Baby Lyons | Week 33

How far along? 33 weeks

Size of baby: A durian (19 in., 4.5 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our surprise in June!

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: You betcha! 

Nursery: Mom is flying in today, so we will be working on the nursery over the weekend! Excited to get the curtains hung, the closet and dresser organized and some decor hung on the walls! We also brought back a large tub of all Jesse's baby blankets and toys his mom had saved. She even gave us his baby book, so precious to read. 

Purchases: We finally took the plunge and made our last big purchase for the nursery this week - our glider. After months of research, reading and talking with others about their favorites, we decided to go with the Wingback Rocker from Pottery Barn. We wanted a chair that was made well, big enough for J to sit in too, and something that would be a practical addition to a room later - so the rocker it is! We decided on the wingback so I would have a taller back to rest on and even lay my head against the side during those late night feedings. :)  

I also ordered a couple of the Carseat Canopy's - one for a girl and one for a boy. I figured at $25 for two - we could splurge on one of each. Try the code "3EE990" for a free canopy. 

Movement: Love feeling the little cub moving around in my belly. One night this week I woke up to hiccups from the little cub. It was so cute! 

Symptoms: Feeling a little nauseated this week, just off and on. Walks are getting slower and I tire more quickly. When I am cold my toes have started turning a slight shade of blue, so I have been paying more attention to my circulation and not crossing my legs or sitting on my feet. 

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well. Up a couple times to potty or eat early in the morning. 

Workouts: Walks are getting slower, but still moving! 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice and popsicles, fruit, juice, cereal, chips, cheese & crackers.

What I Miss: I think I am pretty ready for a good glass of vino! 

Best Moment This Week: On Friday, we celebrated the life of your Grampa at the VFW - one of his favorite places. You got to meet all his family and friends and received so many well-wishes. It was a bitter-sweet occasion for us all. I really loved going through all of your dad's baby stuff and packing up some to bring home for you.

Looking Forward To: So excited for GranDe's visit today and my shower this weekend! 

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Good Eats!

Happy Hump Day Folks!

Today, I was digging back through all my draft blog posts to see which ones I had started and never got around to publishing, and found a good one. It's all about one of my favorite topics too, Good Eats! We have had some really yummy dishes the past couple weeks, so I wanted to share. Many of them are Pinterest finds - and ALL of them are husband approved.

First up we have one of my favorite salads - Very simple,
Tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and balsamic. Served crisp outta the fridge.

One of my favorite lunches,
 Turkey Bacon Avocado BLT
Whole Wheat Toast | 3 strips of crispy Turkey Bacon | 1/4 ripe Avocado sliced
2 Tomato slices | Bibb lettuce | Dill mayo (or regular if you prefer)

Next up, we have a fabulous dinner dish.  
Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp & Feta

This delicious dish below was an accident. We threw together some stuff we had around the house and created this delicious Roasted Pepper Pesto Chicken Pasta.
 Whole Wheat Pasta | Baby Bella Mushrooms | Roasted Red & Orange Peppers
Spinach | Grilled Chicken | Parmesan Cheese
Fresh Garlic & Onions | Pesto

Catfish Cakes and creamy Spicy Garlic Parmesan Cheese Grits

Chicken and White Cheese Spinach Lasagna

Hope you are having a great week!


Baby Lyons | Week 32

How far along? 32 weeks

Size of baby: A head of lettuce or squash (19 in., 3.9 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our surprise in June!

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: Enjoying all my new purchases from Old Navy and Marshall's from last week. I decided that buying a bigger size in regular clothes is way cuter {and cheaper} than maternity clothes. So far, it's worked out well. 

Nursery: This week, I purchased the IKEA Skubb drawer organizers to start organizing the dresser. Ikea currently has them on sale for $6.39/6-pack for Ikea family members. {Not a member already? You can join for free online.}  I ordered 4 packs for us to mix and match with the sizes and gift any unused ones to friends. I figured for the price, you couldn't beat them! 

