5 on Friday

Happy Friday!! We are gearing up for the holiday festivities to begin this weekend... our local christmas parade is tonight and I'm hoping the weather clears long enough for us to hand out hot cocoa... but it's not looking promising. However, Carols at Blue Lab will go on rain or shine... such a fun tradition. Who doesn't love beer and Christmas Carols?  Now for my 5 on Friday...

{one} The Coca Cola Polar Bears Movie

If anyone has flown Delta lately - you may have discovered this little happy on your drink napkin. Or maybe I'm the only one who noticed... because of course, I was curious, tucked it into my bag and couldn't wait to google it. It's precious! For anyone within kids - such a fun story.  You should watch right now. It will make your Friday. The polar bear can is pretty cute as well. 

{two} Simple Suppers Cajun Fixins'

My mom sent us a fall happy box a couple weeks ago with pumpkin k-cups, the local paper from home {which I love to read}, and two of these simple suppers. We usually make everything from scratch and I've almost gotten completely away from buying anything in a can... but she swore they tasted almost as good as her homemade cajun cooking, and when you're craving mamma's cooking, anything with do!  We tried one on Wednesday night - and I must say, not bad.  It's doesn't really even compete with momma's... but it'll tide me over until Christmas. 

{three} Lilly Travel Pant

Thanks to Classic Annie I found myself some new black pants. I have been looking for something comfortable, workable and wearable to a holiday party. These look perfect! I can't wait to get them in the mail. 

{four} My Ambassadors gift from Makers Mark

They hit a home run with this years' gift - a "nightcap" for our Maker's bottle. So precious! The Makers' sweater hiding in the background was the gift in 2011 - love being an Ambassador.

{five} Chalkboard Table Runner

How cute is this table runner from Anthropology? Perfect for Holiday parties and gatherings through the new year. 

Tomorrow is our first party of the season and I can't wait. I have lots more shopping, baking, wrapping and crafting to get done this weekend... tis the season!! Hope your weekend is just as Merry and Bright! 

xo, trace


  1. Great post! I want those Lilly pants SO badly (gold too right??) Also, great table runner! My husband adores Maker's Mark so that night cap is too funny!

    1. Isn't it so great! Merry Christmas... thanks for following along!