Samford Walker | One Month

One Month Birthday
Dear Ford, 
What can we say? The past month has been much of a blur... but mostly because you're so laid back and go with the flow, it's sorta like you were always a part of our family. Maybe it's also that we packed up Moore Street and moved across town to Junkin Place when you were only two weeks old. It was pretty special that you got to call Moore Street home too - even if it was for just a couple days. You have been a great eater since night one, latching on great from the start, and eating every 2-3 hours. You sleep by our bed in your bassinet and have even starting giving us one long stretch at night (sorta), which is usually 3-4 hours, and eating every 2 after that. You're a sweet, sweet snuggler and your favorite place is in our arms. You have big blue eyes and are really starting to focus in on us and other things you see. Lights and fans are pretty fascinating at the moment. You have been very spoiled to have your GranDe with us during your whole first month of life... which means lots of spoiling. You love to be stretched out with your hands over your head. You were born with one fist up and I'm pretty sure that's your motto for life - let's do this. You are taking life in stride and have brought so much love to our family. 

One Month Highlights:
  • 9 lbs, 14 ozs., 22 inches, 15.5 in head circumference (at two weeks), bold blue eyes and dark hair. You are starting to loose your dark hair on top, but I think it's growing back lighter. 
  • Wearing 3 month clothing and pajamas \\ Pampers Newborn & Size 1 diapers (we are using up the newborns because you should really be in a 1)
  • Nicknames: Little Man, Baby Ford
  • Tricks: Starting to hold up your head when on my chest or on your tummy. Can turn head from side to side when on tummy. Also starting to grab onto things... like hair, necklaces, shirts, etc. 
  • Favorite toys: play mat and giraffe rattle
  • Food: Momma's milk
  • You made your first trips to Target, downtown Lex for the sidewalk sale, The Braddicks and The Palms. 
  • We saw a almost total solar eclipse from our back porch on August 21
  • You don't mind car rides, and you love walks with Mommy.
  • This month we moved into our new house at Junkin Place. 
One Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Boppy Newborn Lounger \\ Bassinet \\ Boppy (for mommy) \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Sleep gowns \\ Stroller \\ Play mat \\ Burp clothes \\ Copper Pearl Multi Use Cover 
Pictures from this month:
The first of many picture on these stairs. 
Snuggling with GranDe
Solar Eclipse - August 21
Fun at the Braddicks
Mommy Snuggles


The Last 4 weeks | New Baby, New House

They say time flies the older we get... or maybe it's time flies when you're having fun. I guess both would certainly be the case for us.

It's been a whirl-wind of a month. 

Mom came to visit!

We had a baby!

I'm on maternity leave - thank goodness. 

The hubs left for KA Convention in St. Louis. 

We moved!

Mom had emergency mouth surgery x 2. 

The hubs left for another work trip in Colorado... and I started to wonder how in the world I'm ever going to handle two kids at once? ha 

It's been a really GOOD month. And it's been a really Challenging month. 

Our two year old stopped sleeping. The last night at our old house she woke up at 1 am and stayed up all night. After moving into the new house she started waking up at 5 AM - for the day. This has since halted... however, last night we did have a two hour fiesta in the middle of the night. With mom bouncing from room to room to keep both babies happy. 

My mom arrived a week before Ford was born with a broken elbow and wrist. Not the most ideal for baby help, but she was a huge help with Annalee and kept Big Sis while we were at the hospital! The first week we moved into our new house she woke up with a swollen jaw... that progressively got worse over the next couple days and resulted in emergency surgery (twice) and two teeth pulled. We are finally on the up-swing for her. As you all probably know, mouth pain is the worst pain. 

We finally have internet at the house!  However, I'm pretty sure our downstairs AC has stopped working.  Thank goodness for some cool days and nights ahead. Especially since the hubs is traveling. 

We have been flooded with great meals and visits from friends. Thank you for keeping us fed! 

