Baby Lyons | Week 18

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Size of Baby: A sweet potato (5.6 inches long, 6.7 oz)

Gender: It's going to be a surprise!

Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds total from my starting weight. I think my duck boots may have added a few additional pounds to my weigh-in today, but still feeling good about the steady gain. Want to be sure the lil cub is getting his fair share of nutrients. :)

Maternity Clothes: A friend gifted me two huge bags of maternity clothes this week. Lots of staples and cute tops and dresses. Excited to expand my wardrobe, thanks so much Shannon!  Also ordered a pair of PreggoLeggings. Can't wait for them to arrive. 

Nursery:  Well, I did move a couple boxes from the nursery closet on Saturday - that's counts for some sort of progress, right? Making a trip to Ikea on Sunday for a little nursery browsing, so excited!

Movement: Still waiting.... patiently. :)

Symptoms: It's been a good week - I think workouts have helped me sleep longer and have more energy. The belly is started getting in the way while sleeping, but pillows help. Same ole' lower back pain, feet that occasionally fall asleep, a runny nose, and of course, consistent hunger pains.

Sleep: Getting better. Only up once at night, and usually right back to sleep. Trying to decide the sweet spot.... some nights I sleep for 9+ hours and other 7. I think it really just depends on what I did each day - the more active, the more tired I am. Go figure, right? It's just amazing how exhausted I am at the end of the day - this baby making is hard work. Sometimes the belly gets in the way, but getting used to it. 

Workouts: It was a good week for workouts. I made it to the gym 3 times, with great workouts each time. I finally hit 10,000 steps 4 days on the fitbit too - great motivation to get moving!

Cravings: Smoothies, Fro-yo, Milk, Cinnamon Pecan Special K, Sprite {randomly once out to eat - and it was amazing}, Pizza as usual, cheese and crackers. 

What I Miss: nada really - enjoying a growing belly!

Best Moment This Week: Sharing some baby love with my AOII's last weekend and of course, starting my new job. Got the chance to hear your heart beat today and you were really chill - 137-134. Maybe that's a sign of how chill of a baby you're going to be... one can dream, right?

Looking Forward To: A free Friday night with the hubs, a trip with my former board to say goodbye, a trip to Ikea for some baby inspiration and a long weekend - polished off with KA's first sesquicentennial event on Monday!

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  1. So lovely, mama! Love your cravings. YUM! :)
    And "little cub!" BLESS IT! xx