Five on Friday

Just logging in and realized Friday's blog never posted. So sorry! Posting today... Weekend recap to come later today!

Happy weekend!! I'm so looking forward to a fun-filled weekend at home, but wanted to also share a few highlights from my week! 

First, I wanted to wish a very Happy 30th Birthday to one of my besties, Meg! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and a super fun-filled year ahead. So many awesome things to look forward to. I love you!! 

Maple bacon doughnuts. You guys, this doughnut was delicious! We finally picked up our last box of "doughnuts for a year" that the hubs won at a silent auction last February. May have added on a few extra lbs, but they were totally worth it! 

Lunch and Shopping day with my
Momma today! Thought I would add this pic from our lunch spot on the beach today. 


Meg's sweet momma found this Pineapple in her collection and wanted me to have it. So sweet! It's so beautiful! I can't wait to wear it. My new favorite pineapple piece!! Thanks Mrs. Jo! 

Last but certainly not least, I can't wait to reconnect with my HS gal pals! It's been way too long since we had a fun time out on the town together. This weekend we are celebrating this pretty girl who gets married later this month and I can not wait! 

Linking up with the gals today, for Five on Friday. Join us! 

 Happy weekending!! 


Mardi Gras Must Haves!

Tis the Mardi Gras season... and for those of you who aren't able to watch a live parade on the coast, here are a few things you could do to make your Mardi Gras party just as hoppin' and authentic!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

1 - Beads are a must have. Toomey's has a great selection online if you can't get down to the coast to catch them for yourself!  {This is where the carnies buy their stuff!}
2 - This adorable printable will brighten any table or wall for the season! 
3 - A bright festive wreath is a must. The louder the better!! 
4 - Adding a festive sugar rim to your glass works for kids and adults.
5 - You can't have a mardi gras party without Zapps. Voodoo are the bomb. {Did I day bomb? Yes, they are that good, I promise.} 
6 - The traditional King Cake is always SO yummy hot and fresh from a local bakery, but not to fret - Emeril has a great recipe for those of you who can't pop into your local bakery for one. 
7 - These adorable cupcakes are another fun idea for party treats! 

I am lucky enough to get to spend some time at the Boom Boom this weekend with the fam. I can almost taste the King Cake it's so close!!! However, I will be bringing back the party for a fun gathering next Tuesday here in Lex for the hubs! Hope you are able to do a lil celebrating yourself.


Thankful for Lex

Today has been certainly a week of highs and lows for me personally. Highs, lots! A great visit with AOII sisters on Sunday, beautiful weather with hints of spring all around, time for a yoga class, dinner with my hubs 4 nights in a row, and a fun visit home at the end of the week to look forward to!  As for lows, mostly just one low - the loss of a great man and icon here in our community. When you live in a small town, you really do know everyone by name. Random strangers on the street become your daily acquaintances, Mail Man Mike is also the guy sitting next to you at the bar on Friday night, and the baggers at your local Kroger look forward to your weekly {sometimes daily} visits and of course, call you by name. It's what I feel like life in America was like in 1950. Simple and Sweet. Your neighbors really did have your back and would absolutely be the first on your door step at the first sight of need. We love where we live and I thank the lord every day for giving me the opportunity to live in such a wonderful town and experience such a sweet, simple life.  

But this week has been a very hard week for our small little town and tomorrow will be even harder as we say goodbye to someone who really did more than we will ever know for our community.  

David T. Grist

I think David's smile says it all. He was one of the friendliest men around... a wonderful husband and a father, a community leader and supporter, and a friend to just about anyone who would pass by his bank downtown. Tonight we'll send up a toast to you, David, and continue to try our best to make Lexington a better place each and every day - just like you always did. 

Normally I wouldn't blog about sad things, but since David's passing on Sunday every time I opened my blog to talk about a new wonderful adventure, a food or craft... I couldn't help but be thankful. Thankful for each and every passing moment. Thankful for a healthy family and friends, and thankful for David's friendship. I can only hope to make an impact on the lives of others, such as David did for us. 

