Five on Friday: Floor Stains & Coming Home Outfits

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy week, so let's re-cap.

{one} Mom arrived on Monday!! Broken elbow and all, she's here and ready for Baby Lyons #2 to arrive. Well, almost. A few more weeks of rest for her lil arm would be good, but she's just happy to be here. She seems to be doing better every day. She was able to watch Annalee for a couple hours on Wednesday and Thursday, while I had work events - and she did good. Even changed a dirty diaper and Annalee was SO good for her. YAY!
{two} House updates... the floors are being stained! I'll do a full before and after post, but here is a sneak peak.
July 20, 2017

{three} We ordered coming home outfits for Baby Lyons #2. Well, we ordered one. I convinced my mom that we are going to use one of her baby outfits (yes, from 1951) if it's a girl. I think that would be so neat... and why not, they basically just wear it for a picture and then it hangs in their closet for 30 years... until they decide it's not that cool to dress their own child in, right? haha #secondchildproblems

This is the baby boy outfit we ordered, Carriage Boutique Sailboat Creeper.

And a sneak at the baby girl outfit, that was my moms. 
PS - Baby update: No baby progress at my check-up this week. Let the waiting game begin.

{four} I picked up the cutest pair of PJ's from Target on Monday. They are already washed and in my hospital bag. These jams are super soft and the buttons down the front will be perfect for nursing.

$19.99 via Target

{five} We are soaking up the short-lived only-child days with this little one.
"Little one" no more I say... This big girl has been working on potty-training at Mi-Mi's house for the past couple weeks. I can't believe she has gotten so big! Every day we just look at each other in amazement of what she says, and understands, and tells us. Watch out world, she's a little bit sassy, with a whole lotta sweetness wrapped inside.

Big weekend ahead... lots of packing and moving boxes on Saturday {thanks for joining us, Hollomons} and maternity pics scheduled for Sunday. Tune-in to my instastories for updates along the way. Have a great weekend!


Maple Dijon Pork Chops

Pork chops are one of our favorite summertime go to meals. They are easy to throw on the grill, take no time to cook and pair great with lots of summer side dishes. 
This is one of our favorites. Maple Dijon Pork Chops from First Home Love Life
Here’s what you’ll need…for 4-6 medium sized chops:
  • 1/4 cup grainy Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 chopped garlic cloves
  • 1 chopped shallot
  • 1 teaspoon each salt, pepper, and thyme
  • drizzle of light oil like grape seed or similar (this just helps them to not stick on the grill)
Combine all ingredients in a large ziplock, toss in pork chops and marinate for 1 hour, or up to 6. I am usually home for lunch and like to prep for dinner, so I will throw them in at lunch and then pull them out about 30 min before we want to cook. 

Pair with a fun summer salad, pasta salad, diced roasted sweet potatoes or veggies. My girl over at Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers is always posting great summer sides. Hop on over for some fun new ideas to pair with these delicious Maple Dijon Pork Chops. 


Baby Lyons #2: Nurses Gifts

I actually got myself a little organized and was able to pull together cute little nurses gifts early this time. Last time, Miss Annalee decided to make her arrival a few weeks early and momma was not prepared.

This go-around things are a little more crazy. We are balancing a mom with a broken elbow, a toddler, a house renovation and a pending move, right around baby's due date. So, I thought getting us prepped a little early would probably be a good idea.

However, by this time two years ago, we were in the hospital with our sweet little baby girl - name TBD - and in shock that she was already with us.

Today I wanted to share the cute little happies I put together for our nurses - something sweet to keep them going until the wee hours of the night!

I bought simple Avery round labels and made these cute tags to stick on the boxes. 

 Hopefully the nurses enjoy, just as much as I did making them. We can't wait to meet our little sweetie... 2 weeks and counting!


Junkin Reno: Rugs, Tile & Lighting

Lots of fun updates this week... things are really starting to come together! I thought a would share a couple fun details. 

We ordered two adorable rugs for Annalee's room - one for under her bed/bed area and one for her play area. If you missed my inspiration post for Annalee's room, check it out here. Rugs USA has such great deals on rugs, and if you sign up for their newsletter you can get an additional 10% off. 


On Monday, they laid tile in the Jack & Jill bath. We found a great deal on porcelain tile from - wait for it - Amazon. Go figure, right? It turned out so pretty!!

July 10, 2017

The chandelier for our foyer arrived yesterday. We decided on the Millennium Lighting 16" Pendant with Cage Frame. I can't wait to see it hanging in our entry way!

That's all for today. Happy Thursday friends... and Happy Birthday to Miss Kara! Excited to meet you for a girls lunch and celebrate later tonight with cocktails after my work event. 

Cheers to {almost} Friday!


Baby Lyons # 2 - Getting Ready | 37 Weeks

We are getting close!! Since Annalee was born at 38 weeks, I'm trying to get us prepped for our little ones arrival... house move pending and all. This week we prepped a few things, to where we'd be ok if our little one made their arrival soon. However, I'm ok with you staying put for just a few more weeks.

A quick snap-shot... with my little one photo-bombing in the background.
37 weeks, 4 days | Dress is Beachcoco via Amazon

A few items crossed off the list:

- Hospital Bag packed!

- Nurses Gifts made and packed for hospital. Just need to add some cute lil tags. Will share soon!

- Door hanger ready (using the same one we used for Annalee, and will add a new sign).

- #0 candle packed for "birth-day" pics.

