Friday Five | Ready for Summertime

Cheers to Friday, friends!

My five on Friday turned into all things beachy and summertime. Can you tell where my heads at today?  Maybe because we just booked flights to the Gulf Coast for a full week in June - my toes can't wait to hit the sand.

{one} After holding out for way too long, I can finally say I am loving Rose' these days. This Le Vieelle Ferme Rose is my favorite at the moment. And, for a fun read check out The 10 Best Rose Wines You Can Drink This Summer from TheStreet.

{two} I fell in love with these wooden striped sailboats from Target the moment I saw them. They are sold out online, but a couple local stores still have them in stock. Perfect for the beach or a little boys room. I'm still trying to find a reason to purchase the whole set.
{three} I discovered Blackberry Cucumber LeCroix and my life has changed. Ha! Ok, not really, but it's pretty delicious. They actually released three new flavors last August, and they are finally getting to our neck of the woods. Just in time for sweet summertime. Bring on the LaCroix!

{four} How 1980's are these summertime hair clips - and so perfect for a sweet little 2 year old! Best part - $3.99 at H&M. I couldn't resist. I mean... pineapples.
{five} I found these Fouta beach towels on Groupon this week. They come in four beautiful colors and at $23 are a steal. They remind me of sunny days on 30A with my girls. Target has a couple cute turkish beach towel options here and here too.

And one more for fun... {six} This little miss turned 11 months old this week! An update is coming soon, but until then - just a cute picture.

Ok, one more... {seven} my old roomie Molly is coming to visit for the weekend, and I can not wait to get my hugs!  Miss you girlfriend!!! Come quick... I need someone to drink that bottle of rose chillin' in the fridge.

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And have a good one. Cheers! 


Styling Bookshelves

Styling bookshelves is sorta like a really long game of chess. 

Two steps forward, one step back. 

Throw in a curious toddler and we're back to the beginning. 

We added these shelves to our den shortly after we moved in 2014. It was a great addition to the house. However, after 22 months, I still haven't "finished them." 

Are they ever going to be finished? 

This is what we are working with today. 

The bottom two shelves are books - aka, something Annalee can't break. I'm thinking of switching them out for baskets - for toys of course - so it's more kid-frendly, but doesn't scream baby. 

Since I miss my House Remodel posts... I decided to tag this one to it! Maybe one day we will finish this place. 
Give me your favorite shelf items and the best kid-friendly shelf-styling!


I'll take the Cake. Plate

Tis the season for weddings!

I miss wedding gift shopping. Let's be honest, it's been some time since I've actually got to purchase a wedding gift for someone.

I miss weddings! The excitement, the love, the joy. Ok, ok - the party, the booze, the dancing.

I'm proud to say that we actually have two save the dates on our fridge AND two wedding invitations. #so25again #butnotreally #butiwish

After selecting a couple gifts from registries this week I have decided that my favorite wedding gift to give is the cake plate.

It's so simple. And sometimes funky.

It's classic. Yet trendy.

It's useful. But, not really used that often.

Except for birthdays. Which I love. I think everyone should get to have cake served up on a pretty cake plate on their special day. And anniversaries - cake for sure. Graduation - cake. Christenings - cake.

Which brings us back to the cake plate. A necessity, you see?

I love that it's something that gets to be a part of every happy celebration for many years to come!

Be warned - if you have a cake plate on your registry, and I'm invited...

It's yours!

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites today.

Milk Glass Ruffle by Macy's.

Easton via Amazon. 

Luigi via Target.

Spritz via Target.

Acaciawood via Target. 

Jadeite by Macy's.

And for something funky - Colton by Pier 1.


Ducks... and more ducks!

We had a sweet little weekend in town. We kicked off the weekend with a wine-tasting at our local wine shop, followed by drinks at our favorite spot in town - TAPS - followed by Domino's pizza on the deck. 

