Annalee's First Easter

Miss Annalee certainly let her light shine this weekend. She was full of joy, love and lots of laughter!
Our little one was showered with baskets, goodies and lots gifts this weekend. Quite possibly more than at Christmas - which is pretty cool. I do love Christmas, don't get me wrong - but I also love the Easter season and I think it's one of the best holidays to celebrate. So glad our friends and family think so as well. Thank you to everyone for all the goodies!

After soaking up a few days with family last week, we had a wonderful low-key weekend with friends.

Friday afternoon J had some college friends traveling through town, so they came over around 5 for cocktails on the porch and a little shrimp dinner that night. We enjoyed catching up with them and having a lazy start to the Easter weekend.

Our Saturday was nice. We did a little baking for Easter Sunday, finished chores, went for a long walk and did a little work in the yard. The Braddick's invited us over in the afternoon to see their new house - gorgeous - and a little play date for the gals... which included a few cold bevs for the parents as well. The girls are just a couple months apart and are finally at an age where they can play well together. It was so fun watching them.
Can't wait for many more tea parties on the porch!

Easter Sunday we got up early and headed to 8 am mass, after some bunny cinnamon rolls, of course.

We went early so we could scoot out of town for Easter brunch with the Hollomon/Wellford fam. I'm glad we did - it was packed. I can't imagine how full 10:30 was. We did squeeze in a little time to check out what the Easter Bunny had brought us before leaving town. I love my little egg plate and eggs from "the bunny." He must know how much I love Easter decor! Nailed it. 

I'll have to recap Annalee's Easter basket soon - it was filled with so many goodies. I loved how into all of them she was too.

We had a great afternoon in Charlottesville! The meal was delicious - ham biscuits, shrimp salad, strawberry-spinach-goat cheese salad, fruit salad, pasta and chicken salad, deviled eggs and carrot cake for dessert. We ate well! The company was even better. Such a relaxing and fun Easter Sunday. Kiddos make the holidays much more special indeed.

Our little bunny was up late... enjoying her banana toothbrush. 

Hope your Easter was just as special. 


Thoughts on Thursday

I am still recovering from an amazing time at our Dinner Dance last weekend - what a whirlwind of a couple weeks, but totally worth it!
My hot date!

Can you tell we were a little slap happy at this point??  This was taken close to midnight on Saturday.  Love my co-workers, these ladies are amazing! 

About a week ago my parents called and said they had booked a last minute getaway to the TN smokies. After working to clear our calendar, we also decided to pack up the car on Monday and head south to the smokies mountains to meet my parents for a mini-spring break of sorts. So beautiful. So relaxing! So good to see my folks. We defiantly live WAY to far away, and don't make nearly enough money to see them as often as I'd like. Never less, we had an awesome 48 hours of fun! 5 hours is nothin when you live a good 12-13 hours away from each other. 


Can you believe it's Easter weekend? I literally just walked out to the shed and opened the Easter box to decorate. Better late than never right?

I'm looking forward to making this delicious carrot cake for us to enjoy on Sunday. O yum! I can almost taste it already.

Anyone else loving Better in Boots right now? It's catchy! 

Cheers to Good Friday my friends! 



It's Fri-YAY! I have been knee-deep in work this week prepping for a big event at work on Saturday. It should be a great time - but we are certainly ready for it to be over. Isn't that always the case??

We had a great little St. Patty's Day. Since it was a feast day, we started the day with Pure Eats doughnuts - and it was so worth it. They are pretty much crack.

Annalee had a big day at mi-mi's, complete with a first birthday party for one of her friends, Liana. Last night we attended a work event for mom - but managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot when we got home. Thanks to her god momma she was decked out.
Things look a little different than 2013, 2014, and 2015. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We have the cutest little leprechaun to entertain us at home.

I bought the most adorable little Boxwood Topiary for our island. 
Only $12.99 at Target and 10% off right now with code EASTER.

Speaking of Target, has anyone else seen the Happy By Pink Chicken collection for babies and kids?

One word. Adorable.

They have a BOGO sale going on right now too, buy one get one half off. A must since they are on the pricy side for kids clothes, from Target.

I'm so excited for Easter season - flowers, bunnies, long days and cool nights. The season of growth and happiness, new beginnings and baskets full of candies. 

We didn't watch much tv growing up - I can maybe recount 5 shows on my hand. But, we did get to watch classics for the holidays. The Funny Little Bunnies was my absolute favorite Easter "movie" as a kid. I'm pretty sure our copy was recorded from tv and is on a casset tape, but lucky for me - and you - it's on YouTube. We played it for Annalee this morning after breakfast, and she loved it! Her giggles make my heart smile. 

I'm always searching for new clean eating recipes, and this one is on-point. The perfect summer salad. Strawberry Avacado Couscous Salad with Lime Vinagerette. Yum!

Linking up with the gals today for Five on Friday. Join the link-up by grabbing the button below.

That's all folks. I'm off to set up our silent auction for tomorrow night... lots of goodies to be hand! 


An Irish Blessing

To all my Irish friends out there... and all of you looking for an excuse to feast, cheers to today!

...and who could pass up the opportunity to give a shout out to their hometown. A little bit o' laughter for you today. Can you see the leprechaun?
Anything for a pot o' gold.

This little leprechaun is ready for her first St. Patty's day! 
 Cheers my friends! 