On a happy note, I did break out the aztec tights today... needed something to make me smile. :) 


Tasty Tuesday: Birthday Boys' Breakfast

The hubs birthday is just a few short weeks away and I'm still trying to make plans {any new creative ideas are welcomed}, but since it's a Saturday, I thought I would make him a nice yummy breakfast/brunch man style. Here are a few ideas I have in mind for a fabulous "manly" birthday breakfast!

OK, maybe these are more for me - but still, you have to have funfetti on your birthday!

The perfect way to a man's heart! 

Let's be real, I'm not making a burger to put on a stick just for a drink... but some heart bacon on a stick may do the trick!

What is your mans favorite breakfast?  Have any fun ideas or recipes to share? 


Getaway to The Boar's Head

What an amazing, relaxing, and fun weekend! I was certainly reminded this weekend how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part if the country. So much to see and do...and it's all so close! 

As I mentioned last week, the hubs and I had a luck getaway to the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville. It was a fabulous time, so today I wanted to share a brief recap of our little getaway. 

Our room, a nice corner king with a view from the 4th floor!
Dinner at Farmington CC.  Such a beautiful location and fabulous company! The hubs gave a great presentation after dinner and Matthew planned a wonderful evening for his KA brothers. 
Saturday morning we had a fabulous breakfast and toured the grounds of the Inn. I loved the steps above... can you see the quote on them? 
With "The Boar" himself!

After a relaxing morning, we packed up and headed to Staunton for lunch and some Antiquing, where a scored a fabulous ladder for our new living room! 
... followed by a visit to Rockbirdge Vinyards and DB with some Lex pals! 

Sunday, the hubs had a day of rest while I headed to Elon for an AOII workshop. I had a beautiful drive and returned home to a clean house, full pantry, and burgers on the grill {soaking up those 60 degree temps}. Such a lucky gal! 

All and all, a fabulous weekend in VA! Missing my folks at Mardi Gras though. Which is exactly where I am headed next weekend... should help these next few days fly by. YAY for short work weeks and a visit to see family as a bonus. 

Happy Monday!


Five on Friday

It's Friday. It is! Man, this week has blown by once again... in record speed. I feel like I was just with ya last week recounting my five on friday, and here it is once again!  We've had an awesome week - good meals, fun nights, a day off and a fun weekend to look forward to!

{one} Lilly note cards.

How precious are these note cards from Lilly? I love having cards on hand to write little notes, thank-yous, and birthday wishes.  I need to track down some of these to add to my collection.

{two} Cheez-It Grooves.

O my! These are dangerous. I devoured half the box in just one sitting last weekend after a night out. So thin and crispy - you can't have just one. I tried the white cheddar, but they also come in Zesty Ranch... those are next on the list for a little late-night indulgence! Gotta soak up the alcohol somehow, right?

{three} Aztec leggings.

I finally caved and bought me a pair - and I must say, they are super soft, cozy and add a nice pop to an otherwise drab outfit.  Now I just need to find me some longer tops to cover the bee-hind, so I can wear them!

{four}. {Valentine happy} Scrunch Vest

The hubs surprised me on Monday when he got back from his trip with roses and this cozy little happy after being gone for Valentine's Day. This vest has been on my wish list since before Christmas and I was so happy to welcome it to my closet!

{five}. Dinner at Farmington County Club!

This afternoon, we have a fun little getaway planned to C'ville that I am SO looking forward to! It seems like forever since the hubs and I were able to spend a weekend together, with all his travels it has been crazy.  Tonight is KA Convivium at the Farmington Country Club, which I hear is just beautiful, and we are staying at the Boar's Head Inn, which I hear is pretty fancy as well. Can't wait to share my pictures on Monday!!

Have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend!!


Trip to JMU

Took a fun little trip up the road today to visit JMU {Go Dukes!} for an AOII site visit and some Circle work. It was a nice little road trip and time away from the office... which is always welcome these days... seeing how most days I don't step away from my desk for more than lunch or an office meeting.

