Oscars Inspired Date Night

YAY for Date Nights!! We've been so busy this past month that we haven't really had a date night {with the exception of our Valentine's date to the Palms} in a while, so I was pretty excited about some time out with the hubs. This night turned into a date weekend - which was even better in my boat.  We made plans to do our date night Friday night and then friends invited us to dinner, so we caved.

But, Inspired by the Oscars... PS- did I mention that my cousin was behind the scenes for the entire show? She was on the production team  - so freakin' cool!  This is a picture of her hanging with Ben & George back stage.... after their Oscar wins.

That's Jeanne making eyes with ol' George in the background!

Jeanne on stage after the show.

Jeanne and I are the same age {yes, she's in Hollywood, walking the red carpet, and I'm here in small town VA - haha} and we grew up together as the two curly head blonde's in the family. {from one of our Aunt's I guess... and not our brunette mothers or fathers, which was always a fun joke.} We started pre-school together, went our separate ways for grade school and in high school we got to play against each other in volleyball. It was pretty fun having a cousin the same age as me. Then Jeanne went to Rhodes and I went to Auburn for college... and we both pledged AOII! {and yes, both our mothers are Phi Mu's - oops!} Needless to say, we've been able to stay close even living cross-country and catching up on my random trips to Cali. Love you cuz.. and I'm so proud of you!

Now, back to date night/weekend.

After watching the Oscars intently on Sunday night waiting for a glimpse of Jeanne, we collected quit the list of movies we have yet to see. Since we haven't been to the movies in forever - we decided it would be a fun date night.

What we had planned to do as "pre-drinks and apps" before the movie turned into dinner with the crew. But we finally got to use a gift cards from our dear friends, the Hollomons. I tested out a new three-cheese tortellini w/ shrimp dish that was excellent..... and we had shrimp wantons, that were amazing! Love me some Southern Inn.

On Saturday we finished the rest of our date night at the State Theater in Lex for a 7pm showing of "Silver Linings Playbook."

It was SO great. I hear the book is even better than the movie... I really wanted to read it first, but I'm still on the wait list at the Rockbridge Regional Library, and we promised no more book purchases for now. {That is mostly for J... I'm really a big fan of the local library. He's catching on!} But, I loved the movie.... and spending quality time with the hubs as well. It was a fun weekend in Lex!!

We had an awesome relaxing weekend at home... brunch at Niko's, a little trip to Lowe's for some spring projects... and even made it to Mass on Sunday!  Weekends make me appreciate the simple things in life... and how blessed we all are. :)

More posts to come on our March list... I can't wait to share my crafts. How was your weekend?  Get any relaxing in?

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