Meet Chelsea, she is the inspiration for every nursery project I have started - she has the best ideas! I can't help it. I came across her blog after we purchased our Hemnes dresser from IKEA for the baby's room. Here are a few of her ideas for the drawer organization:

Purchases: We got a couple re-peat gifts {only a couple - which was so nice} at our baby shower a couple weeks back, so I exchanged those at Target and starting stocking up on the necessities. Picked up some diapers, soothies, Destine, Vaseline, and a bottle brush. You know, the stuff you need... but isn't always fun to buy for a shower. Does anyone else use Honest, Co. diapers? They are so cute, I had to buy a pack for the little babe to try out. 

I mean, how can you resist? 
Ok, ask me again in 3 months when we are going through 10 a day.

Movement: Lots of movement still, but getting snug in there. More pushes and slow movements, rather than quick kicks or punches. 

Symptoms: Leg cramps started this week, in the form of a really bad charley horse in the middle of the night. Talk about eye-opening. I don't think I've had a CH since high school. Ouch! Those suckers hurt. Belly button is still in, but getting flatter. Linea nigra is still very present, but not very dark. 

Sleep: Sleep has been hit or miss. The sharp pains under my ribs have kept me awake almost every night at some point. Not very fun to wake up to. Otherwise, the snoogle is helping to keep me resting. 

Workouts: I have squeezed in a walk most days this week, and even jogged for maybe a quarter mile during a walk - which was fun - but didn't last long. ha! Don't want to push it. Happy I am able to keep moving for now. 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice! Enjoying my standards: lots of fruit, milk & cereal, peanut butter and cheese and crackers. Cravings this week... popsicles, Cheetos, shaved ice, pickles, and burgers for dinner one night. 

What I Miss: Nada

Best Moment This Week: Despite the terrible week with the passing of my FIL, the babe did get lots of love during our visit to Franklin. All of my in-laws friends and family got to give you a little love during our visit - which I know your Grampa would have enjoyed so much. 

Looking Forward To: Finishing up some projects for your nursery; getting excited for Grande's visit next weekend and my Lexington shower. 

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Old Navy for the Bump

Dressing the baby bump isn't always easy, especially during the last trimester. It's also a challenge not to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, while trying to maintain a some-what professional wardrobe. I've found that just buying one size up in most normal clothes works much better for me - and will hopefully last me into the summer, after baby is born. 

Last week I picked up a few staples at Old Navy, that I wanted to share.

Really cute paired with a bright cardigan and wedges.

Poplin Cami Dress -$29.99 
Another great cardigan needed dress! Also great with a blazer and flats with a bright colored necklace. 

I haven't worn this one yet, but who doesn't love a great white tank for the summer. Pair with jeans, print shorts, a bright colored skirt or leggings. 

Peplum-Hem Tank - $15.94
This has been one of my most-worn purchases. It's soft and flowy, and so comfy! Go casual with jeans or dress up with some white capris and wedges. 

Jersey Maxi Dress - $34.95
I can already tell that I am going to love this dress. Thrown on a cardigan and fancy jewels for work, or sandals and a cute necklace for a nice out. The perfect cozy to work maxi dress. 


Forever in my Heart.


Sometimes the posts that are the truest - and hit the closest to home - are the hardest to write. I've spent the past couple of weeks saying lots of prayers, and hoping by some miracle that things would turn around. After a couple of days with family, and not blogging, I decided that not posting about my FIL would be too hard to just breeze over. But sometimes it's harder to put into words, what is right to say. How do you sum up someone's life in a single post? Well, I've decided that you really can't. But, what I do know is that he's right here with me... forever in my heart.

Last Friday, my Father-in-law, Wayford, passed away peacefully. He was a fighter to the end. My husband and his mom were by his side for the last two weeks of his life. I will be forever grateful for our last weekend together, celebrating Baby Lyons, and I know that while he won't get to meet you in person, little one, he'll always be a part of you. Today would have been Mr. Wayford's 66th birthday, so today we are raising up a toast to you! We miss you so much. 


