Samford Walker | Birth Announcements

Today I wanted to share a sneak peak of Mr. Ford's birth announcements. 

Isn't he the sweetest little thing! I'm a little biased I know... 

I found a great deal on Groupon through Photo Affections. My first time using  this site and I was very pleased. They have a great variety of options, they are all easily to customize and great quality! They also had one heck of a deal on Groupon that I couldn't pass up, 40 cards for $17.99! I was surprised at the quality of the paper, the beautiful image quality, and the easy online tool for editing. I will certainly go back. Especially with a few more coupon codes in hand.

Visit Groupon today and snag your deal. They come in quanity options of 40, 70 & 100.

They may have gone out a little late... but at least his name is spelled correctly. Sorry Big Sis!


Back to Life

Who else watched Monday Night football for the first time last night just to see the Star Wars trailer?  Yes, maybe this gal. I love me some football... but I'm a college football gal. Welcome to small town in the south livin'. But last night we actually watched football... so the hubs could watch the Star Wars trailer. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty good. And this is coming from a gal who can barley get through a simple chick-flick. Movies and me just are friends. I get board, or maybe just can't sit still long enough to enjoy. I need to get better... I am certainly not your person when it comes to celebrities and any sort of movie news. I'm more often than not asking, who's that girl again?

I digress... this story is just to say hi! We have a short week on tap... still enjoying our meal plan, in hopes of making it two more days before we head south.

I am dreaming of white sandy beaches... sunshine... and shrimp!

Today I dropped Ford off for a full-day at his sitters and went to work for the day. I miss those baby snuggles already... and my workout clothes... and not pumping...

I need a lil vacation before it's back to work for good.

I did order the most adorable birth announcements. Maybe I will share those soon.. and the great deal I got via Groupon.

Peace out for now my friends... I will be back to share some spooky Halloween decor and costumes...

Until then, cheers from the coast!


Annalee takes Ballet

It's time for ballet!

We decided that it was time for Annalee to have some after-school social time to get her used to other kids, instruction, group activities and the like. I found a 'creative movement' class at our local ballet studio that allows 2 year olds to participate, so we signed her up and just like that, we have a little ballerina on our hands.
Hadley and Annalee watching the big girls!

We have a ways to go before any actual ballet instruction takes place... but they do cute little walks and dances. They learn how to sit and listen, play with props, etc.
tu-tu cute!

We are still working on the sit and listen part, but every week we get a little better. We are on week 3 and this time she actually participated in the dancing portion of class, wore a tutu for a little while, and did a curtsey at the end of class for a sticker.
Bonus - I only had to chase her out of the room once!

At least we have some cute pictures to show for it, right?


Fall Meal Planning

meal planning worksheets via.

Meal Planning. O what fun it is! We are headed to the coast in 9 days, so my meal planning for this week was actually for a week and a half. Hoping we can actually make it 9 days without another grocery run.

We try and stick to a $100/ week grocery bill. This trip, I spent $213, for two weeks... and that included a couple outfits for Mr. Ford too.

For grocery planning purposes, we usually both eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home and pack Annalee's lunches and snacks every day too. Occasionally we will order a pizza or eat out for lunch - so I plan for one lunch and one dinner out every week.

Also, we still have a local catering delivering a meal to us once a week as a gift from my Board of Directors from when Ford was born. Best gift ever - delicious, healthy meals delivered to my door step for 12 weeks. Amazing!

We are by no means on a diet or anything like a 'Whole 30' kick, but some of the recipes below are actually whole 30 and most are pretty healthy too!

So what are we eating this week and next??

  Monday - Pork Tenderloin with roasted red potatoes, onions and baby carrots {whole 30)

  Tuesday - Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta w. salad and garlic bread

  Wednesday - Chicken Soup from Jenny, the Caterer, w. biscuits

  Thursday - Pizza and salad. {I keep a frozen one on hand, in case we don't have time for delivery}

  Friday Brats w. a corn, black bean and avocado salad {whole 30}

   Saturday - DATE NIGHT IN - Steaks on the grill w. loaded baked potatoes and spinach salad

   Sunday - Acorn Stuffed Squash {whole 30}

   Monday - Turkey Taco Sweet Potatoes {whole 30} 

   Tuesday - Delivery from Jenny!

   Wednesday - Shrimp Fried Quinoa {whole 30} w. Eggrolls

   Thursday - Off to P'cola we go!!

For lunch I keep deli meat and rolls/bread handy, bagged salad w. chicken or shrimp, or leftovers.


And for those of you that are curious about our snacks and toddler selections, keep reading...

Annalee staples - applesauce (pouches too), whole milk, yogurt, frozen veggies, chicken, cucumbers, peppers, cheese, raisons, fruit and avocados.

