Baby Lyons | Weeks 13 - 16

I didn't have a photographer, but had to capture this cute lil belly shot. I think it's the snug dress and angle, but how presh? 
How Far Along? 13 weeks
Size of Baby: A peach (2.9 inches long)
Gender: It's going to be a surprise!
Weight Gain: Up 1.5 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but the pants skirts, tops and dresses are getting snug. 
Nursery: Was able to do some pinning for the lil cubs' room this week. Decorating will have to wait a few more weeks, but it doesn't hurt to start planning, right?
Movement: None yet, but I can tell the lil peach is twisting and turning around in there. 
Symptoms: This was a hard week... I jumped straight from a week of thanksgiving and fun, to three really long work days that left me exhausted, literally. I canceled a work trip to stay home and sleep. Literally. After a few days on the sofa, I finally got a little energy back. I realized just how much work it is making a baby! 
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good.... a few late nights made for sleepy mornings, but my long day of rest on Thursday made up for the lack of rest. 
Workouts: Had my last yoga class and made it to the gym once. Also made it out for one long run. I miss my daily workouts and am really looking forward to {hopefully} getting some energy back soon.
Cravings: Just food in general. ha! My appetite has been amazing. I'm eating every two hours, literally. 
What I Miss: Maybe eggnog? Eggnog without Bourbon just isn't the same... but then again, this is so much better. :)
Best Moment This Week: Getting to share with a few co-workers this week was really fun! 
Looking Forward To: A big week ahead.... lots of Christmas parties, sharing our baby news and ending the week with a getaway to the Greenbrier with some good friends to celebrate birthday's, babies and an engagement! 

Our "family portrait" at the Greenbrier.

...and the only picture I took solo. Sorry no bump pic this week. 

How Far Along? 14 weeks
Size of Baby: A lemon (3.4 inches long)
Gender: Keeping it a surprise!
Weight Gain: Still going off my 12 week check-up at 1.5 pounds up, but I am certainly feeling the weight of the holidays.
Maternity Clothes: Broke down and did my first shopping this week for some essentials, including new workout tights. I figured a lil inspiration couldn't help get me motivated again.
Nursery: Piled with Christmas presents and boxes at the moment.
Movement: Haven't felt anything yet. 
Symptoms: Stil have a pretty stuffy nose. Really tired. Otherwise, feeling pretty good. 
Sleep: Sleeping ok. Getting up a few times to potty of course. Also not getting to bed as early as I wish, so really exhausted in the mornings. 
Workouts: Almost non-exisitant. :(  We had parties almost every night this week (which was so much fun), but I also couldn't muster up any energy to get out for a single run. I think we may have made to the gym for a walk on the treadmill one night. To be honest - a lil disappointed in myself, but trying to focus on that energy that is supposed to return any day now. :)
Cravings: Lots of fruit! One late night I suddenly got an urge for cheese {melted, or course} and crackers and had to have them right away. That was sorta funny. 
What I Miss: More energy for workouts maybe? What I certainly don't miss... a full week of hangovers after holiday parties. 
Best Moment This Week: Sharing our news with friends and family via our Christmas cards! It's been so much fun getting phone calls, shrieks, texts and emails. Makes me so happy that everyone finally knows. I also got to share some exciting news about a new job I just accepted, and since good things come in 3's. We also celebrated my 31st birthday! Such a happy and wonderful week. I just feel so blessed right now. 
Looking Forward To: Christmas!! Finally getting to wrap some presents and also... getting back to blogging!

How Far Along? 15 weeks
Size of Baby: An orange (4.2 inches long)
Gender: Keeping it a surprise!
Weight Gain: Up 4 pounds at my 15 week check-up. Up 6 pounds total.
Maternity Clothes: Still trying to stretch my clothes as long as possible, but the selection is getting limited. Loving leggings and tunics, but the supply is limited. 
Nursery: Still our craft/office/christmas wrapping room. Once the holidays are over we thought we would get started on cleaning out and decorating. 
Movement: Doc says I should be feeling something soon... looking forward to it!
Symptoms: Missing my energy and peppiness, but overall feeling ok.  Still a lil queasy here and there, but overall just tired.
Sleep: Sleeping ok. Stuffy head in the mornings. Getting up a few times to potty of course. 
Workouts: It's been nice to get back into the swing of working out. Made it to the gym a couple times and got in two nice long runs. Shooting for every other day for now. Hoping to have some more free time over the holidays to get out for walking and long runs!
Cravings: Still loving fruit, cheese and crackers, salads, french fries, pizza. More salty than sweets. 
What I Miss: Nothing as of lately!
Best Moment This Week: Starting to pick out stuff for the lil babe! Traveling gave me lots of time in the car to get started on the registry. We decided to go with Baby List to keep it all in one place - so far, I really like it!
Looking Forward To: Celebrating Christmas with both our families and lots of friends! 

Check out that baby bump... I think that was after a big Christmas dinner, but I love it!

How Far Along? 16 weeks
Size of Baby: An avocado ( 4.6 inches long)
Gender: Keeping it a surprise. 
Weight Gain: Going off my 15 week doc check-up: Up 6 pounds since my starting weight.
Maternity Clothes: Well, my jeans are officially on the shelf for now. They finally got to the point where they are just so un-comfy by themselves. Mom bought me a BellaBand and my first pair of maternity jeans. {They are pretty funny, but so cozy!}
Nursery: Starting to pin away and add nursery items to the registry! We pulled down my crib while at home and are going to do some research on using it. We also have my dresser from when I was a baby, and my mom was a baby, and my Nana was a baby that is coming back to VA with us. :) 
Movement: Nothing yet, but getting excited to start feeling something soon.
Symptoms: Been really tired this week and very hungry. Headaches when I don't eat and weird pains in the tummy.  Besides my growing belly, feeling pretty good. 
Sleep: Sleeping great - up a few times to potty, but soaking up a solid 9 hours each night.
Workouts: Got in several great runs and walks each day this week. Feels great to be back up and moving! I can defiantly tell it wears me out more, but I can also tell that I am feeling better overall with being able to get workouts in. Being at the beach doesn't hurt... since it's flat and beautiful for long runs!
Cravings: Just real foods... enjoying all the snacks and holidays goodies. Cheese and crackers, pigs in a blanket, chez mix, sausage balls, you name it. 
What I Miss: Eating extra healthy! Looking forward to getting back to a regular routine and lots of fruits and veggies. 
Best Moment This Week: Visiting with all our families and friends. We have had the chance to visit and soak up lots of family time, which I have loved! Everyone is so excited about your arrival and can't wait until June to meet baby Lyons. 
Looking Forward To: Getting to work on the Nursery when we get back to Virginia!

Happy to have reached the 17 week mark. Will try to keep the bump-dates coming weekly from now on, just wanted to get caught up for the lil cub. Cheers to enjoying the rest of our long break and safe travels home!

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