A Mango Tree Shop

Some of you may know that I am also that gal behind A Mango Tree Shop - an Etsy store that began as a fun way to test out my crafting and see If I had any interest out there. I wish I could say that it has been a booming success... But as all of you fellow bloggers know, anything that is successful takes time. Not sure time in the sense of "time to grow," but time to "work on it." The truth is, I'm not very good at keeping up with it. One if my March goals was to get it back up and running, and possibly spend a little more time on it than I do. I had hopes to sell one item and feel good about it, which I did. But, since posting last week I've had three orders for headdresses already. I guess it's wedding season after all!

Headdresses - what are those you say? Well, none other than an outrageous, funky, loud piece to accessorize the bride to be or birthday girl. {I've even made one for a man's 50th, so they are gender-friendly too.}

I wanted to share some fun ones I have made this past year. If anyone wants to order one, feel free to visit me on Etsy or message me. I'd love to help make your loved ones party/wedding/birthday a blast!


  1. I know Kell will be so pleased with how the headdress turned out for her friend! You've got such great talent girl...glad to here one of the master-minds behind AMTS is back on the grid!

  2. I see my headdress!! <3 it and it's still hanging in my closet!