Carpet and Sunshine

There is something about spending a weekend at home that is just good for the soul. We spent our entire weekend installing carpet and cleaning out, while watching lots of basketball and crossing off plenty of things on the to-do list. I guess when the idea to install carpet in all of the bedrooms came about, I never thought about the fact that everything in all three rooms and closets had to come out - all at once. ha! Somehow we made it work and now that it is done - I can say it was totally worth the effort. Waking up Sunday morning with plush new carpet under my toes was the best feeling - ok, maybe it was the fully dusted and cleaned room that also helped - but either way, it felt amazing! 

Friday night we snuck over to see Miss Hadley Rae, and it was so amazing to get to hold a new little one in my arms. She is absolutely perfect and Momma and Daddy are doing great. Welcome to the world, Hadley Rae! 

The rest of our night consisted of mostly this... 
...and a little of this. 
Anything for Bourbon.

Saturday morning, while the boys were moving all our junk, I decided to do a little baking for our new momma! 
I decided that healthy, easy-to-grab snacks would be the best to have around. So I put together some cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and baked some coffee cake muffins.  And of course a little something for the new addition to the family.

Afterwards, I snuck off to a moms-to-moms sale at one of the local churches and racked up on some good staples for the Lyon cub. I lucked out by arriving during the last hour of the sale {who knew that could be a good thing?} and everything was %50 off. I got onesies for 50 cents, a few outfits for $1 and an adorable Melissa & Doug play set for $2. It was fun buying stuff for the little one, and at the price, I couldn't resist both girl and boy clothes, just in case!

The carpet installers arrived around 11am and all three rooms were finished two hours later. It was done so quick.... and then the cleaning and putting back commenced. After a full truck load to goodwill, we got everything cleaned and back in place by 7 p.m. I'm just amazed that we got it all back in - and am still in sock at home much stuff we own. Here is a sneak peak at the rooms.
The Nursery

The bedrooms

Sunday was one of those early spring days that is just absolutely perfect. A cool crispness in the air, and not a cloud in the sky. I loved waking up early and enjoying a cup of joe on the porch with the warm sun on my face. We had a lazy morning, enjoying our clean house and new carpet. Afterwards, we headed outside, organizing the shed and porch, and planning for the garden. We ran our 101 errands around town and went for a good hour long walk exploring town. It was just beautiful out! 

I made one of my favorites, a hot corn jalapeƱo dip, and we soaked up the last rays of sun while J flipped some turkey burgers on the grill. 
We had our first little visitor to the bird feeder. 

Sunday Supper, turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. Hope everyone was able to soak up the beautiful sun like we did. Cheers to a great week ahead!


  1. Love the clothes! And so glad the sunshine finally decided to make an appearance and help the carpet "grow" :) See you THURSDAY! xoxo

  2. It looks like you’ve put some hard work into your home, but it’s really paid off. Those new carpets look amazing, and they’ll make your house much more comfortable to walk around in. I love the food pictures as well – looks like someone has a bit of culinary talent!

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon