Baby Lyons | Week 36

How far along? 36 weeks

Size of baby: A honeydew or small cantaloupe (19-22 in., 5.5 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our little surprise in June!

Weight Gain: Up 30 pounds! 

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking the maxi dresses. Pulled out some cute Mud Pie shorts this weekend and loved the elastic waist - they work great for when you are 9 months preggo and it's 90 degrees out!

Nursery: Looking pretty good. I did lots of laundry for the little babe this week and got  the dresser all organized. Just a peak...

We are almost done - just a small punch list left, including installing the dimmer, hanging some pictures, and organizing the closet. Hoping that Memorial Day weekend proves to be a very productive one. The crib is looking nice and festive!

Purchases: My breast pump in finally on the way from insurance - they make you wait until one month out, but it was so easy. I used a company out of Asheville, NC and they took care of all the logistics. All I had to do was give them my insurance, pick out my pump, and it's on it's way. I would highly recommend it to all mommas-to-be - maybe I can catch up on life to post about it soon. Otherwise, we have just been picking up stuff here and there that we need Scratch mittens, bottles, etc. I also splurged on these cute little dividers for the closet from Gina Marie Originals. She was wonderful to work with and made the perfect set for our nursery. 

Movement: We are running outta room in the belly - making siting much more uncomfortable - but lots of punches and kicks. 

Symptoms: Sore feet, rib pain, a little nausea now and then, but nothing a little chipped ice doesn't help. 

Sleep: Gave up the snoogle for two pillows and sleeping much better. However, usually up a couple times each night and moving around a lot trying to get comfy. I think this is just my body's way of preparing for baby and those hourly feedings. 

Workouts: Walks - but much shorter - and just staying active. 

Cravings: Chipped ice! More sweets this week than my usual, pop-tarts, cinnamon toast crunch, chocolate, fruit and fudge-sickles all top the list. Was craving some good homemade pasta salad {with tomatoes, asparagus and cheeses}, and have lived off a big batch for lunch daily this week. 

What I Miss: Nothing. Feeling pretty happy right now. :)

Best Moment This Week: Getting to spend Saturday night with my hubby! I'm getting a little sentimental about our short time left as just a family of two. Plus, he's been on the road traveling non-stop since March, so I'm just ready to have him home. 

Looking Forward To: Our 4 year anniversary on Thursday! 

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