A Green Weekend

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!  We loved being here in town and had so much fun celebrating St. Patty's day!  Friday we attended a Oyster Roast at some of our good friends house on the river... I wish I had taken pictures Suzanna's house - because it is the cutest decorated 500 sq. ft. cabin I have ever seen.  Every detail is covered and so well thought-out. For example, they have a 22 ft. crawfish hanging from the ceiling in their kitchen - and it looks just awesome!  Maybe I'll have to do a photo-shot of her cabin one day and dedicate a blog just to it, you guys would love it.

Saturday we got up nice and early to run the Windy Whirl 5K {one check off the March list} put on by our local elementary school. The morning started off very chilly and wet, but cleared up around the time we started the race and ended up being a beautiful day!

I even got a medal for placing first in my age group.  We both did the race just for fun, but had pretty good times... 26min. 4 sec. for me, I was pleased.

Saturday J did some work on one of our rental houses, so I decided to browse the aisles of Wally World for a few hours... which led to Easter goodie bags for my nieces and nephews. I just couldn't resist all the fun spring toys and candy.

Saturday night we attended a cocktail party at the Lexington Country Club with lots of friends. I am sad to say that this was the only picture we took. The Pop-Rivits kept the jams going late into the night and there was lots of green to go around!!

Sunday we made it to morning mass {check that one off the March list} and even got to bring up the gifts because we were so "festively dressed"- haha, love our little old church ladies. St. Patty's day was pretty low key. We watched Carolina play and had some green beers, played a nice sunday afternoon game of Scrabble while doing laundry and watching the bracket selections come in. We ended the night with a delicious meal, which has become a tradition this month - Sunday Suppers - we like to call them, where we cook a nice down-home southern meal to kick off the week.  I made a this super simple Parmesan Garlic {adding mushrooms} sauce to go on our steaks... so easy, healthy and delicious.

Hope everyone had a nice St. Patty's day and got their green on!! 

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