Forever in my Heart.


Sometimes the posts that are the truest - and hit the closest to home - are the hardest to write. I've spent the past couple of weeks saying lots of prayers, and hoping by some miracle that things would turn around. After a couple of days with family, and not blogging, I decided that not posting about my FIL would be too hard to just breeze over. But sometimes it's harder to put into words, what is right to say. How do you sum up someone's life in a single post? Well, I've decided that you really can't. But, what I do know is that he's right here with me... forever in my heart.

Last Friday, my Father-in-law, Wayford, passed away peacefully. He was a fighter to the end. My husband and his mom were by his side for the last two weeks of his life. I will be forever grateful for our last weekend together, celebrating Baby Lyons, and I know that while he won't get to meet you in person, little one, he'll always be a part of you. Today would have been Mr. Wayford's 66th birthday, so today we are raising up a toast to you! We miss you so much. 

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  1. My dear friend. Our hearts ache for you, J, his mom and the little cub who never got to meet this wonderful man. Take comfort in knowing that Mr. Wayford is resting in the Lord's arms now and that his legacy will continue to live on through J and the littlest Lyons. We are sending our love and hugs from Charlottesville!!!