We have had really happy moments with Big Sis. And REALLY challenging ones. She loves her baby brother, but loves attention more. Some days are better than others - but we are trying to keep her on her schedule as much as possible, give her lots of undivided attention, shower her with love and gifts  - and royally spoil her. Which our peds says now is as good a time as any. Bring on the ice cream for breakfast and cozy coupe ride in the house. They aren't little for long they say, right? 

On a happy happy note - our new house is amazing! We have super fun and generous neighbors! We have loved our 6 weeks with GranDe here and will be sad to see her go next week. But, Gia arrives on Sept 5 and can't wait to have her in Lex! Baby Ford is a sweet, sweet baby and we couldn't ask for a better eater and sleeper. 

Just thought I would log-in for an update. Working on a monthly update for Mr. Ford tomorrow... and lots of house updates to come. Stay tuned... our Fixer-upper on Junkin is looking quite great!

Happy Thursday, friends!


New Baby | Essentials for Momma

We just passed the one week mark with Baby #2 and I must say, this recovery has been so different from my first. Miss Annalee was breach (you can read her birth story here), so cesarian delivery was our only option. I was fortunate to be able to try for a VBAC this time around, and boy is recovery after a vaginal delivery totally different.

I love reading blogs about what was helpful and what wasn't helpful to have, so I thought while it was fresh on my mind I would write down the must-have's for our first week of survival.

We focus so much on prepping for baby - all the gear, clothes, diapers, bottles and wipes - and while those are handy to have, this post is all about taking care of momma.

Favorite items I packed for the hospital:
  • slippers & a robe
  • my own shampoo, conditioner, soap and a razor - taking a real shower never felt so good!
  • fluffy bath towels for showering 
  • lanolin cream
  • breast pads
  • open front pajamas for nursing
  • sleep shorts or maternity shorts you can wear over your mesh panties {keepin' it real}
  • nursing bras
My favorite items for week one:

Nursing Bras. At least two. Make sure you love them. You don't have to spend a fortune, but don't go cheap. You want something you can sleep in, so seamless would be ideal, no cups or wires or hooks. I found these guys at Target this time around and so far, they have been great for the the first week of nursing. Remember to allow plenty of room for your milk to come in! 

Pads. Yes, the big bulky kind. {again, keepin' it real}

Nursing pads. My favorite are Medela disposable Nursing Bra Pads

Lanolin. My favorite is the Medela Tender Care Lanolin.

Vitamins and stool softener. My OB actually wrote me a script for "self-meds" in the hospital and gave me two large bottles to take home, along with Ibuprofen. 

Snacks loaded with protein to keep you full. You'll be starving! 

Nursing pillow. The Boppy is still being put to great use. 

A favorite large cup for water! I keep a Tervis with a top and straw by my side at all times. I refill before and after every feeding session, to ensure I'm getting plenty of water. It's been my life-savor and the key to my milk supply, I believe. There is nothing better than a hydrated momma! 

Flowy tops for nursing and comfy bottoms. 

Hope the first week with your little one is the best! A couple other things that have kept me sain... 

A shower EVERY day - clean hair and shaved legs make me feel like myself for once. 

Also, keep things simple. 

Welcome food from friends. 

Ask for help from your family. Clean laundry and a clean house will relieve SO much stress. 

Don't feel guilty for staying inside. 

Don't apologize for sneaking out for a nap - any time of the day. 

....AND enjoy those baby snuggles! They will be gone before you know it. 


Welcome Ford!

Ready the cigars! We are thrilled to welcome our newest addition to the Lyons Den, Samford Walker "Ford" Lyons. Ford was born at 9:27 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25. The KA legacy weighed in at 9 pounds even and 22 in long! While his name is all his own, it is also a loving nod to both of his grandfathers, Samuel Robert and Wayford Arwood, who both passed not long before we learned about you. We know you have some awesome angels in heaven watching over you sweet boy. The circle of life is something fierce. 

Welcome, Ford--we can't to see what you have in store for the world!

xo, Mommy & Daddy