When it came down to the most important "tasty detail" of our wedding planning, I only had one request... Fun-fetti! Yes, the local baker at a cute little cake shop in Mobile gave me the once over when I, very nicely, asked her to put sprinkles in our cake batter, but she obliged and that's what we got. For anyone that knows me personally, it was icing on the cake! Or the actual cake I guess... but it made the wedding cake uniquely ours, which is exactly what we wanted. So, we have started a new tradition (we'll see how long it lasts), we have fun-fetti for our monthly anniversary! The first two months were cupcakes, but this month in particular I sprang for a cake with our new Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Our new addition to the kitchen! Thanks to all our friends and family who bought us Macy's gift cards. They were put to great use.

My husband of 3 months enjoying his fun-fetti!


The Arizona Biltmore

Sorry I'm a little behind on my blogging... what a busy summer it has been! I wanted to date back a few weeks and share some pictures from our amazing trip to The Arizona Biltmore for the Kappa Alpha Order National Convention. I got to tag along with the hubby's work trip. I learned one major detail.... it's way more fun to go to a convention as a guest! I spent the 5 days exploring on hikes, swimming, sunning, eating, drinking, doing yoga and shopping! It was a fun trip indeed, and very hot- 115 degrees at the hottest!! Below is just a glimpse of my adventures!

My first morning in Arizona I was told that getting up early was the only way to be in the heat, so at 7am we took a trip to hike this mountain. Yep- all the way to the top of that little peak. It was incredable!

Views from our hike.

My morning hiking path down the mountain.

Friday night we went to the Arizona Diamondbacks game.... indoors in the only way to go in Arizona!

The Loyal Order reception Friday night at the baseball game- delicious cake too!

Knight Commander's Installation Banquet and Reception on Saturday night. It's so great to see the boys all dressed up! :)

Staff dinner on Sunday to celebrate a great week of work at a local find.... The Hideaway, that was also a little hard to find. ha

Staff day at the pool! A mango marg for my MANGO's!!