Baby Lyons | Week 25 ~ Guest Blogger!

How far along? Baby - 25 weeks; Me - Almost 36 years!

Size of baby: A head of cauliflower (13.5-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 lb.)

Gender: I'm a male. But as I've answered all the questions over the past 6 months:  we're not finding out, until we find out! 

Weight Gain: LOTS of sympathy weight. I've got to get on a diet. PS. There are cookies in the oven.

Maternity Clothes: I find they just don't suit me. Never have been a fan of high waisted pants--on ME!

Nursery: Signed the deal on new carpet this week. Now, I need a few new utility knives and we'll be ripping out the 10+ year old Moore Street carpet after years of use and way to many roommates' abuse. More to come on this side!

Movement: Tracy doesn't move around much now that she has a snoogle pillow. The baby however is punching, kicking, twisting, and jogging. Feel's so great to get a little belly-padded high five.

Symptoms: Sore feet. Scratchy throat. Sneezing. Tired. Overworked. Razor rash. House needs cleaning. Too much snow. Got my flight cancelled the other day in Dallas; had to drive to Austin. Tracy, however is doing fine! 

Sleep: Sleeping straight through Tracy's "first breakfasts" and getting up at her seconds. 

Workouts: HAHAHAHAHA. Did you know that workouts spelled backwards is: stoukrow.

Cravings: The cookies in the oven. 

What I [DON'T] Miss: People saying "oh you just wait" and "First one? OH, haha, haha, haha, good luck!" Thanks, ya'll. Oh and back when I "Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday."

Best Moment This Week: Writing this blog. And hopefully reading the comments!

Looking Forward To: The cookies in the oven. Just kidding. Becoming a dad and a continued healthy Tracy and baby. 


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  1. "Oh you just wait..." being a dad is the best job you'll ever know:)

    As for the "cookies in the oven" pun intended??? And more importantly, did you save me any?

    Happy babymooning and happy early bday this week!