DIY | Diaper Wreath

Miss Annalee is doing great - growing, growing, growing! I just  can't believe she's 3 weeks old today, where did the time go? Today, I thought we would take a bit of a baby break - ok, not a baby break - but a break from MY baby - and talk crafting! A few weeks back, we had a fun double shower day for our friends having twins. Double the fun, right? The boys had a diaper shower, while the gals gathered for our own celebration. I made a diaper wreath for the door, and thought I would share a little DIY today.

24 newborn diapers
4-6 yards of assorted ribbon, any color
1 wooden 24" wreath
Hot glue gun
Crafting Wire
Wooden or Paper Letters for the name {Optional}

You'll start by wrapping the diapers individually around the wooden wreath and securing each diaper with a thin ribbon. Alternate the colors as you choose, or use the same. Totally up to you!

Work your way around the whole wreath, covering all of the wood with diapers. 

Next is the bow. I used a variety of colors, textures, and patterns for the bow. 
I started by tying one ribbon and securing with crafting wire, then adding another and another until you reach the fullness you'd like. 

The goal is to not make a perfect bow, but use lots of different shapes and sizes to create a round fluffy bow for the wreath. 
After making your bow, take a variety of ribbons and tie to the wreath to create length.
Attach your round fluffy bow to the front of the ribbon strands to complete your bow.

You can leave the wreath as is, or add a name. I added the letters {made from scrapbook paper, cut with a Cricut} TWINS for the Hastings' twin boys. This was the only shot I took of the letters on the wreath, but they turned out so cute!
The perfect addition to any baby celebration or hospital door. 
Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Tracy! Congrats on Miss Annalee! She is adorable!! I found the wreath while looking for a unique baby shower gift to make...just a quick question, how do you fold the ribbon to make the bow? I'd like to try my hand at the wreath, its so cute!

    1. Caitlin, so good to hear from you. When you are making loops, twist the ribbon in the center before you make the next loop, it gives the loops body. Good luck and happy crafting!