- Baby car seat cleaned... and base to be installed in car after our wedding adventure this coming weekend.

- Baby book(s) arrived. I decided to purchase the C.R. Gibson Under the Sea for little boys, and the Ronica Baby Memory Book for girls. We'll take both with us to the hospital and see which one gets new little prints in it!

- New scratch mits and booties arrived, washed and packed in hospital bag.

- Bassinet and Boppy Newborn Lounger unpacked and cleaned. In guest room ready to go.

- Target order placed for a few newborn gowns, socks, lanolin cream, new nursing bras and a stroller fan.

- Maternity photos are being scheduled. Waiting to hear from photographer.

Last item on the list, pick out a coming home outfit. My mom arrives on Monday and we are going to do a little shopping when she gets here.

A quick baby update at 37 weeks:

Baby is measuring on schedule - head down!!! Not dilated, but we will see what that means.

Heart rate is still measuring around 140, today it was 134, sleepy head. I'm feeling boy, but who really knows what the heart rate means, right?

At 36 weeks I was up 27 pounds from my pre-prgnancy weight. Today was the same and I'm feeling good. My feet have been the main thing that ache, but otherwise not too bad. Sleep is iffy these days... I think my body is getting ready for those 3 a.m. feedings.

Living off of chipped ice! Only real food aversions have been to mushrooms, meat on the bone, fried foods, tuna fish, and anything greasy.

Baby is still moving like crazy and you can really see it now. It's crazy to watch the belly move!

Annalee at 37 weeks... written just hours before my water broke. Ekkk!!


Junkin: Bathroom Lighting & Mirrors

Back today with another round of house picks. We finalized all the bathroom lighting and mirrors last week, so I wanted to share our picks. 

Main Level/Guest Bath 
Inline image 2

Jack and Jill Bath
Inline image 1
Vintage Pivot Mirror via Pottery Barn 

Master Bath

We have two options for lighting and ordered both to see which one fits better. 

The 2-light: 
Inline image 3

Or the 3 light: 
Inline image 4

Bathrooms are starting to really come together. The master and the downstairs are close - we are waiting for the glass to be installed in the showers, toilets and the fixtures above. 

The Jack & Jill still needs tile work and a vanity ordered. That's up next on our list of picks! 

Happy Monday! 


Junkin: Kitchen Accents

We finally made our final decisions on kitchen accents. Yahhoo!! It's so good to have it behind us.. why are there so many options?

So, here they are. The final pieces of the puzzle.

Drawer Pulls - Lew's Hardware Round Bar Pulls
We went with three sizes. The larger handles (shown above) on the pantry, small (3.5 in pulls) for the drawers/cabinets and a small little single pull for the one small drawer in the kitchen.

Range Hood - Wide Arched Signature Range Hood
This was installed last week and it looks amazing! Just needs to be painted white.

Pendant Lighting - Natural Brass Penn Single Light
Two of these will hang over the bar.

Backsplash - white subway tile with a light gray grout like above. 

Kitchen Faucet - Satin Brass Jacobean

...and certainly not least, countertops.

This was the hardest decision to make. Everything we loved was not practical... sure, beautiful, but not toddler or cooking friendly. Why do you see so many beautiful kitchens with white marble countertops on TV?  I guess they aren't really lived in... or maybe folks are just way more meticulous that we are with their cooking and everyday wear and tear.

In the end, we "upgraded" to a quartz that looks very similar to the white marble we wanted... but much more practical with a two-year-old and newborn on the way. Here's a picture of our slab we picked out at Albemarle Countertop Co. last week.

Meanwhile the kitchen is looking great.
June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017

Now we wait... move it date has come and gone. We're now hoping to get in before the end of July and secretly hoping baby decides to stay put until after the move. But if not, we will make due. Newborns are portable, right?


Independence Day Fun 2017

A four-day weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We stayed right here in lex, which was the best part. We slept in, went for long walks, cooked big breakfasts, took afternoon naps, packed, prepped for baby and worked on the new house. 

We also enjoyed our fair-share of July 4th activities.
Friday we enjoyed a some-what rainy Friday's Alive concert in downtown. It's a block from our current house, so we are soaking up the chance to walk anywhere we can at the moment. 
Saturday we celebrated the twins 2nd birthday with an afternoon cook-out and party. I can not believe all our kiddos are 2!
That night we got a sitter and enjoyed a night out at Lime Kiln with good friends. 
Sone Canyon Rangers at Lime Kiln - July 1

Sunday we enjoyed a little time at the July 4th celebrations at the Horse Center, complete with games, a band, ice-cream and lots of sunshine... which drove us indoors to send the afternoon at DBB, but not before we won big at the carnival games! 
We did get a late-night peak at the fireworks from our house, after a yummy steak dinner. 
Not a bad view from all the way in town!
Monday we took the girls out to Goshen for their first adventures at the river. It was a blast! They loved floating in the water. 
Tuesday was the kids bike parade in downtown Lex, followed by a block party complete with hot dogs, watermelon, and (more) ice cream. 

Annalee rode her red rider all way down the street... peddling the whole way! She was so proud and very tired after a long weekend of fun. That night we took it easy and enjoyed some pool time on the porch, as early dinner and bed. 
So thankful for laid back summertime spent with family and good friends. We are busy picking out final details on the house, doing some side projects ourselves, and getting ready for baby #2. 

Is anyone else still in shock that it's July already? Slow down time. 

Cheers to a short week ahead!