Snacks for us - whole gain nabs, apples, yogurt, Cliff Bars, nuts, veggies and dip.

Happy meal planning my friends... it's a constant circle for us. Trying to find new dishes to try. I'm open to all your suggestions for healthy and easy weeknight meals. Do share!


Samford Walker | Two Months

Two Month Highlights:
  • 14lbs, 12 ozs., 25 inches long, 16 1/2 in head circumference (at 9 weeks)
  • 12 lbs, 3 ozs., 23.25 inches, 15.75 in head circumference (at 5 weeks), 
  • Dark blue eyes and dark hair... or what is left. Sporting a great old man cut at the moment
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothing and pajamas \\ Pampers Size 1 diapers 
  • Nicknames: Little Man, Baby Ford, Brother Bear
  • Firsts: Your first smile, first tractor ride & fall festival, first bottle, first real bath
  • Tricks: Holding your head up, following us from side to side, recognizing voices
  • Food: Just Momma's milk
  • You made your first trips to Great Valley Farm Brewery (twice), Rocca, Southern Inn, King Family Vineyard, KA, DBB, Don T's and Sweet Things
  • You celebrated your first Rockbridge Community Festival on August 26 and Rockbridge County Fair on Sept 8
  • We had visits from the Hollomon's, GranDe and Gia this month!
  • Made an appearance at BAH and went to work with Mom a couple days
  • You love playing on your playmate/gym and it's our favorite activity at the moment
  • You are not a fan of the paci, so we are going to try and go without 
  • We made it to church as a family of 4 for the first time! 
One Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Boppy Newborn Lounger \\ Bassinet \\ Boppy (for mommy) \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Sleep gowns \\ Bob Stroller \\ Play mat \\ Burp clothes \\ Copper Pearl Multi Use Cover \\ Ergo 360

Pictures from this month:

After church snuggles with Dad
First real smile!
Playtime with Sissy
GranDe snuggles
Hollomon's visit - August 27

Rockbridge Community Festival - August 26


Foyer Mirror

We are finally getting around to a little bit of decorating at the new house. This is our foyer at the moment. I am looking for a new mirror to put above the little table we have. These are my two options for now. Tell me what you think!

Option 1 - Gray and white Cathedral Mirror via Kirkland's. 

Option 2 - Uttermost Kintra Arch Mirror in Gold via Bed, Bath and Beyond
Our last option... use this mirror we already have. 
Help me pick! 

Cheers to a great weekend friends! We will be hanging around the house, hopefully getting some decorating done and putting together a few new pieces of furniture. 


Poppin' Into Fall

Ever since we got a taste of the fall weather I have been itching to try some new trends. With the new baby, house move, and renovations we have been limiting ourselves on any non-essential purchases. I've been SO good. But, last night I finally caved and picked up a couple fun fall staples from Poppoly.

I have seen this dress on so many blogs this fall - it's a comfy, casual dress that I think will be an easy go-to for fall outings. It's back in stock and on sale for $20, and now comes in this gorgeous wine color. {The "it" color of the season, or so I hear.} 

I have never been a big fan of the romper, but when we were out Friday night I saw at least 10 girls wearing one. Almost all of them were black - and they looked so cute. So, I thought for the price, I would try one out for the fall. Bonus for new moms - this one looks nursing friendly too!

And my last purchase... this adorable pumpkin sweatshirt for Halloween!

The best part, FREE shipping on all orders right now and use code POP05 for 10% off.

Happy Fall Shopping!


First Fall Weekending

We had a great little fall weekend... even though it felt more like late summer.

We got a sitter on Friday for Miss Annalee and took Mr. Ford out for a night on the town... to meet all our favorite bartenders. :) He was the perfect angel - sleeping through almost all of our outing - and made us remember how easy it was with just a newborn. 
TAPS for drinks and Bistro for dinner. 

Saturday we woke up bright and early to venture out to Rockbridge Fall Farm Day. It was SO much fun. We rode in from the parking lot on a hayride pulled by a BIG tractor - which Annalee loved! They had a corn maze, hay bails for the kid to run on, a big slide in the field, old time tractors, a kids train to ride, cow-milking and much more. It was such a fun morning - and felt as authentic as they come. 

Saturday afternoon the Hastings came over to play and watch some college Fooball. We are going to miss "the boys" as Annalee calls them. They are moving to ATL in just a few short weeks. :(

Sunday I took both kids on a walk solo for the first time... and we survived, sans double stroller. The verdict is still out on what kind to buy. I'm leaning towards a double Bob, but want to be sure we really need. For now we are just taking two strollers on a walk, just pushing Ford in one, while Annalee walks, or carrying Ford in the ergo. We'll see how long this lasts. ha! 

