Baby Lyons | Week 20

How Far Along? 20 weeks... halfway there!! 

Size of Baby: A banana (6.5 inches long, 10.2 oz)  

Gender: Saving this surprise for June!

Weight Gain: Last check-up, I had gained 11 pounds total from my starting weight, but that was 2 weeks ago... and I'm feeling like this lil cub has really grown since. 

Maternity Clothes: Broke out a couple gifted items from Shannon this week. They certainly are coming in handy. The closet variety is getting slim. Looking forward to warmer weather to break out my dresses and sandals.

Nursery:  Is currently a mess - but the closet is empty. Our way of organizing was to take it all out so we could see it - and then maybe, just maybe things would slowly disappear. We'll see how this process goes. 

Movement: I think I finally felt a little nudge this week - but nothing distinct. So ready to feel the little cub and J is too!

Symptoms: Mostly just tired. Belly is growing and I'm slathering on the body butter. My feet still occasionally fall asleep, but they say that's normal. Headaches when I don't eat every two hours, but have been pretty good about keeping small meals with me.

Sleep: Sleeping great - up a few times to potty {and sometimes eat}, but otherwise getting in some good rest. Some nights I am awake longer during the night trying to get comfy. Laying on my back is not an option anymore, so getting used to sleeping on my side. Sometimes an extra pillow helps.

Workouts: Umm.... does walking around town count? If not, this means I only got in one run on Saturday and one trip to the gym for a walk on the treadmill. 

Cravings: Still loving Cheerios, but splurged on the crunch this time. A-mazing! Craving lots of fruits and peanut butter. Going though a gallon of skim milk a week at the house, which is double what we normally consume. Anything with PB means a cold glass of milk is necessary, right? One night I made Jesse cook me a grilled cheese - at 11pm - totally normal. haha

What I Miss: Had a couple nights where a big glass of Malbec sounded wonderful... but I poured me a lil Fre, and it did the trick. I don't think I even finished the glass, but it was still fun. 

Best Moment This Week: Enjoying Our first baby shower with my old staff at O∆K. They threw us a little going away/baby shower last Friday and it was so sweet. We got our first little outfit, booties,  washcloths and a cute towel. They also got us our rock n play and baby book. So excited to start filling it in - my baby book is one of my most favorite things from my momma and I wanted to be sure to start early, so we actually get one done. 

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound next week!! Even though we aren't finding out the sex, I am so excited for the anatomy screening. Hoping and praying for 10 fingers and toes and a sweet little nose. 

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