Bbay Lyons | Weeks 28 and 29

How far along? 28 & 29 weeks

Size of baby: An eggplant and acorn squash (15.2-16.7 in., 2.5-3.8 lb.) 

Gender: We will know in June!

Weight Gain: Up a total of 20 pounds and starting to feel it! ha Belly is defiantly growing bigger every day.

Maternity Clothes: You bet! I can get away with some dresses, tops and skirts that aren't maternity, but they are getting snug. Invested in some maternity shorts and workout capri's last week - so worth it.

Nursery: Lots of progress! We have carpet, new blinds, the dresser is up and as of Monday - we have a crib and mattress!! It's starting to get real, y'all! haha We also ordered our light fixture, window treatments and knobs for the dresser. My sister-in-law went over and above for our shower on the coast {recap to come soon} last weekend and sent us home with a ton of options for décor. So excited to start decorating! Here is a sneak peak.

Purchases: I have been pretty good these past couple weeks, knowing we had a shower coming up I was able to contain my buying. I did pick up a couple pineapple hats for the little babe, but other than those - we kept our purchases to nursery items. Dresser pulls, light fixture and window treatments. Trying to stay practical. ...for now.

Movement: Lots of kicks! Sometimes so hard that it startles me... it's so fun. I love it! 

Symptoms: The last two weeks, I have been feeling pretty good. Had pretty good energy and overall feeling great. Over the past couple days, I have started to feel the belly growing and it's slowing me down a little. The babe is starting to push up into my ribs which is getting quite uncozy at times.

Sleep: Pretty good. Up once a night to pee and usually up early to eat. 

Workouts: Walks are getting shorter and harder, but still trying to get out.

Cravings: Frozen yogurt, grapes, pineapple, strawberries... nothing too crazy. 

What I Miss: Being able to put on shoes quickly... the belly is causing some challenges. :)

Best Moment This Week: Most defiantly our baby shower! My bestie, Ale, and my sister-in-law, Karen, put on an amazing shower for Baby Lyons. We made the long 13-hour trip down to the coast, but it was so worth it. We got to visit with family and friends and celebrate the soon-to-be-arrival of our little cub. Can't wait to share all the pictures soon!

Looking Forward To: Our weekend ahead in Asheville with my Mangos and their men/babies. We decided before Baby Lyons arrival and a couple cross-county moves for two other Mangos, that a "Man-gofest" was in order. Can't wait to see my girls and love on their little ones! 

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