Thursday Thoughts

Happy Pi {3.14} Day! 

For those of you out there celebrating 3.14 - check out the 8 steps to your perfect Pi Day celebration.  Some of the things just crack me up!

For those of you not celebrating Pi day because it's lent and you gave up Sugar - not to fret, you can have a chicken pot-pie like we're having for dinner.  I know - it's a "special occasion" but let me tell you how many special occasions we've had lately. Too many to count!

Short post today - I got lots of work to do - but I wanted to share a fun quote for the week that I thought we could all appreciate. Some good friends of ours just moved to Ohio - he is a project manager for a construction company and they got the bid to build a Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio.  Yes - you read that right. They moved from Alabama to Akron - in the middle of winter too. They are surviving pretty well... and he is getting to do some amazing work.  He shared this quote today on his Facebook and I just thought it was too good to pass up:

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Pretty good motto for the Akron Children's "Building on the Promise" project.

How perfectly put.  I hope that every day I can keep this in mind. The work you are doing today is so much greater than what you will ever be able to see. :)

Happy Thursday, folks!


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  1. This touched my heart Tracy! You are a sweet friend, glad you know you are thinking of us- Dorothy