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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The hubs was out of town, so I had lots of time to bake, play, catch up on some movies, and just relax. Love those kinda weekends. Friday consisted of purchasing carpet for the bedrooms - yay!! We knew the baby's room needed new carpet, but decided since we were going to the trouble of doing one room, we may as well go ahead and do all three. - right? I'm looking forward to some wonderful new soft, CLEAN, floors in just a couple weeks!

Saturday, we had a wonderful girls day celebrating my "leap year baby" friend, Mrs. That's What She Said. After a delicious lunch at Fardowners in Crozet, we enjoyed probably one of the best mani/pedi's i've had in awhile. Hello babymoon! 

Next we popped into this adorable kids store, and found this lil guy. These life-size giraffe's seem to be super popular these days. They are pretty cute, though. Who can pass up this sweet face?

After the baby store, we hit up Anthropology. Here are a few of my favorites:
Gilded Cake Server

Side note - where was this dress when I got married? The perfect rehearsal dinner dress. 

After some shopping, we ended the day with birthday cake, of course. Carrot cake for the win!
Happy Birthday, Meg! Love you!! 

I topped off the weekend with some more baking, cooking {an easy soup recipe to come soon}, a long workout and getting a sneak peak at Baby Braddick's nursery - which is adorable! Maybe I can convince her to do a guest post and share with us soon, it's presh. 

Cheers to a great week ahead - we leave Thursday morning for our babymoon - details to come soon. I got some packing to do!

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