Baby Lyons | Week 27

How far along? 27 weeks

Size of baby: A rutabaga (13-6-14.8 in., 1.5-2.5 lb.) 

Gender: We'll know in a couple months! I'm feeling boy... but sometimes I think girl. We may need to start a poll, what do ya think?

Weight Gain: Had a quick little check-up this week and I am up 20 pounds from my pre-baby weight. They started measuring my belly and I was measuring a little ahead, but they also said it could have been how the baby was laying. They do think the head is down already - which is just crazy to imagine that I could be that close. Almost to the third trimester! 

Maternity Clothes: The warmer weather has finally arrived and I am loving my new wardrobe that comes with it. I haven't minded tights and long sweaters, but am so ready for less layers and more variety. So many of my dresses fit with the belly too - which is nice for sure. 

Nursery: New carpet is installed! I knew it would make a world of difference, but I think it still surprised me at how much better it looks {and feels}. New blinds and the curtain rod are in the room, waiting to be installed. Still deciding on window treatments, but I'm thinking they may be white as well. Hoping the hubs has time to put together our dresser soon!! 

Purchases: New category! I thought it would be fun to start sharing some little things we pick up for baby here and there. We have tried our best to buy anything yet, and wait until after our showers to see what we really need. But, this weekend was the annual Mom's-to-Mom's sale at a church in town, so I snuck over on Saturday for their half-priced hour. They had lots of little goodies, so I picked up a few little items for the lil cub. I mean, who can resist 50 cent onesies? 
A couple boy and a couple girl ones... and a few gender neutral. I mean, monsters and fish could be girly too, right? All we need are some bows!

Movement: Usually late at night or after meals I can feel the little cub moving around. The kicks are getting a little more consistent and stronger. 

Symptoms: Feeling great! Have lots of energy - which I think is because of the warmer weather - but still tire after long days or early morning work days. My feet are starting to ache more and I am just hoping that these size 11 feet don't grow any. Shoes still fit, so we are good there. 

Sleep: Still sleeping great! Have to stay on my left side, or I wake up with a sharp pain under my ribs... not sure if that's little feet or my stomach growling. 

Workouts: Lots of walking! Hit 10,000 steps on my fit bit 3 days this week, and 8,000 the other 4 days.  Much thanks to a busy work schedule, house work and the pretty weather! 

Cravings: Frozen yogurt and ice-cream. 

What I Miss: Nothing. Still occasionally miss my cold turkey sammies or a good glass of vino, but not so much that I didn't forget about it a few minutes later. I do miss running, but am enjoying some nice long walks in this gorgeous weather.

Best Moment This Week: Receiving our baby shower invitation for the coast! Ale and Karen did such a cute job designing our little "golden book" and we can't wait to celebrate with all our family and friends on the coast in just a couple weeks. J's parents are even driving down for the celebration. We are really excited to have all the family together to toast Baby Lyons! 

Looking Forward To: Taking Baby Lyons to the Chamber Dinner Dance this weekend. 

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  1. So loving the look of the nursery already! AMAZING! xx