Southern Proper: Gifties

I'm always looking for fun little items to have on hand for my friends. Small birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. I love giving gifts. I really love giving gifts that others love. Something special, something monogrammed, something unique, etc.  Today, I wanted to share some fun ideas I found on Southern Proper Monograms. Everyone probably knows them best for their beautiful wooden letters, which I love!

Did I mention how much I love these? 

Browsing their site, I had no idea they had so many other great gifts they carried. If you are in need of a few unique birthday or just because gifts, here are my favorites... in no particular order.

Love these mini letters - great for napkin rings! A set of 3 for $12

Also, they are running a Mother's Day special through tomorrow, May 1st. Use discount code MAY11 for 20% off and they will guarantee delivery by Mother's Day! 

Happy Shopping!


House Remodeling: A China Hutch

Last week I had a work meeting in Charlottesville, which just happened to be across the street from a great second-hand shop called Circa.  This place was so amazing y'all, I could have wondered for hours. But, my goal was to find a china hutch for the new place... and boy did I find a variety!  

I couldn't decide, so I took a ton of pictures and left empty-handed. We have a trip back in the near future, but help me narrow-down my options. 
{After a fresh coat of paint and new knobs} Which one do you like best?  

A - Round Top. $325

B - Classic. price unknown.

C - The Lattice $275

D - Blue Flamingo $350

E - Country Kitchen $255

F - Simple $225

G - Cool Doors $275

How great are these prices - amazing, right?? 

Help me pick - what's your favorite?


Perfect lil weekend!

We had a great weekend in Lex - and some gorgeous weather to make you want spring to never end. We started off the weekend with a low-key Friday, drinks at DB and Sushi for dinner.  We got up early saturday to hit-up the downtown sidewalk sale and scored some major deals!

I picked up a cute lil dress for $30 from Pumpkinseeds and a great spring necklace from Pappagolla for $10. We also picked up some Mother's Day gifts for our mommas.  The perfect little saturday shopping... and right in town - which is a HUGE bonus for this small town.

The rest of the weekend involved flowers, mulch, rocks, painting, taping, and cleaning out.  The renovations are coming along so great, I can't wait to share more pictures. Here is a sneak peak at the accent wall I finished in the office yesterday.

I am in LOVE.  It turned out even better than I ever imagined!  I can't wait to finish the whole room.

We enjoyed a nice little dinner/cookout under the stars on Saturday night and we took some time off Sunday afternoon to soak up some sun out at the river - much needed.
Hope you had a nice weekend as well!


Five on Friday

Hope everyone has had a great week. Mine flew by... But not without lots of excitement. 

{one} I'm loving my Sweets! Especially this mango pineapple yogurt from Kroger. O my! It's delicious. 

{two} ClingWrap Dispensers! J's mom gave this cute guy to me for Easter and I am in love... Been wanting one of these suckers for years. So pumped!

{three} The Spring flowers are everywhere! After 5 years in VA, I'm still in awe of the wild blooms all over town.

{four} Furnature shopping has begun for the new house and I am loving it! How about this adorable table from Circa in C'ville? 

{five} Sweet Haus Cupcakes may be my new favorite treat spot! I picked up some of these sweet treats for some of my favorite Lexington gals' birthdays. 

Happy Friday ladies! Linking up with the girls for Five on Friday. 

We have a big weekend of renovations ahead for this girl. So excited to see things coming to life at our new place! 


A very Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter Monday! It's been a busy day back to the grind - which is so hard after a wonderful Easter weekend. 

We enjoyed a mostly lazy weekend with J's folks in the mountains, eating good food, catching up and exploring. Friday night we scooted up the mountain to Highlands to the Ugly Dog Pub for drinks and Paoletti's for dinner.  O my goodness. you guys, talk about amazing!  Check out our dishes below. 
I couldn't resist sharing some sweet pictures of my nieces and nephews, who spent the weekend with my parents on the coast. They had beautiful weather!! 
Lucas, Emi Cay and Olivia with GranD.

