Veggie Garden!

For the past few years we've had great intentions of trying our green thumb at a little veggie garden of our own... and the months and then years' pass and nothing ever happens. This year - we actually have planted what looks to be [fingers crossed] a good start to some yummy fresh veggies for the Lyons' den this year! 

Since we have the tinniest of back yards, we opted to build nice long planters for the seedlings instead. we also found a way to get them more sun by attaching them to the fence - like window boxes. They actually turned out pretty neat - and we made them all by ourselves.  

I'll have to post the actual building of the boxes soon, but here are a few pictures of our little seedlings!

The peppers and tomatoes got their own pots - so they can have lots of room to grow! 

We added a few boxes filled with flowers in the middle, so it doesn't look so bare - they seem to be doing great! 

Be sure to check back - I'll blog about how we built our boxes and hopefully have pictures of yummy fresh veggies by summers' end. 

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