Baby Lyons | Week 17

How Far Along? 17 weeks

Size of Baby: An onion or a turnip (5 inches long, 5 oz)

Gender: It's going to be a surprise!

Weight Gain: Up 6 pounds at my 15 week check-up. Sticking to the monthly weigh-in's for now. I've never really been much of a "step on the scale daily" kinda person, so it's easier for me. Don't get me wrong - come week 19, I'm going to be dying to know, but it's just easier not to worry myself silly over gaining too much. Overall, I feel pretty good and am staying active - which is most important. 

Maternity Clothes: Loving my new maternity jeans from motherhood maternity and lots of leggings. Still able to wear my basic old navy and banana republic ones for now - think I may need to graduate to a preggo pair soon. 

Nursery: We have our first piece of furniture in the nursery - my dresser {and my moms and nana's}  from when I was a little girl - came back with us from the coast. It looks so cute in the soon-to-be nursery. On the long road trip I spent lots of time getting creative and trying to imagine what it's going to look like. For now our next steps are to just get everything cleared out... it's sorta a catch-all at the moment. 

Movement: Still waiting on those flutters. 

Symptoms:  Well, week 17 started off with a terrible 24 hr stomach bug that was just down-right awful. I couldn't even keep water down. Not sure if I ate something bad or caught a small bug - but either way, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I was pitiful. I've really been watching what I eat ever since and trying to keep it simple. A lil round belly is really starting to show - and remind me often that it's growing. Everything just seems to be a little harder to do these days. Other random things, like lower back pain and under the rib cage pain showed up this week too! 

Sleep: Sleeping on my side has been hard - my arms and shoulders have been falling asleep from laying on them and I am still trying to find a cozy spot that works. A few restless nights, but am thankful for a long weekend at home to catch up on sleep! Otherwise feeling pretty good during the day, as long as I have something to snack on. 

Workouts: Ever since my lil stomach bug, I've haven't had enough energy to do much - but I did make it to yoga on Monday.

Cravings: White cheddar popcorn, Cheetos, peanut butter and bananas, Cheerios. 

What I Miss: Maybe just a good nights' sleep. 

Best Moment This Week: Unpacking some Christmas gifts for you in the nursery. You already have enough toys and stuffed animals to keep you busy for a little while. Also, seeing my old dresser in your room is pretty awesome. 

Looking Forward To: Feeling you kick! 

It's my last week at my job - J helped pack up my office and get most everything moved across town into my new one this past weekend. Still have a lot to do, but enjoying wrapping up lots of projects and looking forward to my new adventure ahead. 

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