My Bestie!

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my bestie and her hubs!  Congrats Amanda & Hunter!

So, today I would like to celebrate all thinks ALE .... and reminisce about all the good times we have had together...

1. Teaching me those two fabulous words... WAR EAGLE! Amanda could honestly take full credit for where I chose to go to college. As all my friends and family would tell you - I routed for that other team across the state that wears only Crimson until Amanda left for college and convinced me to follow.

2. It's ok if you drive a car with a "bra" on the front - all you have to do is turn up your jams to low-rider, lay the seats back and cruise through the parking lot where you fit right in with all the low-riders - then and only then, your car is cool with a bra.

3. Wearing camouflage while driving a camouflage golf cart does not make you cool.  Nor does it give you permission to cruise by the front of the movie theater on Friday night...however, we did it anyway.

4. Spending the night in your new house with no windows... no bed... and no one else = kinda creepy.

5. Obsessively wearing bright colors at all times is a crowd pleaser and trend setter.

6. Calling the radio station to wake your parents up after a long night of drinking at Mardi Gras = epic. {waking up your friends who are also staying in the room = not so epic}

7. Starfish and Teal will forever remind me of your wedding day!

8. Pineapple upside-down shots will forever remind me of my bachelorette party ... and Mangofest.

9. One day there will be an actual Mango Tree Shop.

10. I'm so happy that you're found your perfect match and feel so lucky that I've been here to enjoy the ride! :)

I Love you!!  Cheers to many more great years' to come!!! 

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  1. Cute post! Happy Anniversary Amanda & Hunter:)