New Gift Ideas!

With spring in the air {or me wishing it was - It's still a chilly 40 in Lex today} and many birthdays on the horizon, I've been doing a lot of digging for fun, new, creative gifts for everyone. I have found a few really fun ideas that I wanted to share. Some are do-it-yourself and require a bit of sewing or craftiness, but others you can simply purchase with the click of a button.

A fun set of Cloth Napkins {do it yourself}

A box of dates to remind you what you did on that day many years from now.
How cool is this? I want to make one for myself! 

From a blog post last week - I couldn't leave it off the list.

My husband stole this idea when I was ordering for a friend and bought me one for Valentine's Day ~ It was such a sweet surprise... and I love it SO much! 

Monogrammed Cocktail Plates  {do it yourself}

This is hands-down one of my favorites... 
Recipe Tea Towels {also do-it-yourself, but need a little more work}

Also another favorite...

Just writing this post makes we want to run home and get to crafting... I have so many fun ideas I want to try!  Maybe March will be the month of crafts, I seem to have a lot more free weekends ahead of me.

What's your favorite? Do you have any fun gift ideas for spring?

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