Landon, Bailey, Makenzie, Elijah and Jayden {getting so big!}

O, and did I mention I enjoy sweets... lots of sweets on Sunday. 

Cheers to a great week ahead!! 


Five on Friday

Happy GOOD Friday!  It's a good Friday indeed. We made it down to NC last night and are happy to be enjoying a lazy weekend in the mountains with the Lyons!  We are heading up to Highlands tonight to enjoy a nice dinner and see the sights - I am certainly looking forward to a delicious fish dinner! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Today for my five on Friday I thought I would update you on this weeks' happenings, since my blogging has been MIA.  

{one} Easter goodies for the kiddos. These boxes should arrive today in Alabama - a box of stuffed eggs, treats and a few books, pencils and games. 

{two} Last weekend the Braddick's hosted a fabulous crawfish boil. Kara pulled out all the stops with themed decor, the perfect beverages, hay bails for a late night fire, and 50lbs. of crawdads - good for the soul!  We had the most amazing weather and great times with friends! 

{three} Painting has begun! This was the color of the front bedroom when I began... I only got one coat of white up this week, but hoping to get number 2 up on Monday and then move on to the stripes. 
Can't wait to see the progress. 

{four} Love these Lilly sunglass straps. I refrained from buying them for myself when I was picking up goodies for Mrs. Elaine, but they are on the top of my wish list for summer! 

{five} My Easter dress story. Ha! I was so excited about my purple easter dress this year and the adorable yellow flowered necklace from Anthro... and about an hour down the road I realized that it was still hanging on my door - right where I left it after I took this picture. {ugh} Of all the things I could have left... it was the one thing I actually needed. So, naturally we found an Old Navy right off the interstate and I picked up dress and necklace number two - which is pretty cute too!  Love me some Easter Sunday Mass - so of course, I have to have a new dress. :) 

Linking up for 5 on Friday! 

Happy Easter weekend everyone!


Easter Basket Hop

We are heading to North Carolina to visit the in laws for Easter, so I thought I would fix up a couple baskets with some treats and link up with Darci for the Easter Basket Blog Hop! 

Baskets for the in-laws.

Mrs. Elaine is getting a cute lil mason jar chalkboard, Lilly tumblers and a koozie, some thank you notes, pretzels, and some sweets! 

Mr. W is getting Virginia peanuts, a Ped Egg, and sweet treats. Nutty Bars are Mr. Wayfords favorite.

Do you have a fun basket to share? Hop in on the fun!

Hope the Easter bunny brings you and your loved ones a basket full of fun this year!



Somedays I wonder...

How the days, hours, and minutes fly by as fast as the do...

How I always seem to be working on that to-do list, but it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter...

How the project list somehow always remains untouched....

How the holidays sneak up and fly by without warning...

How my nieces and nephews keep growing and growing...

How my friends are growing bellies, having babies, and somehow I haven't met them...

I guess the answer would be, Life. It's what happens when we're busy making other plans. {so says John Lennon}

I guess todays post is mostly to say - I'm here, alive and well, just a little crazy at the moment! I miss my blogging and I will be back.... life just seems to be a little busy these days.

Renovations are in full swing... centennial planning is a go and I am ready for some sweets on Easter sunday, who else is with me!?!

Now, off to do some more painting. Updates soon, I promise.


Home Sweet Home

I am happy to say, we are finally home!  We had a truly perfect trip to the coast. Every day was filled with friends, family, celebrations, relaxation, exploring, great food, neat finds, and lots of love and laughter!  After a long two day track home, I am very excited to slip into my own sheets tonight - but this trip was really just so much fun, it didn't really phase me that it's been 2 weeks since we were here. Crazy how quickly time flies when you're out and about {or maybe when you're getting older}, but man it went by quick!

We wrapped up our trip with a great weekend with my fam and a stop in ATL last night for work. Which ended up being a huge reunion with lots of our friends in the industry and fabulous vendors we work with. One of which took us to a delicious lunch at the Flying Biscuit Cafe before we hit the road today. Tune in tomorrow for a great southern brunch recipe.