What a lucky day we have on our hands today!  I just left a meeting and was putting a date on my notes and realized - it's 3.13.13 - totally cool. Not just because of the numbers... but it's also my quarter birthday - but who's counting? What that really means is that I only have 3 quarters of a year left until my thirties. Wowza is right! Nothin' like makin' up for lost time... I only have 274 days left to embrace the child within and finish my 30b430 bucket list.

No... not really.  Do you really think I'm ever going to really grow up?  I will always love dying Easter eggs, carving pumpkins, puzzles, slip-in-slides, cookies, candy and Funfetti cake.  The hubs turned 34 last week - and he looked at my the night before and said, "I don't really feel 34 though" and I think that was exactly the perfect statement.  What do numbers matter anyway... when you have so many more ahead of you!

So today, I thought I would celebrate this milestone {ha} and share with you some of my favorite things. I guess I'm wishing that I did have quarterly birthday and got gifts year-round {or that the hubs will read today's post}....

 Fun new hair ties

Still waiting on this one... classic monogrammed necklace

Who doesn't need a Lilly Koozie

Or this adorable Lilly belt?

What's on your Amazon Wish List this spring?   

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