Annalee Estelle | Nine Month Update

Dear Annalee, 
Things have really changed now that you are on the move! You love crawling, exploring and climbing. We dropped the mattress in your crib after watching you pull yourself up and try to jump out. You think juggling is hilarious. You've started mimicking us when we wave or hold up our arms and love to clap. You took a tumble on Feb 27 and had your first bloody nose. Scared us to death, but you were just fine. You love to stand, pull up, and move from one thing to another while standing and can really get going while crawling. You love to jump in your doorway jumper, and the stand alone jumper at mi-mi's. You do not like to be held or kept by anyone but your momma, daddy or mi-mi. Every sitter we have you just cry until you fall asleep. We went out once, and you cried for an hour before just calling asleep. The only other sitter came after you went to bed, so you didn't know momma wasn't here. We got you your own booster seat at the bar and you love it. Such a big girl at the table now. Changing clothes has gotten interesting, so we usually change you on the floor so you don't jump off the changing pad. You have always loved to play in the bathtub, until recently. Your toes hit the water and you immediately start crying. We started trying showers, and you love those! You've started patting us on the arm or shoulder when we carry you around. It's so cute. We have loved watching you learn and grow this month. You are so happy and a very adventurous little girl. 

Nine Month Highlights:
  • 19 lbs, 6oz., 28.5 inches, 19 in head circumference, bright blue eyes and blond hair that is really starting to fill in. 
  • Wearing 9 or 6-12 month clothing and 9 month pajamas \\ Pampers size 3 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Bananas \\ Sweet Pea \\ Little Bit \\ Pumpkin
  • Tricks: You started trying to crawl on Feb. 1, by Valentine's Day you had really got the hang of it and were on the move. \\ You are pulling up on things and starting to stand on your own. \\ Lots of babbling.... dadada.... bababa. \\ You have a funny little wave where you put your hand up to your chin like The Little Rascals secret hand shake.
  • Favorite toys: doorway jumper \\ v-tech walker \\ books \\ sassy rattle \\ exersaucer \\ blocks \\ Baby Einestine \\ TV remote... Dad's books, phones, computers or anything that isn't a toy. You love to use your spoons at a drumstick as well. 
  • Favorite books: Kiss the Frog and Oh! Baby Go Baby!
  • Food: Nursing is still going really well, and you still eat every 2.5 hours. During the day we send 3, 4 oz. bottles and sometimes I am able to swing by and feed you. You also love real foods, eating 4oz twice a day. You love rice cakes, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and prunes. Rice cereal and peas are a close second, followed by green beans, apples, pears and bananas. You hate carrots, chickpeas w/blueberries (but you like blueberries by themselves) and cottage cheese. 
  • You love water, but are still having trouble getting the hang of a sippy cup on your own.
  • Trips: Dad had lots of trips for work this month, so we spent a lot of time at home.
  • Holidays: We celebrated your first Mardi Gras with a small celebration here in town. \\ We also celebrated Valentine's Day for about a week, since our Valentine was traveling for the actual day this year. You made valentine's at Mi-Mi's for all your friends. \\ We can't forget your first Super Bowl, cheering on Cam the Man.
  • We dropped the mattress in your crib on Feb. 15.
  • You love to drink water, but still can't hold the sippy cup on your own. You're trying! 
    Your first tooth popped through on your nine month birthday. The bottom front right. You were grunting a lot being fussy, waking up at 5:30 a.m. for a couple days in a row and had several soiled pampers. Otherwise, you were pretty happy. 
  • You have started going to bed around 7/8pm and wake up around 6am. It's certainly an adjustment for us, but you are so happy with rest. 
Nine Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Doorway jumper \\ Sassy Rattle \\ Delux Booster Seat \\ Wubbanubs \\ humidifier \\ silicone bibs \\ tethers \\ taggy blanket \\ spiral activity toy \\ v-tech walker \\ Munchkin soft-tip spoons \\ sippy cup \\ Sophie \\ V-Tech walker \\ fuzzy hats and thick blankets \\ Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy 

Pictures from this month:

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight 


Planting Time | New Playard | Out-of-this-world Carrot Cake

With the beautiful warm weather ahead of us, we decided it was time to get a start on the garden. On Sunday, we tilled up our tiny backyard garden and planted onions, lettuce, kale, and green onions. I found this handy chart for planting on almanac.com. Maybe it will keep us on track this year and make this garden thing real.

Find the complete chart for your location at almanac.com.

We also invested in a little outdoor playard for Miss Annalee. Somewhere to keep her on the porch, but let her crawl around and enjoy the pretty weather as well. We liked that it folds up flat, it's steady {a must for our little climber}, movable and the color doesn't scream toddler either.
So far - she loves it! 

Come on spring.... I'm so ready for a full week with no gloves, jackets or scarves. It's also the hubs bday tomorrow. We started the celebration early on Saturday, with a few friends over for a cookout. I made this totally out-of-this-world carrot cake and it was a hit!

I may have had a slice for breakfast on Sunday as well... shh! don't tell. Sunday's don't count during the lent, do they?

But really - you should make it. It's worth every calorie.

And last but certainly not least, I picked up these shades for Miss A at Old Navy, and she totally rocks them. She wore them for almost 2 hours on Sunday. Precious.
We enjoyed a little time at the park on Sunday. Annalee loves the swing and slide.
Happy Monday friends!  Cheers to a great {warm} week and daylight savings on the horizon.