"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."- AnaisNin

Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend, Mrs. Megan W. Holloford!!!

Leap Year babies are a special bread ~ sometimes they are referred to "Leapers," and rightfully named, I would agree. The only leap year baby I know is quite the "leaper." Always striving to push herself harder, question the norm, defy the ordinary and all the while always staying true to her beliefs. She always puts her family first and goes out of her way to make a friends' day. She loves with her whole heart and wears her emotions right on her sleeve for everyone to see. Who could possibly ask for a better friend? A friend who always has your back, never puts you down and always makes you feel like YOU are the most important thing on her mind. I'm feel so lucky to call this leap year baby my true friend and couldn't imagine a day without her in my life!

Happy Birthday Meg! I love you!!!


Gotta Love us Catholics!

Today a lady I work with came into my office, plopped down in a chair and said to me - You're Catholic, right? [Yes... I am.] She continues... So tell me what lent means to you. I know you went and got ashes and stuff, but what does it mean? It took me a few minutes of stumbling to finally get out a good (or decently good) answer that I was happy with, meanwhile trying to decide if she was testing me, or curious, or what? So finally she proceeds to tell me about how she saw on TV today that they were giving out ashes at drive-through churches in Callifornia and how she just didn't understand how that could be meaningful. [Agreed.] Unfortunatly, it's times like these were I find myself defending my religion and trying to convince the non-catholic world that "we're not all really weird, we just have some different traditions that seem weird." [Drive-through ashes not being one I am familier with. ha!]
After she left my office, I started to wonder whether what I said made her feel like I was really a legit catholic or just making something up. It was then that I decided to spend a little more time really trying to live my values (and catholic upbringing) rather than just telling people about it. I'm much more effective at doing then telling.
This gave me a little minute to also reflect on how I react in everday life... sometimes it's hard for me to explain things or put them into words, but if you just trust me - I will show you. I'm like that in my work, my home, my everyday life in general. I am a do'er, not really a shower... if that makes any sense at all. I'm constantly asking myself, why is this so hard for 'person x' to understand? Maybe I'm just not really good at explaining things... I think this may be someting I work on this lent. Patience and putting my actions into words. Wish me luck!
As for my lent sacrifice - as always, sweets are gone bye-bye for 40 days, but this year I also added beef. ...and I decided to take something on as well (as if I need anything else to do), but I think this will be good for my health. I have decided to get up an extra 30 minutes early to take a little time to start my day off right, whether that's reading a good book, catching up on news, or just enjoying a yummy cup of joe in my chair - it gives me time to wake up and great the day! So far, so good. Day 2 and we have success! We'll see how the next 38 go!
Until Tomorrow~
xo, Tracy


A day off!

Many thanks go out to our Nations' First President for having a birthday - and for letting us celebrate it! It was so nice to sleep in, check email in my pj's and then head to the beauty salon for a new do! (or just a half-inch trim, same difference) Isn't is the best to have someone else wash, cut, dry and style your hair? I could really get used to this.

While at the salon I also picked up my favorite hairspray - Aveda Air Control.

This is the only hairspray I use... straight hair, curly hair, up, down, curls... it works on every do. It tames fly aways but doesn't make your hair feel sticky. The scent is the best part - it smells refreshing and just like you left the salon!

What else to do on a day off than to cook & craft! First up this morning was french toast with strawberries & bananas for breakfast....

Chicken salad for lunch (shout out to the Kroger bakery - best rotisserie chicken salad I've ever had!)

...and I'm trying to decide what Pinterest recipe to choose for dinner. As or crafting, the day included a few headdress sales from A Mango Tree Shop and filling an Etsy order for a burlap table runner. I'll have to wait and share those pictures - don't want to spoil any surprises for anyone!

Now it's time for Ellen - such great afternoon entertainment.


Hello Snow!

Well Hello Snow! Thank you for joining us this winter. Seriously? It's almost March and you finally made your way into the Vally. I'm happy you're here... but your timing could have been a little better. What a day it's been. The hubs has been gone for the weekend and took an early flight to get home so we could have a fun day in the "big city" a.k.a. - Roanoke. But, Mr. Winter spoiled those plans by joining us at approximately noon - the same time he was supposed to land. Instead his plane was diverted to Richmond and all the passengers were left to fend for themselves. So, after a quick shout out to our good friends in Richmond, the hubs was rescued by a cadet heading back to school here in town. So, I headed home - and to Pinterest, were I kept my afternoon busy!

First, I threw together some ingredients I had in the pantry to make these yummy bites for the cadet that came to our rescue. Glazed Doughnut Muffins = delightful!

We even have a few left for ourselves.

Next, I tried out this yummy recipe from skinnytaste.com. The hubs loves mozzarella sticks - but he's trying to stick to our healthy eating this year, so this was a perfect welcome home treat substitute. All fresh healthy ingredients and pretty easy to make. He approved, as did I - I mean, who doesn't love anything with cheese??

For dinner we're having steaks (the hubs is braving the 4 inches of snow to get us a sweet treat from the grill), fresh roasted green beans... and these tasty tators! I've just pulled them out of the oven and they are fantastic - a keeper!

So, here we are ... the hubs is home(yay!) and grilling steaks and I'm updating my blog, because I promised I would start blogging every day. I'm just happy to be home in our warm little house about to dig in to some yummy din din! Shout out to Pinterst today for making a busy snow day into an afternoon of baking and lots of evening treats!
So, until tomorrow.


I'm back!!

I was inspired today. Yes, to get back to blogging. I guess I just got busy and decided that spending more time in front of the computer wasn't exactly what I wanted to do with my free time, but this afternoon I was convinced (or inspired) by and few sweet ladies to get back to my blog. So I thought, why not? It is fun to share with everyone a lil' glimpse inside the Lyons' den from time to time... so here we go...

We just celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day together, 1st as a married couple!! ...and the sweet hubs got be beautiful flowers and a green amethyst necklace that was just beautiful! [and a really sweet card - that was the best part, but shh... don't tell - sparkly things are nice as well!]

I made some adorbale heart cinnimon rolls for breakfast (thanks pinterest) and we stayed in for the evening a made coconut shrimpers for dinner. It was a fun low-key night in our cozy lil house.

As for Jesse's Valentine - he got new running socks, yes socks & a cute bow tie. But, not just any socks.... Balega runing socks are simply the best around. Once you put them on your feet - you'll be hooked! Go ahead, give in... your feet with say thank you later!
Many thanks to St. Valentine for a nice relaxing day with my husband. It's really nice to just put away the work, put down the blackberry and just enjoy each others' company. So, while many may think it's just a "Hallmark Holiday," I may agree - but I'm happy to celebrate! :)