I spent most of my day on campus, before grabbing lunch at the Cinnamon Bear.  Meg told me I had to try it out, so I had to drop in. It was adorable! A hole in the wall that was packed with people and cute little decor.... not to mention a display full of yummy pastries calling my name. {I left with just lunch. I was proud.}  I ordered the Little A.C. ~ Turkey, bacon, L&T, chipotle' mayo on a croissant. Yum!  It was warm and melty and so delicious!!

A fun little day in the 'burg. Looking forward to FRIDAY!! 


House Remodeling: Office Inspiration

As you know, we are prepping for a big move soon - which means lots of renovations and remodeling!  It also means more space and that I get an office/craft room!  Today, I wanted to share some things from my inspiration board.

Navy accent wall. via.

Clean crisp white desk. via.

Love the colors together. 

Pillow inspiration!

We have to have a little bit of organization too.

Perfect cricut project. {on navy tubs and in a white bookcase} 

I'm so excited to get started. If you have any fun tips, I'd love to hear!  I'm trying to decide if I want horizontal stripes or vertical stripes on the accent wall?  If you've done an accent wall, which would you pick? I'm thinking horizontal would make the room look larger?
Hope you are having a fabulous week!


Chick-fil-A Sauce and Meal Planning

When the hubs is away I am always looking for new projects to do and new recipes to try to fill my time.  How is it that I get so much more accomplished when he's away? Do you do the same thing??  So, anyways I found a recipe for Chick-fil-A sauce on Laura's blog a while back and just had to try it this weekend! It's so simple to make {you most likely have all the ingredients you need right in your fridge} and it's unbelievable how close it is to the actual sauce.  You will love it! 

Homemade Chick Fil A Sauce

1/2 cup Mayo/Miracle Whip {I used Miracle Whip Light}
2 tsp prepared mustard
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp honey
2 tsp smokey BBQ sauce

Whisk all ingredients together, and that's it!

I figured that one serving would be about 2 tbls. This entire batch makes a little more than a 1/2 cup, so this recipe is about 4 servings. 
Nutritional Info Per Serving: Calories - 60, Fat - 2.75 , Carbs - 5 , Sugars - 5
**Pretty healthy compared to Chick-fil-A's that has 140 calories and 13g Fat in one little packet! 

Meals this week:
Monday: Catfish over Jambalaya {hello Simple Suppers} with salad
Tuesday: Spicy Egg Pasta {that I never made last week} with pork tenderloin and salad
Wednesday: Cracker Barrel chicken {chick-fil-a sauce} with butternut squash soup and salad
Thursday: Skinny Enchiladas with salad
Friday: C'ville with some of our favs for KA Convivium

Happy Planning {and Eating}!


Heart Day Weekending!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines weekend! I'm happy to be home celebrating Presidents Day today. Long weekends are the best! I had a fun lil weekend at home. 

Our local microbrewery released a new chocolate stout ale on Friday in celebration of Valentines day, so I met some friends after work for a pint. They were nice enough to indulge me on my solo valentines day by hanging out with me...Before they all went off on their own dates. It was good times! Afterward I celebrated with "Be my Valentine, Charlie Brown" on the tele and a yummy dinner of andouille sausage dogs at home. 

I also enjoyed my box o chocolates from the hubs for dessert... 
Pretty perfect way to spend a {single} Friday night! 

Saturday I got up early to get some "almost spring" cleaning done. The rest of my afternoon was all girl time... 
Southern Living reading, a suprise valentine package from Meg, outfit shopping {via the closet}, a mani/pedi, and a run to the drugstore for new hair supplies and makeup! 

Saturday night was our annual Chamber dinner dance. I flew solo, but it was just as much fun with all our great friends! 
Such a fun evening out on the town, with great friends and an awesome Motown band!

After staying out past midnight, Sunday involved lots of rest, cooking, and an outing to my first LAX game. 
VMI played Army. Great game and even better views!! J got home around 1 a.m., even though he has to work today, we at least get to have coffee and breakfast together. 

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!