Baby Lyons | Week 31

How far along? 31 weeks

Size of baby: A pineapple (18 in., 3+ lb.) My favorite!

Gender: Waiting for June. ...and for the best surprise of our lives!

Weight Gain: At my check-up this week, I was up a total of 21 pounds, which is down two pounds from 2 weeks ago. So... either the little babe is using up all the goods, or I haven't been eating as much. Maybe a little of both? Room in the belly is getting slim. 

Maternity Clothes: I went on a little shopping spree this week. I think the warm weather has finally arrived and my wardrobe was just not keeping up. It's so hard dressing the bump professionally in sundresses and clothes that are a little too tight or low-cut. So, I invested in some new dresses, maxi's, long cardigans and flowey tops. Old Navy and Marshall's are thanking me.

Nursery: Starting to fill up with lots of goodies! We still need to pick out a glider, but otherwise all the big purchases are made. Painting the closet this week - still trying decide on a color. What's your vote - White or Gray? This is the look I'm going for...
 Love the color in the closet and the ikea shelves and striped tubs. Those may be my next purchases for the "cub house".

Purchases: Picked up a few items for the nursery during my shopping spree at Marshall's. I found this adorable pillow for the glider {that has yet to be picked out} and some other little things for the dresser and walls. 

Movement: SO much! The babe is now starting to move so much that you can see my belly shifting. Lots of little kicks and movements all day, but usually after meals. His or her little booty likes to move up under my ribs often, which you can totally see. Other times they are down curled up in a little ball. 

Symptoms: Belly button is starting to get flatter, it's so strange. Feet are still feeling a little tired, but I finally treated myself to a pedi today. Started the week with a little cold, but it's finally gone - ho-rah! No stretch marks yet {except those on the hips earned during college}, but I am slathering on the cocoa butter. 

Sleep: Sleeping good. Had my first weird dream last night that a vein in my leg had burst out the side - strange right? I hear they only get better... o joy! Otherwise sleeping good. A few sleepless hours here and there, but not bad. 

Workouts: A couple walks and trying to do some stretching, but trying to stay moving. I know  these last 8 weeks could really pack on the pounds if I'm not up and moving. They also say the better in shape you are come delivery, the easier it will be. Not sure if that's true - but it's a motivator for sure. 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice! Enjoying my standards: fruit, milk & cereal, and PB&J's. But also have had cravings for fro-yo, Pop-Tarts, Cheetos and candy... maybe that's b/c I went 40 days without, but I've made up for it this week. 

What I Miss: Nada

Best Moment This Week: The babe got lots of love from all my AOII's at Carolina days over the weekend. It's been so fun sharing this pregnancy with so many sisters, and taking advice from them all. I know this little cub is so very loved in so many ways! 

Looking Forward To Hopeful For: We are still hoping and praying for my FIL's recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. 

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The EL Baby Book

The Emily Ley Baby Book has finally arrived!! If you are like me, you have been stalking Emily's progress and announcements on Insta for the past couple months and have been waiting for today! It's a beautiful book, with the perfect amount of pages that will be so fun to have for many years to come. I just purchased one for our little Lyon Cub and I can't wait to get it in the mail! Hop over to EmilyLey.com to purchase yours today - or visit one of the many retail stores around the country that carry EL. 

Isn't it beautiful! I just love a great layout and a clean design.



I saw this on Miss Dixie's blog last week and thought this would be a fun way to share a few personal things about me. I decided a long time ago that if I wanted to continue blogging it would be hard to really keep tabs on everything: personal life + home + food + baby... but I do try to do a litle bit of it all. Enjoy these tidbits below, if you want to learn me about me!

Four Nicknames
Pete, T-bone, T, Trace
Papa Sam can be credited with Pete.

