Baby Lyons | Week 34

How far along? 34 weeks

Size of baby: A butternut squash (19.5 in., 5 lb.) 

Gender: Really have no idea... was feeling boy, but lately I am thinking girl. We may have finally decided on a girls name, so maybe that's what changed my mind?? 

Weight Gain: Up 27 pounds from my pre-baby weight. Let's just say the babe had a growth spurt between weeks 32 and 34... in the form of 6 pounds. ha! I think one of the scales had to be off a little. But check out the size of that belly... it's huge! haha

Maternity Clothes: You bet! Mostly non maternity dresses though - they seem to work better.

Nursery: Lots of progress! The curtains and the light are hung. My old baby dresser is moved to make room for the fabulous Wingback Rocker from Pottery Barn. My fabulous sister-in-law made me a bed skirt for the bed too.. and it looks awesome!! Still no decor on the walls, but we did decorate with a few items from our two baby showers. We did a little drawer organizing, but still have a long way to go. Let's just say the little room is starting to fill up! 

Purchases: Bought a mattress pad cover for the crib! haha Not the most exciting, but very practical. Mom got us our coming home outfit(s) for the little cub... one boy and one girl. Just in case. :) They are so sweet. She also spoiled me with two night gowns and two robes for the hospital and after baby is born. Now I finally have something to pack in the hospital bag! Thanks mom!  Mom and I also hit up a Moms-to-Mom store and scored a few goodies for cheap.... a Swaddle Me for $3, a new Kissy-Kissy outfit for $2, a hand-smoked little girls outfit for $5, and a 4th of July onesie for $1. Can't wait to go back for more deals once we know if we'll need more pink or blue.

Movement: You bet! Our letting babe is having a ball in there. 

Symptoms: The belly is getting a lot heavier when standing or walking. Still trying to stay moving, but after a busy weekend with lots of walking around town and standing the body is tired. Rib pains are getting more frequent as the babe is moving more up into the rib cage. Still having some purple toes, but very little swelling - so I am thankful. These size 11 tootsies don't need to grow any. They have been really sore.... mom treated me to a pedi and J has offered a few foot rubs which have been wonderful! 

Sleep: Had a few sleepless nights this week, which I think is to be expected from here on out. 

Workouts: Lots of walks around town this week with Mom and Haley. After a busy weekend, I took it easy for a few days.... but still getting around 8,000 steps in on the Fit-bit.

Cravings: Same as always. Lots of crushed ice and anything cold... pops, fruit, etc. Had a craving for onion rings one night, which was random. 

What I Miss: Running during this beautiful weather. Happy hour on the deck... even though my cocktails are doing a pretty good job of filling in lately. 

Best Moment This Week: Our baby shower on Sunday was so perfect! It was a small shower with all my closest girlfriends in Lex, and my mom and one of my besties from High School came too. The babe was spoiled with lots and lots of goodies... and we are getting closer to being ready for your arrival. Can't wait to share pictures, once they arrive from Papa Sam! I also loved getting to spend so much time with my momma and Haley. It was the best!

Looking Forward To: Mother's Day weekend ahead. Getting more organized in the nursery. Installing the car seat and packing the hospital bag soon... maybe this weekend. Also excited for our baby CPR and baby basics class tonight! 

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