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Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!
Our mommas from our Coast Shower

We are at the one month countdown y'all! That's 4 weeks and 2 days... eeekkk!! Things are getting real. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, my energy level is still good - but I just have a lot less of it and time. The thought of only having 4 weeks left to get all I need to get done at work and at home... it's just, well - short. haha  So, what have we been up to lately?  J and I soaked up a good solid week together at home before he left for his last trip before baby comes. We attended baby class, wrapped up some final big nursery projects and secured child care for the fall. {Such a huge relief!}

I had surprise guests this weekend all the way from Charleston! Lyns and her baby girl Allie came to visit, and we had the best time just hanging out and catching up on momma stuff. Allie is as sweet as pie, and so much fun. I mean check out this cutie.

After they hit the road on Sunday, I spent the day with our little cub {it's a little bit easier when they are still in the belly}. We actually made it to mass for the first time in weeks and then I decided to try and tackle {or start on} our punch list of house chores to get done before our cub arrives, and the punch list of things to buy... which is what I worked on more. {Chores can wait for the hubs to be home, right?} So, I took all the cash and gift cards we've been given for baby and put them to good use checking things off the list. It's still amazing to me all the stuff you "need" for such a tiny lil cub.
We made out pretty good on our list, and only spent $3 out of our pocket. Granted, we still have a few things to buy - but we are well on our way to being ready for baby.

On another note, I was excited to find out this weekend that H&M baby is now available online! Brace yourselves momma... It's cute. Just a peak.


Speaking of baby... and deals... I started doing a little more reading on supplies and what's really need for our newborn. We are using disposable diapers, so I started adding up what we currently have in our diaper stock-pile and then started researching what we need.  Let's just say we need to go shopping! I am all about trying to get a deal, so after reading quite a few blogs I really learned that places like Costco and Amazon Prime aren't always the cheapest place to buy diapers. Instead, stalking sales at local drug stores, combined with coupons and cash back discounts is where it's at. I was proud of myself last week.... This is what we got:

CVS Sale - Pampers were 2-35 packs for $18.
$3 cash back with purchase.
Coupon - $1.50 off one pack
Coupon - $3.00 two packs

Huggies were not on sale, but they were $11/ 35-pack
Coupon - $2.00 off

I used my 30% your entire order coupon.
I had a $9 store credit I used.

Total - 105 diapers for $4.65. 
Now that is a deal! I felt so proud. If I could only do that every time I need diapers. We are getting closer to our stock pile, but not quite there.

If you are curious about how many diapers you need during the first year... here is an estimate from Southern Savers.

Math assumptions:
Changing on average 10 diapers per day/night
½ lb growth per week
starting weight of 6 lbs
First 4 Months
Newborn Size: 2-3 packs (some can straight to size 1)
Size 1: 840 diapers needed to get to 12 lbs  = 16-20 jumbo packs
Size 2: 560 diapers needed to get to 16 lbs = 13-15 jumbo packs
5 months to 12 months
Growth slows to 1 lb every 3 weeks on average
Diaper Changes on average 6 per day
Size 3: 1512  diapers needed to get to 28 lbs = 56-62 jumbo packs
Total Diapers needed in the first year: 2,912
On a non-baby note, our yard finally has some flowers, and I finally got around to a little gardening this weekend.

Mother's Day flowers from J. 

...and our azaleas finally bloomed. 

I also snipped a few to bring inside. Love fresh flowers

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 

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  1. I love the deals you got for diapers! You will go through them thats for sure :) Looks like you guys are getting everything you need!! AHH its going to be here before you know it
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/