble Wobble! This is the second year we have done it - last year we had over 300 runners in the first year!  I'm happy to say that we have almost 300 already signed up as of today.... hoping for another 100 on the day of! So glad we will be here to see the celebration this year!!

Lots of randomness today, but I just wanted to count my blessings and remember the reason for the season!

xo, tracy


Auburn Art: A Review

For those of you looking for Christmas gifts for your favorite Auburn Tigers or Southern friends... I have the perfect store for you! Walking around downtown Auburn on Monday I stopped in Auburn Art to take a gander... not only did I come out with a new necklace {see below} I found some pretty fun gifts too! Here are a couple of my favorites.

*Mine was in gold and encircled, but love this one too! 

Love shopping for all my Auburn Friends and Babies to be... can't wait to see what falls in Santa's sack this year. 

Happy shopping and War Eagle!

xo, trace


A few of my favorite things!

Joining the link-up today with Elise at Cheer's ya'll to share some of my favorite things! If you're wanting to join in the fun - make a note of the series and join us.  I can't wait to see all of your favorite things!

Now... onto my Favorite Things Christmas and Birthday list... what better time than now, since they are right around the corner! 

Join the link up next week - with your favorite stocking stuffers. 

Tis the season! xo, trace


Back on the Plains

What a fabulous weekend it was to be home once again...in Auburn! Never did I imagine that when I decided where I would spend my undergraduate days {as a Senior in High School} did I think it could be one of the biggest {and best} decisions I could have ever made. From the very first time I stepped foot on the Plains, I knew it was where I belonged. When asked why I picked Auburn, I simply replied... I felt at home. 

And 11 years later, I still do. It's more than my home away from home, it's my second family, it's where I met some of my best friends, my bridesmaids and my mentors. I found my love for football, tailgating, sorority life, and giving back. The Auburn family is like no other, it's more than football and spirited chants... It's more than alumni pins and mascots. It's a way of life. If you've never experienced it, I promise you won't be disappointed... stop in and say hello, and don't forget to have a momma's love while you're at it. 

CWE 2005 Reunion. Camp was one of the most fun summers of my college days. It's an experience that really only those who are a part of it can understand. I have so much respect for each of these amazing men and women - and their love for our University! 

My college roomie and her little one. 
{Yes, the 7 year old... not the baby - we stole him for a pic, thanks Oliver!}

My freshman roomie and baby girl Hatch! 

With some of the Mangos and fam... out in the fields! 

Half of the Mangos.  Love these girls! 

Plus one baby Mango - celebrating a BIG Auburn win! 

Toomer's the next morning - photo courtesy of Mals. The trees may be gone {for now} but the Auburn spirit is very much still alive. Toilet paper was everywhere. 

Such a fun weekend on the Plains!  WAR EAGLE!!! 

xo, trace


Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Didn't want to miss 5 on Friday today with the ladies, so I'm blogging from the treadmill this morning before our conference. Hope everyone has a very happy Friday!!

{one} The Fig Bar
I grabbed a box of these last week for our trip and have been presently surprised at how tasty they are. They are all natural and only 110 calories for the two mini bars in each pack. A great mid-morning snack {and pastry deterrent during these long meetings}! 

{two} Real Simple 

I love my Real Simple magazine... It comes every month and I admire the cover, flip the through to see the beautiful layouts, read half an article and get too busy to finish. I packed it for my plain ride and was able read almost the whole magazine... which made me realize how much I miss my real simple time!

{three} Christmas Sheets

Picked up these cuties at Target last week and I can't wait to put them in the bed for Christmas!! I've always wanted to decorate our room for the holidays, finally found some cute Christmas sheets to make it happen!

{four} Mustache Pacifiers  
For all you mommas out there... this just made me crack up. I love it!! 

{five} The Auburn Creed

We are off to the plains tonight... And I couldn't be more excited to get back to my Alma Mater. I picked the creed today because it truly is the backbone of every Auburn man and women. It somehow become more than just words, but a part of your everyday actions while a student. I'm so proud to call myself an Auburn Tiger!! War Eagle!

xo, trace 


Indy for FCA

Greetings from the fabulous city of Indianapolis!

I am here for work for 3 days - hints the silence on the blog - so just wanted to tap in and say hello! I am at the FCA Midyear meeting and Board Meeting.... then off to Auburn for the big AU/Georgia game this weekend. Can't wait to be back on the plains and enjoy some "reunioning" with my fellow CWE'ers from 2005.

Enjoying some great food and lots of communicating! If anyone wants to follow along via twitter #FCAMidyear. Hope to join in on Friday for the 5 on Friday link-up, hope to see you there!

During out lunch break today we stumbled upon a scavenger hunt proposal on the streets of downtown Indy. {didn't catch the actual proposal, but I am certain it was awaiting "Jessie" just around the next corner.... too bad we couldn't follow along.}

Happy Thursday!

xo, trace


Veteran's Day Sweets

Happy Veteran's Day!

