Hello, March!

Well, hello March...  you certainly did sneak up on me this year. Where in the world did February go?  As you can see from the blog, we have been busy little bees... between J and I we worked 5 regional meetings, two court of honor dinners, helped with 4 sorority recruitment's, said goodbye to a very special friend who is leaving Lex, {I} attended two baby showers, celebrated our 5th Valentine's day, spent a weekend in Mobile for our 3rd Mardi Gras together, kicked off the Lenten season super early this year {I miss my sweets already}, both dove into our spring magazines - yes, mine is still on my desk if you were wondering - and we somehow managed to sleep, eat, workout here and there and get work on time.  

I thought today would be a fun to to look ahead to the 17 things I'm most looking forward to in the month of March.

  1. Celebrating my hubby's 34th Birthday!! {and Lynsey's & Matt's 29th} 
  2. Taking a weekend trip with good friends.
  3. Building a nice little deck for our grill, so we can bring it to our house.  
  4. Planting some pretty flowers in my planters.
  5. Getting our veggie garden started with cultivating the seeds. 
  6. Celebrating St. Pat's in style! {aka, Green}
  7. Getting back to A Mango Tree Shop that I have certainly abandoned, with a headdress for a dear friend who is getting married. 
  8. Running a 5K with the hubs. 
  9. Getting to use our first month of Pure Eats doughnuts for a year! 
  10. Actually planting my wheat germ in the planter my hubs build me last year. 
  11. Making new curtains for the bedroom. {This will be a post soon - I'm excited to share my idea}
  12. March Madness {who's got their bracket ready}
  13. Eating sweets on Easter Sunday! 
  14. Fulfilling our Lenten promise to attend mass at least twice this month. {maybe this should have been 4, we're doing pretty good this month... 3 down and Easter to go!}
  15. Celebrating Pi Day... Yes, I do mean 3.14 
  16. Welcoming sweet Baby Jaques into the world! 
  17. Finally send a happy to my bestie for her 30th. :) 
What's on your March to-do list?  I'm pretty excited about mine! 

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