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Today I finally dove into my spring magazine to get to work...so while I'm in the designing mood, I thought I would share with you some of my all time favorite magazines for best layout, designs and stories.

Southern Living. 
I must say... SL is my all-time favorite magazine. I read it cover to cover every month and have been on their mailing list for a solid 7 years since I graduated college {thanks momma}. They recently went though a re-design and I do love the new columns/sections and crisp look of the page headers, contents, and layouts. However, the ads are killing me. Every other page is an advertisement and even though one of my besties is in the biz - it's annoying. I don't like that 30 of my 60 pages are ads.... It doesn't make me want to buy your goods. If anything, it makes me not want to because you took away my space. Maybe I should drop them a line. 

The Bourbon Review
Only comes out 4 times a year, but classic. 

Country Living at it's best.  

My new favorite, Garden & Gun just keeps stepping it up. 
The Feb/March issue has outstanding layouts - a designers dream - too bad they made a big ole goof and didn't actually have a story about bloody mary's in the entire magazine. Oops! Can't wait to see the Letters to the Editor in the next issue.

Real Simple
The industry standard. Clean. Crisp. Inviting! White.White.White.

What are your favorites?  I'd love to find new lay-out ideas... send them my way!

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