Baby Lyons | Week 31

How far along? 31 weeks

Size of baby: A pineapple (18 in., 3+ lb.) My favorite!

Gender: Waiting for June. ...and for the best surprise of our lives!

Weight Gain: At my check-up this week, I was up a total of 21 pounds, which is down two pounds from 2 weeks ago. So... either the little babe is using up all the goods, or I haven't been eating as much. Maybe a little of both? Room in the belly is getting slim. 

Maternity Clothes: I went on a little shopping spree this week. I think the warm weather has finally arrived and my wardrobe was just not keeping up. It's so hard dressing the bump professionally in sundresses and clothes that are a little too tight or low-cut. So, I invested in some new dresses, maxi's, long cardigans and flowey tops. Old Navy and Marshall's are thanking me.

Nursery: Starting to fill up with lots of goodies! We still need to pick out a glider, but otherwise all the big purchases are made. Painting the closet this week - still trying decide on a color. What's your vote - White or Gray? This is the look I'm going for...
 Love the color in the closet and the ikea shelves and striped tubs. Those may be my next purchases for the "cub house".

Purchases: Picked up a few items for the nursery during my shopping spree at Marshall's. I found this adorable pillow for the glider {that has yet to be picked out} and some other little things for the dresser and walls. 

Movement: SO much! The babe is now starting to move so much that you can see my belly shifting. Lots of little kicks and movements all day, but usually after meals. His or her little booty likes to move up under my ribs often, which you can totally see. Other times they are down curled up in a little ball. 

Symptoms: Belly button is starting to get flatter, it's so strange. Feet are still feeling a little tired, but I finally treated myself to a pedi today. Started the week with a little cold, but it's finally gone - ho-rah! No stretch marks yet {except those on the hips earned during college}, but I am slathering on the cocoa butter. 

Sleep: Sleeping good. Had my first weird dream last night that a vein in my leg had burst out the side - strange right? I hear they only get better... o joy! Otherwise sleeping good. A few sleepless hours here and there, but not bad. 

Workouts: A couple walks and trying to do some stretching, but trying to stay moving. I know  these last 8 weeks could really pack on the pounds if I'm not up and moving. They also say the better in shape you are come delivery, the easier it will be. Not sure if that's true - but it's a motivator for sure. 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice! Enjoying my standards: fruit, milk & cereal, and PB&J's. But also have had cravings for fro-yo, Pop-Tarts, Cheetos and candy... maybe that's b/c I went 40 days without, but I've made up for it this week. 

What I Miss: Nada

Best Moment This Week: The babe got lots of love from all my AOII's at Carolina days over the weekend. It's been so fun sharing this pregnancy with so many sisters, and taking advice from them all. I know this little cub is so very loved in so many ways! 

Looking Forward To Hopeful For: We are still hoping and praying for my FIL's recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. 

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