Baby Lyons | Week 35

How far along? 35 weeks, we passed the one month countdown this week ~ crazy! 

Size of baby: A coconut or canary melon(19-22 in., 5.5 lb.) 

Gender: Still waiting. :) ...only 5 weeks until we know!

Weight Gain: Up 27 pounds from my pre-baby weight and feeling pretty good.

Maternity Clothes: Yea buddy! the collection is getting slim though, but I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes... I can make it through 5 more weeks, right?

Nursery: We are almost ready! I am still working on the closet, organizing dressers and hanging some decor, but otherwise it's almost ready for baby! Allie tested out Baby Lyons' pack-n-play for her crib this weekend in the room and she seemed to like it pretty well. So far, I'm so happy we stuck with white, navy and gold - with touches of color here and there. It's all coming together just like I imagined!  Will do a full nursery post soon - once we get some things on the walls. 

Purchases: Lots of big purchases this week. We used all our cash and gift cards from showers and started working down the "must-need" list before baby arrives. A few purchases I'm excited to get: our changing pad and cover, bath tub, crib sheets, Boppy, newborn inserts for the Momaroo and carseat and lots of other newborn essentials. We did stock up on some diaper sales this weekend - which you can read about here. Love it when I score some deals! 

Movement: Lots! The baby was loving church on Sunday and the music. The babe has also enjoy The Voice semi-finals this week... I think he or she is going to be a big fan of music. 

Symptoms: I am pretty sure the Braxton-hicks have started, I can feel the belly tightening every so often. My feet are getting really sore, so I'm finally giving up cute shoes for comfort. Occasional rib pains now and then and blue toes from poor circulation. The babe is defiantly running outta room in there. 

Sleep: Pretty good. Up a couple times during the night and a few restless nights here and there... but overall, resting well. 

Workouts: Just staying active and taking it slow. A few walks here and there, as well as hand weights and a little yoga at home. Otherwise, I am telling myself to enjoy this time and soak it up - it won't be long before I'm dreading my 3 mile runs again. 

Cravings: Chipped ice! Lots of spinach, kale and avocado salads this week - as in, almost one a day. Loving the fresh veggies and that I can eat a full meal and not feel terribly bloated. Haven't really been eating much meats - which is not like me - but enjoying pizza, eggs, avocados, nuts, hummus & pita... and of course cookies and fro-yo!

What I Miss: Nothing. Feeling pretty happy right now. :)

Best Moment This Week: My first Mother's Day with our little cub and spending the weekend with one of my besties and her little one. We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and just caught up on life - which was exactly what I needed. Freiends are good for the soul, especially this momma's soul.

Looking Forward To: Our last baby class tonight. Meg is tagging along since Papa is out of town. Excited to get-in all our goodies I ordered earlier this week, and get organized for baby. Also looking forward to our 4 year Anni next week! 

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