Annalee Estelle | 20 Month Highlights

They say that every stage just gets better, and so far, I would have to agree. 20 months is like a golden age - you are so curious, watching and soaking up everything you can. Lots of talking and repeating everything we tell you to do or say, and sometimes you even surprise us and tell us exactly what you want. You have started picking up your a,b,c's and counting - and can even count to 8 or 10 with a little (or a good bit of) help. It's amazing to see that little mind working! 

You have been eating up a storm, but have certainly become more picky. You still love apples, yogurt, avocado, CHEESE (good lord girl, you love some Cheese - we can't have it in sight without you eating it all.), green beans, cucumbers, peas, all fruits... but you're starting to get picky about meat. Sometimes you love chicken, oner times you won't touch it. Sometimes you love pizza, and other times, not at all. Same with hotdogs and pork chops. You are not a fan of any sort of macaroni - spaghetti or mac n cheese - we've tried them all. 
You have lots of new toys that you love now - your kitchen, the cozy coupe, blocks, baby dolls, puzzles (mainly your name stool), v-tech learning oven and tree house, lots of books - pout, pout fish, mo ba la, la, la, The Going to Bed Book, Elmo sings and anything with flaps or noises.
You love to dance, run, jump and climb and have some pretty good balance. 

You love to brush your teeth and taking a bath. You also are eating like a big girl at the bar, with no baby chair. You have to have a fork for your food now, and love to attempt all feeding... including cereal by yourself. You have been eating more than a 4 year old lately - we can't send enough snacks for the day. I'm pretty sure you're hitting a nice growth spurt, because all your 18 month clothes are suddenly too tight. 

We moved you up to size 5 pampers and mostly all 24 months or 2T clothes. You have huge feet (like your momma) and wear a size 7 now. 
The pacifier is the last 'baby thing' to take away. Right now it's (mostly) in the carseat and the crib, but you know when it's time for it and you get so excited. Makes me nervous about kicking this habit before your baby brother or sister arrives. 
You have such a spunky and sweet personality and I hope you always keep that fire. You're sweet as sugar in the mornings and after naps... but certainly have your fits late in the evening and especially on Monday's. Mimi's wears you out, but we know you are having a blast, learning a ton and are in such good hands. 

We love you baby girl!


The Lyons Litter is Growing!!

Annalee has some exciting news to share!! 

Lex Lyons cub #2 coming in July!  

A full post on the last 14 weeks coming soon.. but a few notes in the meantime.

We are super excited. 
Annalee has no idea what is about to hit her. 
I've been super tired. Super nauseous. 
Morning sickness is really all day sickness. 
We are keeping the gender a surprise, like we did with Ananlee. 
Official due date is July 31. 
This makes grand baby #11 for my momma. #2 for Jesse's mom.


Back on the Bandwagon | Clean Eating 2017

We've finally finished the last of the holiday parties, snow days and endless desserts... and let's just say we are in desperate need of the gym and some clean eating.

I guess we're a little late on the New Year health kick, but better late than never, right?

We had a great weekend celebrating Christmas with Jesse's mom this past weekend. Annalee especially got nice and spoiled and loved every minute.
Thanks for the Cozy Coup, Gramma!

We bit the bullet and joined the Y last week and planned out a good schedule for the coming week... which seems to be a bit more challenging with a toddler in tow. I'll let you know how the week turns out.

We did some meal planning tonight and I wanted to share a couple new recipes on the list this week.

I also wanted to share this list of 50 Clean Eating Snacks. Lots of simple staples, but a good list to keep handy for those days you can't seem to think of a thing to eat that's healthy. 

Cheers to eating healthy and clean in 2017! 


Toddler Painting

On Monday the hubs and I took day shifts with the little since it was an official holiday, but we both had to work. Since I had 5 hours with the little all by myself, I decided to get crafty. We made our own Toddler Paint from 4 simple ingredients - sugar, flour, salt and water. '

2 teaspoons sugar
1/3 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups water

Combine dry ingredients in small pot. Add water and stir until smooth. Heat over medium heat until 'paint' thickens. Next, pour into small containers and color. I used food coloring, but I think kook-aid packets would also be fun - and tasty!

Annalee had a great time... if you can't tell.
Happy painting with your little ones!! 


Annalee Estelle | 19 Months

Baby Girl,

You are so full of spunk these days.... laughing, running, climbing on everything, talking and really becoming quite the little lady. I hope you are always so full of personality and continue to crack yourself up on a daily bases. Over the past month we have watched you learn so many new tricks - opening doors, climbing on barstools, putting up shoes, getting your own bath stuff ready at night and really understanding what we are saying when we ask you something. You had your first ear infection this month - complete with a trip to the ER in the middle of the night - but seem to be on the mend. You are still eating like a champ and exploring new foods. You love your routine - usually waking around 6am, milk and breakfast to follow, a nap at 11 am, lunch around 1/1:30 pm, dinner at 5:30, bath and in bed by 7pm. You are such a great sleeper and for that we are thankful!

You were an excellent traveler over the past few months - flying down to see GranDe for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You adjusted well on both trips - and while you were at great sleeping in your pack n play - eating wasn't exactly a priority with all your crazy cousins running around. You loved being a part of the gang and I love that you are getting to spend time with your 8 older crazy Elleard cousins. Family was so big for me growing up and to see this crew just warms my heart.
Christmas day was so exciting - you were the happiest lil girl to see all the toys and played so well with your cousins and all their gifts. We celebrated Christmas at home on Dec. 19 this year, so you could have all your gifts under our tree (and so we didn't have to tote everything to the coast). Watching your face light up when you saw your kitchen from Santa and table and chairs from GranDe, was the sweetest face I've ever seen. You melt my heart sweet girl!

You love to play with babies, your new kitchen, books, puzzles, crayons, blocks, tea party is a favorite, as is dancing and singing nursery rhymes. You absolutely love brushing your teeth and will want to anytime you see your toothbrush. Your favorite foods are avocado, cheese, yogurt, all fruits, chicken, raisins, cucumbers, green beans, peas, spicy chips and of course, lots of milk!

We are so excited for what the next year holds for you baby girl and can't wait to watch you grow, grow, grow!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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This year is going to be a year of celebrating the JOY in life. After a pretty rough patch at the end of 2016, I'm looking forward to creating more happiness this year - in all that we do. Stressing less about the small stuff, making more time for family, phone calls with good friends, play dates for Annalee, crafting, sitting on the sofa, reading magazines and books, sending cards and celebrating the JOY in life.
We celebrated 10 New Years' together this year. Ringing in the New Year in lil ole Lexington this year. It was a blast! We enjoyed dinner at the Country Club, before heading to the R.E.Lee Hotel for a after party, drinks and lots of dancing. At midnight we all filed onto Main Street and watched the ball drop - complete with a countdown, music, fake snow, a balloon drop and lots of dancing in the streets! It was the perfect way to start the new year with my love.
Yesterday we slept-in, played with Annalee, napped, went for a long walk and ate our black-eyed peas. It was the perfect way to start the year off right - soaking up all the JOY we can.

I also hit unsubscribe from 33 different list serves last night, we booked plane tickets for up coming travel in the new year and mentally prepped for the week. It feels good to get started on the right foot.

I hope you are enjoying a fresh new start to the year as well!

Cheers to a fabulous 2017, friends!