Four Jobs I've Had
Sorority Consultant, Event Planner, Director of Communications, Chamber Executive Director

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once
Pure Country, You've Got Mail, League of Their Own, Father of the Bride

Four Things In My Purse
Wallet, Lip Gloss, Crackers, Receipts

My brothers and I, circa 1987

Four Books I Would Recommend 
The All Girls Fill'in Station, The Help, Waking up in Dixie, Sparkly Green Earrings

Four Cars I've Driven
Jeep CJ7, Jeep Cherokee Sport, Expedition... a mustang that I had for the weekend. lol?

Four Places I've Visited
Antiqua, Key West, Jamaica, Arizona
Our honeymoon in Antigua.

The Biltmore in Arizona

Four Places To Visit On My Bucket List
The BVI's, Yellowstone, Martha's Vineyard, Ireland

Four Of My Favorite Foods
Chicken Salad, Fro-yo, Cheese & Crackers, Blackened Grouper

Four TV Shows I Watch
Parenthood {does it still count?}, Scandal, Heart of Dixie, Ellen

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2015
Welcoming our Lyon Cub into the world in June, planting our garden, a summer home with my babe, and lots of trips and celebrations!


Weekending Away with my AOII's!

This weekend marks my last weekend of planned travel before the cub arrives in June and I must say, I'm a little bittersweet. First, let me start by saying what a fabulous weekend I had, and how much we have enjoyed the trips we have been able to take over the past few months. We are blessed with so many good friends and family, that we wanted to squeeze in all the trips before the Lyon cub got too close to arrival time. I still have a couple weeks yet until I really can't travel - but for comforts sake, I'm happy to be off the road.

This weekend I headed down to Raleigh and Elon, NC for Carolina Days with my AOII's. I really do have the best team anyone could ask for - and am so lucky to call each of these women my sisters!

On a side note, I have decided that Nerds are my new favorite fro-yo topping. A-maze! 

Our team out and about in Durham.

The beautiful flowers in full bloom on campus. 

On Saturday night, we played "our favorite things" where we each bring a $10 gift of one of our favorite things, and we essentially play dirty santa. I found an adorable Betsy Johnson scarf with roses for my gift. And I ended with with a bag full o' goodies from Janet - after stealing it from a sista, sorry Jenny Meade... I love ya! Lots of my favorite things as well. I mean, who does't love a box of brand new crayons? A 64-count at that.
The bag of sour patch kids got devoured on the ride home Sunday.

They also surprised me and "the cub" that evening with a wonderful happy - our Momma Roo! 
The lil cub is so lucky to have so many great AOII Aunties - he or she can't wait to meet you!

Sunday was Carolina Day, where over 200 AOII's gathered for a day full of sisterhood and fun.

I might have also gone a little crazy with my thank-you notes purchase, but I just could't pick which ones I wanted, so I got them all!
The cub and I have some thank-you's to get started on. That will be my project for the week! 

Happy Monday!


Rock-a-Bye Baby Lyons

Baby Lyons is one loved little cub! Last weekend we made the long trip to the coast, so Baby Lyons could be extra-spoiled with lots of goodies from all our family and friends. It was the perfect evening with wonderful company and lots of love.

The theme for the shower was based on Mother Goose and Golden Books, so everything was a play on a nursery rhyme - the decor, food, gifts, etc. My bestie and SIL went over and above with the decor, so prepare for picture overload!

I'm so in love with our door hanger and can't wait to pack it for the hospital!

 Boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails...
 Girls are made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice. 

What Baby Lyons is made of... 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star cake

Humpty Dumpty Devilved Eggs, Three Blind Mice Cheese Tray, The Muffin Man Quiche

Gramma and GranDe

Auntie Amanda

Auntie Karen

Auntie Jen

Gramma and Grampa Lyons.... and our Bob! {eeekk!!}

GranDe and Papa Sam

....and the day wouldn't be complete without a little carrot picking from the garden.

And of course, golden eggs from Mother Goose for all the guests. 

Thanks for such a wonderful time. We are so very blessed and can't wait to welcome Baby Lyons in June!