Saturday was just beautiful! Annalee and I cruised town - picking up coffee at Pronto and catching up with good friends while J had a morning meeting. 

We spent the afternoon cleaning outside and organizing the shed, just enjoying the day. 

Saturday night was a much needed date night for mommy and daddy at Duck's Unlimited. We weren't the big winners of the night, like some. 

However, it was a fun night on the town. 

Sunday we knew was going to be a hard day. So we got outta town for a day trip. 

We started at Mrs. Rowes - filling our bellies with a huge breakfast - before venturing into Staunton for the afternoon.

We stumbled upon Gyspy Park - a favorite of locals - and I can see why. The perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

After a little too much sun - you should see the burnt shoulders - we stopped at TJ Maxx for some sunday steals and deals. 

Four spring/summer tops for mom. 

Two outfits and some cutie-pie shoes for Annalee. 

A new throw for the sofa and two new lamps for the den. 

One very sweet husband. 

We enjoyed a Sunday supper of salads, steaks and asparagus. And the hubs enjoyed a glass of scotch in honor of Mr. Wayford. We miss you so! 

Hears to a great week and a better year ahead. 


Toys for 10 months

1 - Hammering Block - $7.99  |  2 - Jumbo Knob Puzzle - $9.99  
3 - Baby Banana Toothbrush - $7.99  |  4 - Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter - $14.98
5 - First Bead Maze - $14.99   |    6 - Fun on the Farm Stacker - $39

Ten months is such a fun age - exploring and learning and soaking in everything they can get their little hands on. I thought it would be fun to re-cap some of Annalee's favorite toys at the moment. It's so cool to see her learning how to stack toys and sort shapes. Growing so much!

Hope these are helpful toy tips for your little ones!


Pineapple for Baby & Momma

If you know me well - or even at a little - you know how much I love Pineapple's. Hints the name of my blog, I suppose. I'm not even sure when it began, but ever since college friends will text me a picture of a pineapple from a trip, or send me pineapple shorts in the mail, or tell me about the latest pineapple line at Ann Taylor. Thanks Mal Pal! 

Lately, everywhere I turn there are pineapples. 

Where were you 5 years ago when I was getting married?

Anyways, I could't help but share a few of my favorites. For baby first, of course. 


Rock Concerts, Crawfish, and Masters

Sometimes lazy weekends are the best.

Sometimes busy weekends are the best.

Either way, weekends spent with my little fam are certainly the best.

We had a super weekend - despite the friged temps. Where the heck did spring go, btw?

I had a work event Friday and Saturday night. However, I got to bring the fam along - and we had so much fun. Annalee was a trooper... even dragging her out to a rock concert in the county in 40 degree temps on Saturday night.

Friday night we hit up the Natural Bridge Grand Surf and Turf Buffet. I was super impressed by the service, the atmosphere, and the delicious seafood we devoured.

Annalee even got fancy for the evening.

Saturday we met some friends for a late lunch and some brews into town.

And Saturday night we ventured out into the county to "A celebration of life party." Not that kinda party... really just a party for fun. My caterer that I use a lot for work just felt like having a party to say thank you to all his clients - and it was super fun.

There was a food tent. A beer tent. An ice-cream stand. Corn-hole and a music hall, with three bands that played throughout the evening.

We ate lots of good food. Soaked up the scenery. Made it through the first act of the second band and called it a night. It was chilly-willy - even in the "music-hall."

Annalee loved her first rock concert, complete with crowd-surfing and watching from Dad's shoulders. It was hilarious to see how into the band she was. Pure amazement.

Sunday we splurged on breakfast with french toast. 

Followed by a long family walk and then headed over to the Braddick Boil Sunday afternoon for the Masters. 

Annalee was quite the party animal at her first crawfish boil. No afternoon nap made for quite a hilarious afternoon. She was so good though and enjoyed playing with her friends. ...and crashed before we made it home.

It was a busy weekend - but I loved every minute.

Now come back spring, we're ready for ya!