This blog post goes out to my MANGOS! That's us above at my wedding last summer... and if you look close {and are really creative} you can tell we are spelling MANGOS. We have compiled a mess of these photos over the years... I shared a few with you here in today's post.

But in all seriousness - I love these girls. They are amazing, loving, fun and some of my very best friends. Each and every one of them blows me away with their talent, ambition, quirkiness and devotion. So, why do we call ourselves the Mangos you ask?  Well it all started in 2006 with a bottle of rum {mango, of course} and some fun in the sun!

Our friendship began at Auburn University ... and a little earlier for three of us that all went to high school together - shout out to BHS in Mobile. But the group of us become close throughout our 4+ years at Auburn and has blossomed into a close group of friends that still get together at least once a year to create lots of fun memories - more MANGOS pictures - and down a few bottles o' rum.

So, how the mango tradition began.... after graduation{for a most of the group anyway} four of us took a trip to Rosemary beach for some relaxation and celebration. Here is the very first mango picture we have... where the mango idea was born!

Circa 2006 , Rosemary Beach, FL

In 2007 it grew to all six of us... and back to Rosemary Beach we went!

In 2008 one of our Mango's got married... Congrats, Ale!

MANGO wedding #1 ~ Dauphin Island, AL ~ April 26, 2008
Hunter and Amanda Elmore

For Mangofest that year, we returned & celebrated in Navarre Beach, Florida .... briefly, before  a Hurricane decided to join us. :)

But we were reunited again that year for football season....WAR EAGLE!

...and again to celebrate our second Mango B'ette, Dottie!

...and one more time for Mango Wedding #2 ~ Huntsville, AL ~ December 20, 2008
Dorothy & Stephen Powell
{we missed the Bride in the pic, but she was a beauty}

In 2009, we re-united for Mangofest in Dauphin Island, AL

No weddings in 2009... but we did have an engagement!

Congrats, Lyns!

 3 down... 3 to go....

That fall we had another fun trip to Auburn for Halloween and some AU Football!

2010 was a busy year for the Mango's... 2 weddings and 2 engagements! 

 Mango Wedding #3 ~ Pensacola, FL ~ May 29,  2010
Lynsey & Neal Hatch

Our next trip was to Destin, FL to celebrate our next B'ette, congrats MAL! 

Mango Wedding#4 ~ Memphis, TN ~ August 13, 2010
Mallory & Andrew Parks

...and one more time that year we met again for some Auburn football and an engagement! 
Congrats Sydo!!! 

We kicked off 2011 with Mango Wedding #5, which was ours..... 
Orange Beach, AL ~ May 21, 2011
Tracy & Jesse Lyons

Mangofest 2011 was Labor day weekend at the Jones' beach cottage.... and I have zero photos to prove it. :( But it was a great time indeed.
We had one more bash that year before we closed it out....

Mango Wedding #6 Sydo and Greg Beliles!
Nashville, TN ~ December 30, 2011

{again, no bride... but she was a beauty too!!! }

Love my Mangos, and I'm so thankful for our friendship. Can't wait to make many more memories in the years ahead... Lots of Love from your Mango in Virginia! 

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