Sour Cream and Chive Eggs | Pumpkin for Breakfast

We love eggs in our house, but we're always struggling for a new way to try them. Sure, scrambled is a house-hold favorite, but we love to mix it up. The hubs found a great recipe, that has proven to be a hit as well. Remember those delicious sour cream and chive crackers, served up on a captain wafer. The best crackers in the variety pack, in my opinion. These eggs are almost as good. Ok, they are actually better, try them for yourself and see!

photo via the food channel

5 eggs
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 cup sour cream
2 green onion stalks, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

Start with butter {of course} or just some Pam spray if you're going for healthy. But, a good pat of butter really makes them fluff. Place cold butter into cold pan, crack eggs directly into cracked pan - yep, no need to whisk.

Turn heat on low and begin stirring very slowly, until eggs are slightly whisked and butter is melted into them. Add salt and pepper to eggs and scramble as usual.

When eggs begin to form-up, add one-half cup sour cream {for 5 eggs} to eggs and scramble. Toss in chopped green onions and stir, just until mixed. They should take a couple more minutes to firm-up and ta-da, the most fluffily, moist eggs yet!

Also on the breakfast menu these days - pumpkin spice english muffins with cream cheese. De-lish!

Who else is ready for fall? We sure are. Hello October... we are ready for you!


A Day in the Life

After reading Elise's post about what her day is like with a little one, I thought it would be fun to document it for Miss Annalee as well. This was a Monday - I was just getting over my second bout of Mastitis {yes, it's just as awful as they say} and Annalee was 8 weeks old. 

I wanted it to be real life, no fancy camera or perfect photos, just a fun documentation of what these days are like - filled with lots of love, laughter and sleepless nights. 

12:30 am - Mom gets up to pump and take Keflex. Happy to get 3 oz!

3:30 am - Annalee wakes after a long 5 hours (yay!) to nurse. We move into the nursery to nurse, get a diaper change, and snuggle a little before putting you back down in your bassinet in our room.

4:15 am - Mom and Annalee are back to sleep

6:00 am - Annalee wakes and is ready to go for the day. Dad takes his turn and takes her out to the Boppy Lounger on the sofa. They have their daddy-daughter morning time while mom gets in another hour of rest.

7:00 am - Annalee is still sleeping, so Mom gets up and pumps (and takes her Keflex). Happy to get another 3 oz! Dad makes coffee and breakfast (cereal today) and I eat while I'm pumping.

7:45 am - Annalee wakes and is ready to eat after a long 4 hours, unusual for the morning, but certainly welcome! Mom gives you a bottle {since I just pumped} while Dad heads for the shower.

8:05 am - We visit with Daddy and play in the room while he gets ready for work.

8:20 am - Playtime in the MommaRoo. Dad says goodbye and heads to work and Mom washes bottles and pump gear, starts dishwasher, makes bed and picks up the kitchen. Makes a shopping list for the store and a to-do list for today.

8:45 am - Little Miss is over the MommaRoo and has a full diaper, so it's time for a diaper change and to get you dressed for the day. She's happy, so we do a little tummy time in the nursery.

9:15 am - It's lounge time in the Boppy while Mom blogs and checks emails. I write a few sorority recs and send those off. Order a couple items we need from Amazon {how did we ever survive without Amazon Prime?}, then I check work email while you nap and take a couple phone calls - decide we need to stop by the office later today.

10:30 am - Annalee wakes up and we have some play time. Needs a diaper change.

10:45 am - Time to eat! Mom nurses you and then another diaper change... you sure do go through some diapers. 

11:20 am - I make a quick change {into workout clothes} so we can stroll down to my office to do a few things... and ended up working for a little over an hour, while my co-worker held Miss Annalee. She was in good hands for sure. So comfortable, that she had a nice full diaper.

12:45 pm - #momfail for not bringing a diaper bag. Guess who got to stroll home in just a diaper? My child. Headed home for a quick bath, Keflex for mommy and to meet daddy for lunch.

1:00 pm - Dad is home for lunch hour and takes over holding little miss while Mom fixes lunch. Enjoyed some raw veggies and ranch for a snack, while defrosting some turkey tetrazini. Got come returns together to get in the mail. The final round of the Open was on today, so we turned it on and watched, while we ate lunch and played with Miss Annalee.

1:45 pm - Cleaned up the kitchen, added some things to the shopping list, clipped a couple coupons and prepped for feeding time. Dad heads back to work.

2:00 pm - Nursed Miss Annalee. This time she falls asleep after the first side, So I burp her and put her down in the newborn lounger beside me while I pump the other side. She takes a quick cat nap.

2:45 pm - I wash pump gear and store milk. Then I am extra sure the diaper bag is ready for afternoon outing to Walmart.

3:00 pm - Outing to Walmart and CVS!

4:45 pm - We got home just before feeding time to unpack groceries, get a diaper change and settle in for a good feeding session with little bit. She fed on both sides, but I pumped the right after she was done just to be sure it was drained {thanks mastitis}.

