Friday Fun: Wedding Details

With wedding season in full-bloom and our second Anniversary just around the corner, I thought I would share some of the fun things we decided to do add to our wedding. Today I wanted to share just the ceremony details.  We are both Catholic {excited for a new Pope}, so we had a traditional full mass.  I was worried about it being long, but to tell you the truth, it went by so quickly, I barely remember it!

We went with the traditional catholic programs and used a pineapple to match our invitations. Since I work in the communications field I deal with a lot of printers - and quickly realized that when they hear the word "wedding" the price doubles.  Instead of going with a traditional wedding printer, we used one of my vendors that I use regularly for work and he gave us a steal. He even over-nighted our programs to us two days before the wedding. Thank you John!!

We used a clean linen ivory paper with thermography printing. I wish I had had more time to think about fonts, but we just went with what they had and... they turned out beautiful!

In place of the traditional candle lighting or sand we decided that we wanted something to symbolize all of our friends and family coming together and praying for our marriage. We gave everyone a shell with their program and asked them to say a prayer for us and return it at the end of the ceremony.

Table
On the sign-in table we framed 8x10's of both of our parents on their wedding day. It was very special to us that both our parents were married in the Catholic church and are both still married after 38 & 40 years.  So blessed!  Our attendees loved seeing our parents wedding pictures too!  I also used the mini-bouquet that I tossed at the reception to decorate the table. It worked out great and saved us some $$!

We had to be very creative with our escorts. Both of my sister-in-laws were supposed to be bridesmaids and then found out they were pregnant and due within a month of the wedding. {Believe me, I know! They were super stressed about it too.} So we decided instead of being a bridesmaid, my brothers would process in with them at the beginning of the wedding with the babies.  Well, one baby came early (YAY!) and one came late (2 days before the wedding), so one was able to come - the other brother flew in the night before the wedding to surprise me and be there. His wife was at home with baby Lucas and my other flower girl. So, Roberto escorted in my grandmother and Clint escorted in Krystal - it worked out well.  But... left my Momma alone. So, we decided that my 10 year old nephew was the perfect man for the job. He was super nervous - but so cute! 

Ring Bearers
I wanted the boys to have a fun role at the wedding - they were 2 and 4 when we got married, so the perfect age! We gave them bells and they were the last to process down the aisle before me - one held the bell the whole way down and just smiled... but the other did a great job and it was a hit!

Since Jesse is an only child, he's gaining a big ol' family on my side. I have two older brothers and they were both groomsmen in the wedding, but we wanted to give them another special role. It was perfect to have them bring up the gifts and also gave us a fun chance to see them during the ceremony. I love this picture - just wish you could see more of Roberto!

Pew Flowers
For those of you getting married, you know how quickly pew hangers can add up. But, our church was so big and open that we really needed something to brighten it up!  I found a do-it yourself pew hangers online and made 10 pew hangers that looked awesome. Each one only cost me $2. I delivered them to my florist the week of the wedding and they filled them beautifully for only $25 each! {More details on our flowers later - loved my florist!}

Our photographer did an awesome job getting some cool shots of the stained glass windows... this was one of my favorites  I wanted to share.  I wasn't really picky about my photos from the beginning, luckily I had an awesome photographer!

Gosh, I just love looking back at planning our wedding - it was so much fun!!  Attire, Food, Flowers and Reception details to come...

Church - St. Thomas by the Sea Catholic Church
Invitations - Southland Printing, Lexington,  KY
Flowers - Belle Bouquet, Saraland, AL

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  1. Love this post! It brings back many fun & happy memories:) And the pic of you and J kneeling is my favorite.