Garden Boxes

Happy Spring Y'all!  Who else is ecstatic that Spring is finally here?  I sure am!

With gardening season is just around the corner, today I wanted to share a fun idea for new planters. With limited space we got creative with our area and decided to make garden boxes to hang on the fence. They were really easy to make and budget friendly too.

Supplies needed:
Fence Slats {1.5 needed per box}
Saw to Cut the slats {or have them cut at the store}
Hooks & Eye holes {2/each per box - for hanging on fence}
Clear shower curtain {for lining}
Staple Gun
Black Spray Paint
Chalk {for labeling}

First, decide how big you would like your boxes and cut your boards. 
Three should be the same length and two small ends. 
{We bought a few extra to make the ends and we split a couple}

Use nails to secure the front & back. 

Then, slide in your sides and secure with more nails.

Next, we painted the boxes black with $1 can of spray paint.  
{One can covered about two boxes.}  We painted all outsides because you could see ours, but you could leave the bottom unfinished if they are going to be on the ground.

Below are the boxes in full bloom. We used 4 for herbs and 2 for flowers. 
The signs are from our wedding. My dad made them for us, so we wanted to find somewhere special to display them. We have a very festive backyard - which makes it the perfect spot for cook-outs, cocktails and long summer days... soon to be upon us! 

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