5:30 pm - Dad gets home from work. We do dishes, clean up the kitchen and pick up around the house. We have a good friend bringing dinner over tonight, so we straightened up a little.

6:00 pm - I hop in the shower and finally get dressed for the day (or night?) and get ready for dinner.

6:45 pm - Lauren arrived with a delicious meal for us and stayed to visit and eat since her hubby was out of town. We have dinner and just catch up until Miss Annalee gets a little fussy and needs mom's attention. Jesse picks up from dinner while I cuddle with little bit and say goodbye to Lauren. Then it's a diaper change and PJ's.
8:00 pm - Annalee is ready to eat! ...like starving. haha Dad gives her a bottle while mommy pumps. While pumping I fill-out out paper work to order her birth certificates and also write some cards to be mailed... birthday's, engagements and some "just because".

9:30 pm - Bachelorette time (a little delayed) to pass the time before her last feeding of the night at 11 pm. Dad works and I blog, while little bit chills in the newborn lounger. She takes a quick cat nap.
Love these little feet.

10:30 pm - Bed time prep. Mom pumps, Dad warms up bottle and gets it ready for little miss. We lay out her swaddle blanket, turn on her noise machine, I wash my face, brush teeth, wash my pump gear for a middle of the night feeding, etc. We like to be ready to go and jump into bed right away once she is fed.

11 pm - Last feeding for little miss before we all turn in and say goodnight!

I know we're going to miss these days so very soon. We love you sweet girl!


Annalee Estelle | 3 months

Dear Annalee,

I can't believe you are already 3 months old. Where has the summer gone? Momma really soaked up her last couple weeks at home with you, but as of August 24th - I am back to work. I was so sad to drop you off that day, but I know you are in great hands with your "Mi-Mi," aka, your Nanny. She scooped you right up when we arrived, and next thing we knew you were snuggled right up, happy as can be. Mommy was sad to have to go back to work, but we feel incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful mi-mi to keep you. We know you are in great hands, and mommy can pop-in to visit anytime! You are becoming more and more alert each and every day, laughing and giving us lots of smiles. We are happy to say that you have put on some weight and are back in the 40 percentile, and have even grown another inch! You are eating like a champ, every 2.5 hours, and only waking twice at night to eat. You have been a great traveler and so easy to tote along to dinners, events, meetings and even festivals.  We celebrated your 3 month birthday with a work event for Mom... BAH at the Chamber. We have loved watching you grow and experience so many firsts - and can't wait for so many more!

Three Month Highlights:
  • 11 lbs, 7 ozs., 24 inches, 15.5 in head circumference, bright blue eyes and blond hair
  • Wearing 3 month clothing and pajamas \\ Pampers size 1 diapers
  • Nicknames: Anna Banana \\ Sweet Pea \\ Pumpkin \\ Little Bit 
  • Tricks: Holding your head up on your own \\ Planking during tummy time \\ Grabbing your Wubbanub and getting it back into your mouth by yourself...sometimes 
  • Favorite toys: WubbaNub \\ Mommaroo
  • Favorite books: Dragons Love Tacos \\ How Do Lions Say I Love You?
  • Food: Momma's milk
  • You started sleeping in your own room at 12 weeks
  • Mommy and Daddy spent their first night away from you to attend KA's 150th Gala. GranDe and Papa Sam kept you overnight. 
  • You still love walks, and now runs with momma, in your stroller.
  • This month we celebrated KA's 150th with your Daddy in Lex and Roanoke - you're first KA convention!
  • You took your first road trip to Gramma's for a weekend visit to NC
  • You love story time, following along and laughing when mommy reads to you
  • You started nanny-care at 12 weeks old
Three Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Boppy Newborn Lounger \\ The Bob Stroller \\ Wubbanub \\ Paci clip \\ MommaRoo \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Footie PJ's \\ Baby Bathtub \\ Sound Machine \\ monitor {for mommy}

Pictures from this month:

KA Pool Day

GranDe came to visit.

Fun at Gramma's

First day of Nanny-care... less than excited. ha

Story time with Momma

Follow along...


Life at Work | Lots of Firsts

Well, as you can tell this working momma has been busy. Life back at work is good - so good - and Miss Annalee is growing like a weed and loves her "mi-mi." A look back at the last three weeks is a whirlwind. We've had a lot of firsts.

First day of Nanny-care.

First time sleeping through the night. 

First real laugh.

First Community Festival.

First trip to the coast!

First time with my toes in the sand.

First time meeting your great-grandparents.
...and aunts, and uncles, and cousins, etc.

First Mangofest.

First time getting sick. :(

First Auburn game.

First Labor Day.

First Wine Festival and trip to Nelson Co.

First time finding my feet.

We've been soaking up these precious days with Miss Annalee, so blogging has taken somewhat of a backseat. I hope to get better about blogging while back to work, but I'm still finding my routine. Annalee is becoming a pretty good sleeper, but that means she's starting to go down anywhere from 7-8pm. Which is great, but also means our hours with her are limited. I do get to stop by and nurse during the day when I can, but most days I'm in my office with the door shut pumping. 

I'll get back to the grind soon. Until then, cheers!