But we also enjoyed a little time at the new playground in the hood - it's so cool - and less than a mile from our house. Score! 

After naps we ventured up the road to Crozet to meet the Hollomons at King Family Vineyard for afternoon Polo and some vino. It was such a fun time... the girls ran and played, the boys just chilled, and the adults actually had time to sit and chat. Reminded me of the good ole days... and was exciting that we could still make it happen! 
Cheers to a great week ahead, friends! I am getting back into the swing of things at work... two events this week and a couple meetings. SLOWLY getting back at it. Ford is 8 weeks tomorrow... how is that possible?? 


The New Routine

Morning playtime.

We are starting to find a new normal around here... if that's possible with my mother-in-law still in town, in a new house, with a newborn... not exactly normal, but new for sure. I'm trying to make myself get into some sort of routine now, so when I get back to work things may seem a little more normal.

On thing that keeps me sane is going to bed with a clean house. In our new house this requires quite a bit more effort, but I'm learning day by day how to make things easier on myself.

I also love getting things prepped at night, so I can actually sit and enjoy a cup of joe and play with Miss Annalee most mornings.

A few things I try to do every night before bed: 

- All those things that goes upstairs... kids clothes, shoes, jackets, earrings, scarves, etc. gets thrown in a basket at the foot of the stairs, and I take it up and it all goes away before bed.

- Coffee gets made and the timer set for 6 AM. Sometimes I even set out coffee mugs.

- I pour Annalee a cup of milk and have it ready to go in the fridge.

- All dishes are loaded in the dish-washer and most nights I set it to delay start around midnight.

- I stock our room with extra baby essentials for the night - diapers, wipes, a burp cloth, blanket, outfit and socks.... just in case we have any accidents during the night. I also lay out his blanket and jammies (if he's not already in them) and move his bassinet close to my bedside before I bring him up.

- I bring up two cups of water and a midnight/3 AM snack for mama (most nights this is a granola bar, fig bar, or PB crackers).

- All toys in the family room are put away.

- Annalee is packed for Mimi's. Backpack, lunch and outfit ready to go.

We also wipe the counters down after dinner, put away leftovers, wash any dishes that are out and give the floor a quick sweep.

What's your nightly routine? Anything else you like to get done at night that makes your mornings a little more enjoyable?

Cheers to a great start to the day, and week, friends!


Samford Walker | One Month

One Month Birthday
Dear Ford, 
What can we say? The past month has been much of a blur... but mostly because you're so laid back and go with the flow, it's sorta like you were always a part of our family. Maybe it's also that we packed up Moore Street and moved across town to Junkin Place when you were only two weeks old. It was pretty special that you got to call Moore Street home too - even if it was for just a couple days. You have been a great eater since night one, latching on great from the start, and eating every 2-3 hours. You sleep by our bed in your bassinet and have even starting giving us one long stretch at night (sorta), which is usually 3-4 hours, and eating every 2 after that. You're a sweet, sweet snuggler and your favorite place is in our arms. You have big blue eyes and are really starting to focus in on us and other things you see. Lights and fans are pretty fascinating at the moment. You have been very spoiled to have your GranDe with us during your whole first month of life... which means lots of spoiling. You love to be stretched out with your hands over your head. You were born with one fist up and I'm pretty sure that's your motto for life - let's do this. You are taking life in stride and have brought so much love to our family. 

One Month Highlights:
  • 9 lbs, 14 ozs., 22 inches, 15.5 in head circumference (at two weeks), bold blue eyes and dark hair. You are starting to loose your dark hair on top, but I think it's growing back lighter. 
  • Wearing 3 month clothing and pajamas \\ Pampers Newborn & Size 1 diapers (we are using up the newborns because you should really be in a 1)
  • Nicknames: Little Man, Baby Ford
  • Tricks: Starting to hold up your head when on my chest or on your tummy. Can turn head from side to side when on tummy. Also starting to grab onto things... like hair, necklaces, shirts, etc. 
  • Favorite toys: play mat and giraffe rattle
  • Food: Momma's milk
  • You made your first trips to Target, downtown Lex for the sidewalk sale, The Braddicks and The Palms. 
  • We saw a almost total solar eclipse from our back porch on August 21
  • You don't mind car rides, and you love walks with Mommy.
  • This month we moved into our new house at Junkin Place. 
One Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Boppy Newborn Lounger \\ Bassinet \\ Boppy (for mommy) \\ Swaddle Blankets \\ Sleep gowns \\ Stroller \\ Play mat \\ Burp clothes \\ Copper Pearl Multi Use Cover 
Pictures from this month:
The first of many picture on these stairs. 
Snuggling with GranDe
Solar Eclipse - August 21
Fun at the Braddicks
Mommy Snuggles