Baby Lyons | Week 32

How far along? 32 weeks

Size of baby: A head of lettuce or squash (19 in., 3.9 lb.) 

Gender: Waiting for our surprise in June!

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: Enjoying all my new purchases from Old Navy and Marshall's from last week. I decided that buying a bigger size in regular clothes is way cuter {and cheaper} than maternity clothes. So far, it's worked out well. 

Nursery: This week, I purchased the IKEA Skubb drawer organizers to start organizing the dresser. Ikea currently has them on sale for $6.39/6-pack for Ikea family members. {Not a member already? You can join for free online.}  I ordered 4 packs for us to mix and match with the sizes and gift any unused ones to friends. I figured for the price, you couldn't beat them! 

Meet Chelsea, she is the inspiration for every nursery project I have started - she has the best ideas! I can't help it. I came across her blog after we purchased our Hemnes dresser from IKEA for the baby's room. Here are a few of her ideas for the drawer organization:

Purchases: We got a couple re-peat gifts {only a couple - which was so nice} at our baby shower a couple weeks back, so I exchanged those at Target and starting stocking up on the necessities. Picked up some diapers, soothies, Destine, Vaseline, and a bottle brush. You know, the stuff you need... but isn't always fun to buy for a shower. Does anyone else use Honest, Co. diapers? They are so cute, I had to buy a pack for the little babe to try out. 

I mean, how can you resist? 
Ok, ask me again in 3 months when we are going through 10 a day.

Movement: Lots of movement still, but getting snug in there. More pushes and slow movements, rather than quick kicks or punches. 

Symptoms: Leg cramps started this week, in the form of a really bad charley horse in the middle of the night. Talk about eye-opening. I don't think I've had a CH since high school. Ouch! Those suckers hurt. Belly button is still in, but getting flatter. Linea nigra is still very present, but not very dark. 

Sleep: Sleep has been hit or miss. The sharp pains under my ribs have kept me awake almost every night at some point. Not very fun to wake up to. Otherwise, the snoogle is helping to keep me resting. 

Workouts: I have squeezed in a walk most days this week, and even jogged for maybe a quarter mile during a walk - which was fun - but didn't last long. ha! Don't want to push it. Happy I am able to keep moving for now. 

Cravings: Still loving my chipped ice! Enjoying my standards: lots of fruit, milk & cereal, peanut butter and cheese and crackers. Cravings this week... popsicles, Cheetos, shaved ice, pickles, and burgers for dinner one night. 

What I Miss: Nada

Best Moment This Week: Despite the terrible week with the passing of my FIL, the babe did get lots of love during our visit to Franklin. All of my in-laws friends and family got to give you a little love during our visit - which I know your Grampa would have enjoyed so much. 

Looking Forward To: Finishing up some projects for your nursery; getting excited for Grande's visit next weekend and my Lexington shower. 

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