To all our service men and women, thank you! Thank you for all you do each and every day. Thanks to you, we are able to live in the home of the free and the land of the brave. Especially to my PaPa who fought in WWII, to my Paw Paw who served many years in the Army, to my Pops who served in the National Guard and to my brother who served in the Navy. I am forever grateful for your service and am so very humbled to have you in my life!

Today, I wanted to say thank you to our troops and share some "sweet" ideas for celebration.

...and my favorite. These abordable shortbread cookies

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating our troops! 

xo, trace


5 on Friday

Cheers to the ladies that started 5 on Friday! I love reading others favorites on Friday and gathering fun recipes, sales, styles and decoration ideas. Thanks for sharing ladies!

Now for my 5 on Friday.

{one} Advent Calendars


I'm on the lookout for a great advent calendar that we can have for every holiday season. I love this one above I found on Pinterest, but I couldn't find where it came from. Thinking about asking the sister in law to make me one. {hint, hint}

{two} Gold Rimmed Glassware

I am in love with these glasses - they would be so perfect paired with our beautiful china. 
{that is still in storage} Hey, a girl can wish right?

{three} S'mores

I've been dying for s'mores lately... and I'm hopping this weekend they finally happen. 
How cute are these mini-s'mores above?  Precious! I can't wait to make them for my N&N's!

{four} Antique Candle Holders


How beautiful are these candle sticks? I have been on the lookout for antique holders like the ones above - maybe it's the old soul in me, but it's one of the very few things I wished we had gotten for our wedding and didn't. Why does my mom have like 15 pair?? 

{five} My Awesome friends

"Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” 
― A.A. Milne

I thought I would keep the thankfulness going from last week's 5 on Friday and throw in a lil thankfulness today. I am truely blessed with such a wonderful assortment of friends. I am been reminded at every turn this week that I am surrounded by the best group of friends and family a girl could ask for... they are there to lift me up, make me smile, bring me to tears {of joy}, and tickle me silly over nothing at all. Thank you lord for giving me so many blessings of friendship - near and far. I am truly thankful.

Happy Friday!

xo, trace


CMA Top 5

Yay for Thursday!

You guys would be so proud, we had Salmon for dinner last night {my first time} and I loved it! It was actually pretty tasty - which could have been the Bourbon glaze - but still, I ate it. All.  That's big steps for this gulf coast gal... pink fish is just weird to me. But since J loves it, I'm happy I can cook it for him at home now - and eat it too!

After enjoying our delicious Bourbon Glazed Salmon, we turned on the CMA's. Let me just say that I love country music! Love the glitter, the sass, the cheesy love songs and the sad ballads.  They all just take me to a happy place. So I thought I would share my top 5 from last night:

1. Blurred Lines and the Duck Song - priceless. {sorry for the terrible Youtube, but It gives you an idea of how awesome it was. haha} I'm not sure Carries loved ole Willy gyrating up on her, but sure was great entertainment.

2. Loving Little Big Town's new hit, Sober. Wow. What a great song! They hit a home run with that one.

3. T-swift rocked Red... probs the best performance I have seen from her. What a cool award too... so good to see artists getting recognized for "keeping it classy" and not getting trashy. Sorry, don't mean to hate - just sayin.

4. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, by Hunter Hayes is precious! His songs just make me want to get up and dance a jig {or two}.

5. Luke Bryan. Man. Drink a Beer just brings me back to my college days at home with my folks... sitting on the dock drinking a beer. The tribute to his brother and sister. Tears. I can't imagine... but some how I know that's exactly where I would want to be. His opening act with FL/GA line was pretty legit too.

BONUS...  how precious is George Straight? What a cutie... Even after all these years. Still going strong! Did anyone else watch Pure Country weekly because their mom was so in love with good ole George?? That would be me. Loved that movie!

I think I could have just re-posted the 3 hours of CMA's... but I thought I would save you the time and give you my own re-cap.  It's almost Friday... I'll be back to link of with the gals for 5 on Friday! Join us!

xo, trace

I went shopping.

I did a little lot of shopping this past month. But, they were all fabulous buys... so I wanted to share. 

Picked up this super soft sweater at Target last week. On sale for $17.99

Found this lil party dress at Kohl's of all places - on sale and an
additional 20% using my shopular coupons.

Then I stumbled across an Athropologie sale... and I got excited.
I bought this lil red number below {along with the necklace}
for all those lovely holiday parties coming up.

Also picked up this cut bangle for $7.99.

This may have been my favorite Anthro purchase... perfect for holiday parties {dressed up or down}.  

My last purchase was a big one - but the most exciting! I finally splurged on a Barbour jacket for myself and I am in LOVE!! This jacket is fabulous... it's light weight, casual & dressy, and keeps me super warm... even in these 40 degree temps. Love it. 

So November will be a non-shopping month for me... But I'm already working on Christmas happies. :) 

Hope you all had a great hump day! 

xo, trace